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You'll Never Take Me Alive, Because I'm Already Dead

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Frank is out camping with his family, when he runs away and finds a sexy young man, with a secret.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2011-08-06 - Updated: 2011-08-10 - 1926 words

I could feel the freezing breeze of the wind burning my chest. The trees scratched me, and I drew blood, not that it phased me, pain was nothing to me anymore; the cold had solved that problem for me, I was too numb to feel anything. That’s what I got for not wearing a shirt, but it had been snagged and pulled that much, I saw no point; I was going to be cut anyway. My eyes were squinted, as a way to attempt to protect them from the wind, as well. It wasn’t working, and I didn’t know if I was crying because of what had just happened, or because the wind was so piercing.

The night sky was clear, no stars, just the moon. It shone brightly on my face. I wasn’t scared of what I’d find here, I was used to scary things, in fact I loved everything horror. I made my way through the trees, creasing the white blankets and knocking them all over the floor, ruining the perfection of the forest - just like I’d ‘destroyed’ the beauty and good name of my family.

I was running, sprinting almost, anything to get away from them. It was hard being who I really was, I’d accepted it, why couldn’t they? Frank Iero Jr, bisexual. Apparently, that wasn’t allowed. I wasn’t allowed to be who I wanted, who I was born to be. I would have thought my grandfather would have welcomed this side of me, and not shut me out. This was great, I’d plucked up the courage, and I’d been rejected. By everyone, and now I was simply running away from my problems, as per usual.

This was supposed to have been a family camping trip. But they drove me completely nuts! Every little thing had to be perfect, and my mom was so scared of all the bugs, I saw no reason for them to be out here, in the cold. It was the middle of the winter, for fuck sake. There had to have been something wrong with my family. Then again, it was my grandmother’s idea, and she was bonkers. Well, I had to get it from someone.

Eventually, I found the clearing. A hill, without footprints in the snow, yet I could see a fire burning in the cave the top, which you’d have to have used the pathway on the hill to get to. The smoke was blowing out of the cave, and it looked pretty new. Someone was up there, and it was warm. I imagined what the person up there would look like, who they were.

I couldn’t create an image of anyone, apart from a young man, in his early 20s. He had black hair and a perfect smile. He’d also been abandoned, for who he was, and left to be on his own, only to get lost in the summit. Poor guy. It made me want to climb the hill, to find him. Even if it wasn’t who I’d visualised, I was ambitious to make it. He needed saving.

The birds in the trees tweeted, the sun was rising. It sky had turned red, which wasn’t good. I remembered a rhyme a friend of mine told me:
Red at night, Sheppard’s delight. Red in the morning, Sheppard’s warning~

I was hoping for a storm, terrifying weather to most people. I loved them, the rain, lightening, and the thunder, all of it. And the fact I was outside, and had the chance to possibly be struck, made it all the better and I just wanted the tempest to be unleashed.

The trek upwards was difficult. I’d never walked so far, uphill. Was again, I was disfiguring the world, by stepping in the snow, and ruining the soft cloak of nature. I felt destructive, very destructive. I wanted to attack everything in my way, like I could down in the trees. Here there was nothing, a plain and bare landscape. The only thing keeping me going upwards was the cave at the top, and the fire inside.

The image of that young man filled my thoughts, to the brim. I couldn’t picture anything else, another factor to add to my current insanity. I wished that he was the guy up there, the things I’d do to him. Slowly, I closed my eyes and smiled.

His skin was milky white, almost dead looking, and I found it sexy. My gaze wandered to his eyes, hazel. They were gorgeous, just like him. His smile was perfect, like the rest of him. He may have well been the image of God. I pulled his shirt off, holding him closer to me. His body was warm and soft. He whispered something in my ear and I found it highly arousing. I tilted my head back, as he began to nibble my neck. After biting my bottom lip, gently, I moaned.

My hands made their way into his back pockets, but eventually, I dared myself to be more adventurous. They travelled up his back, digging my nails in as I moved them, he groaned in my ear, and I found myself smiling.

I woke up, after rolling in the snow, making passionate love to my imaginary sex-pal, to a shadow over me. My eyes were still tired, and I couldn’t register what he was saying. After rubbing my eyes, I sat up and concentrated on the figure who’d found me, at such an awkward time.

It was him, the guy from my imagination. This was weird; I’d never seen him before, apart from in my head. He repeated what he’d mumbled before, this time I understood.

“Hello? Do I know you? I think I’ve seen you before,” he asked, waving a hand in front of my eyes. I sat there, my mouth on the floor, my eyes widened. He grabbed a blanket from his back pack, and put it over my shoulders. “Do you speak English?” I nodded, but my face stuck to a shocked expression.

“I- Uhh- I just…” I had no idea what to say, I’d just imagined almost having sex with this guy and now he was here. I didn’t even know he really existed. Was the world finally giving me something to live for?

“It’s cold, isn’t it? Let’s go up to the cave, you’ll be warmer there,” he smiled, getting up, and taking my hand. “You’ve got cuts all over your body too, I’ll need to see to those, make sure they don’t get infected,” he told me, as we made our way up the hill.

I didn’t speak the whole way, because I couldn’t. I would have, and I should have, but my voice box had broken down on me. Just like a creepy school boy, with a crush on the teacher, I stared at his the whole way; studying how his hair moved in the wind, the way he walked, how his arms moved, everything about him. I was sure he was straight, but I could have been wrong. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

When we reached the cave, he pulled out another blanket and led it on the floor. He gestured me to lay down on it, so I did. He knelt down next to me and started doing something unusual. He began licking at my cuts and scrapes.

His tongue was rough, like a cat’s, yet soft at the same time. It was almost pleasurable, and I found my eyes making their way to the back of my head. He sunk his nails into my skin, and pulled his hand towards him, causing me to bleed more. My body jerked, but it still felt amazing. This time he sucked on the new gashes, he’d made. I moaned silently to myself, somehow he still heard it.

He climbed on top of me, one leg on each side, and his hands above my shoulders. He looked down at me, his hair obeyed gravity’s rule and created a shadow over his face, only making him sexier. He leant in closer, and I thought he was going to kiss me, so I closed my eyes, only for him to kiss my neck instead. His hair tickled my body, as he moved further down. Using his teeth, he undid and took my belt off. He then unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled down my zipper, before licking all the way up my body again.

This time he did kiss me. His lips tasted like my blood, sweet as sugar. His tongue entered my mouth and danced inside it. I moved my tongue in time with his; this was quite possibly the best kiss of my life. He pulled away, and smirked at me. Could this guy get any hotter?

I pulled his shirt off, as I sat up and pushed him down. This time, I was on top of him and I was in charge. I did exactly what I did in my dream earlier, but he didn’t follow it and growled in my ear instead. It turned me on even more, and I could feel that he was thinking the same as me.

As I made tongue movements along his belt line, I pulled of his remaining clothes, leaving him in his boxers. He was almost as white as the snow, why did I find that so attractive!? He quickly pecked me, with his lips, and before I could retaliate, he moved downwards and out of my clutches. I didn’t see where he went, but I felt my boxers being tugged at. I looked at them, and found him sucking on my penis.

It was hard, slow and deep. I moaned loudly, as I played with his hair. He made buzzing noises, which sent vibrations all the way down, adding to the pleasure. He began caressing my balls with his tongue, while still jacking me off, it was faster now. I really did feel like I was going to explode.

His mouth returned to my member, this time it was the speed was like electric, and he wasn’t using his hands, which added to the experience. He made eye contact with me, the second I began groaning louder and more often. I bit my lip and my head went backwards, he made me feel sensations no one ever had before and before I knew it, I’d ejaculated in his mouth. He simply smiled and swallowed the whole load.

I led back down, he settled down next to me, still beaming at me. I still couldn’t speak, but I tried, and ended up sounding like a frog.

“Wow…” I croaked. He laughed and rested his head on my body. I ran my fingers through his hair and started to fall asleep again.

I woke up 3 hours later, with a smile still on my face. He’d disappeared and I wasn’t in the cave anymore. I’d woken up in a tree, above my family’s tent. I checked everywhere, I could still see the cave from here. Something flew out of it, I was convinced it was a bird. But there was something strange about it; it looked more like a bat. And what made things weirder, was my strange lust for the taste of blood…
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