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sorry about my stories.

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I'm sorry, please read.

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I've gotten a lot of complaints about posting stories in the Guns n' Roses category. That's because I love Guns n' Roses, that's why I post them there. Now I know it was a mistake, I'm sorry. I need to know where to post them so help me out. I'll try to get a 'Black Veil Brides' category but I can't promise. If I can't then I'll need your help to choose one.

I'd like to know if they were good, though. And ENOUGH with the hate comments, OK?
But please help me out, I'm doing a Guns N' Roses story already at home so spare me the complaints!
If you have an idea then post it on contacts or on the 1st Black Veil Brides story.

Thank you.
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