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Who runs this mothafucker?GIRLS!

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Someone sent me an email and asked about Lornaigh’s number stats.She presently has twenty seven stories,sixty nine pages of reviews and 17,773 views.

And to AdnarimSmada:I replied to your review in the last story and I am so very sorry if I came across as a complete dick!You are like one of my heroes on this site,not to mention just the nicest girl ever,so I’m sorry if I just sounded like a douchebag.

And to any readers in London,or Liverpool,or Manchester or Nottingham or Birmingham-my heart goes out to you and I hope you are all okay.This is such a load of pointless bullshit started up by thugs and idiots who took advantage of a situation.I live in Belfast,and I heard what Cameron said about water canons-which were used in NI for ages.They ain't nice.Anyway-stay safe and stay strong,guys.



Just a bit of feminism here for ye,lads.I thought this would be a good idea because

1.I personally like that I can get away from the main story line for a chapter.

2.I just want to show that girls can be just as badass as guys

3.I have never in my life read a fic about Katlyn.Granted,this is not a fic as opposed to a chapter,but I still want to make her somewhat involved.In case you don’t know,Katlyn was/possibly still is Bob Bryar’s girlfriend/wife/partner.So there ya go.

4.There are some women here you might recognise ^^

FYI,the next chapter will be like continuing on this one.It will be the men’s evening.

Btw,if you can’t understand/don’t want to go to Google translate the Italian,don’t worry,most of it is just “yes” or “okay” or “goodnight”or something.When I do the little intro thingy,I name the story,the chapter and then it’s number in Italian.The thing they keep saying in relation to Gerard –“Coro”-is what I heard off Sopranos,aka best TV show ever.It’s like an affectionate but formal name for someone who is above you.

I feel like I should keep reminding ye this is set in the thirties.I hope it doesn’t seem like rappers in Compton or something

Title from Beyonce.

First of the Gang to Die
Run the World (Girls)

“You sure you’re up for this?” Christa hissed to Kat as they began locking their weapons. “This is going to get dangerous.”

“Is it ever not?”The older woman sighed,pulling her leather gloves up her arms,sticking the pistol in her garter. “Anyway,I can’t back out now. Coro asked me personally to do this.”

“Bob worried?”

“Always is.” She put on a gruff tone and narrowed his eyes. “If some motherfucker hurts you,baby,I’ll fuckin cut his bollocks off and feed em to a dyin bird.” She smiled as Christa laughed. “Or something like that,I don’t know.”

“He’s not coming tonight,is he?”

“No.I think he’s playing poker with the guys,at least that’s what he told me.I don’t know-“

“Hey sweetheart,”her husband cut her short,walking into the Way manor guest room.“Gossipin about me?”

“Oh yes,”Christa answered,powdering her nose.“She told me about your baking tendencies.”

“Dammit,Kat,I told you-“

“I didn’t tell her-“

“Relax,Bob,just messing around with you,”she comforted,cussing under her breath when her foundation fell onto her black cocktail dress,thankfully managing to miss her chocolate curls. “I hear you’re playing poker tonight.”

“Uh huh.There a problem with that?”

“Oh,of course.”

“Who with,honey?” Katlyn smoothed down the front of her dress,smirking as it felt looser than it did a month ago.The new diet was working.

“Eh,lotsa people.Coro has people comin round.”

“Do these people have names,Bob?”

“Ha ha,”he laughed,wrapping his arms around his wife,kissing her cheek.“Like,Armstrong,Molko,Warner,y’know,usual suspects.”

“Warner?What the fuck’s he doing here?”Kat spat angrily.That creepy bastard had come onto her last time he was here,fucking freak. “I thought Coro fucking hated him?”

“Last time he was here he called Ray fat,”Christa said,applying her lipstick and pursing her lips like a fish, “and he got so upset.”

“I dunno,just what Frankie told me this morning,”Bob shrugged.

“I still can’t believe you’re allowed to hang out with him all the time,”Kat said,in awe of her husband. “Coro must fucking trust you.”

Another shrug.

“He’s there mostly.Like I said before,I know im a long time,the Coro.And anyway,Frank’s a nice kid.Feel kinda sorry for im though,”he said in a low tone. “You can really tell he hates this shit.”

“Don’t we all,”Christa murmured.

“I think they’re just so cute together,”Missus Bryar continued,smiling. “Absolutely adorable.”

Bob snorted.This was going to get pretty gay,and pretty quickly.

“I know,right?”Christa replied,her voice so high it was a squeak. “Did you see him the other night?He practically sprinted up the stairs to get to him.”

“And their wedding was just so gorgeous.”

“Did you see Megan’s dress?I thought it was just the nicest thing.”

“Tell me about it,Chris,I thought it was just so flattering for her figure.I think it’s so great that she’s come out so great after the divorce.”

“And the cake-“

“Don’t you have to go bomb something?” Bob asked pointedly. “Or stab someone or shoot or whatever?”

“Alright,alright,”Kat said,pulling her shoes on and reviewing herself quickly in the full length mirror. “Do I look okay?”

“You’re goin on a damn mission,Kat,not a fuckin girl’s night out.”

“It kinda is in a way,”Chris interjected,smiling vindictively,grabbing her purse. “Definitely more dangerous than what men do on their outings.”

“Oh please,”came that soft,dark drawl, “don’t flatter yourselves.”

“Il mio Coro!”Kat said suddenly,raising her hand in a sharp salute,jumping.

Both Gerard and Bob burst out laughing,clutching their sides as they doubled over.Katlyn and the brunette girl raised their eyes.Men.

“What a you doin here?”Bob asked,wiping a tear from his eye. “Thought you was greetin folks or whatever.”

“They have not arrived yet.I came here to inform you of something.”

The two women swivelled around to listen to the tall,pale man,hands in pockets,guns by his side.

“The others have somehow gotten word of your outing tonight.”

“Dammit all!”Kat cussed,throwing her mascara wand on to the floor. “Fucking cunts!” She slowly remembered where she was,who she was surrounded by and the prestige of certain people in the room. “Oh forgive me Coro I lost-“

“It’s fine,it’s fine.They have also recruited several women to counterattack you,as means of equality.” He ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed at the working eye as he spoke. “But you should know,that while they outnumber you by at least fifty-“ Christa winced- “that I have word that only a small number of them are trained as well as you are.”


He scoffed. “The Romano family still obtain that divine belief that women are unequal to men and in so can only primitive,simply objects.”He smirked. “They will be using household utnesils.”

“You fuckin serious?”Bob grinned. “Oh my God,those fuckin idiots.”

“Yes,”Gerard agreed slyly,muscles pulling at the corners of his mouth. “They will be no match for you.Please inform your party of the information I have just relayed to you.It is most important.”

“Of course,il mio Coro.I-“

There was a small rapping on the door,accompanied by a questioning tone of the first name of the boss.Bob and both women knew that only one person ever had the permission to do that.

“One moment,please,”Gerard excused himself,wearing a small,knowing smile.

He stepped outside the door to see the person he expected to;all five foot four of him.

“Hello,”he said formally,well aware that the others were listening despite the door being shut definitely.

“Hi,”Frank returned,stretching up to kiss him lightly.He was wearing a pin stripe suit,hugging him in all the right places,and the first two buttons of his white shirt were open.Gerard was having trouble not to drag the boy off to somewhere secluded and attack him like a wild animal.He also smelled like vanilla and cinnamon.Jesus,Frank,what were you trying to do to the man?

“You look fucking amazing,”Gerard remarked quietly,eye travelling over every inch of his boy,mouth falling opening slightly. “Are these the new clothes you were referencing to in a previous conversation?”

Frank nodded,happy that the gangster seemed to be pleased.Not just pleased,but...awestruck.

“They are very flattering,”was the next murmur. “They show you off so wonderfully.”

“What?”That worried him. “ a slut or something?”

“No,of course not,if you were wearing provocative clothing you certainly would not be in a hallway standing here talking to me as opposed to in our bedroom.” He laughed as the boy blushed and looked down,and slipped his hand down Iero’s back,stopping at his ass and squeezing it. “Although I will be having trouble tonight keeping my hands off you.We’re playing with other men and the minute they see you they will hate me.”

The familiar grin made its way back to his lips,and he pressed them gently down to the other pair,stooping greatly from his height.Frank forced himself not to moan as Gerard suckled on the lip piercing,dragging his jaw up and down,letting out a small sigh of pleasure.

“Okay,”Way said,pulling his mouth away. “That is enough molesting for one day.”

Gerarrrrrrrd,”Frank whinged,earning a satisfied chuckle from the mafia boss. “I was just-“

“One minute,”the taller whispered,pausing and pushing some of his hair behind his right ear.Then,slowly,he raised a fist to the door and brought it down on the wood with a loud thump.

“ARRRGH!Goddammit,how the fuck did he even-“

“I told you he has amazing hearing,but no,don’t listen to your wife-“

“I still think they are just so adorable.”

“They can fuckin hear ya,Chris.”

“Oh shi-profuse apologies,Coro!” Gerard smiled and stayed silent. “I still think they are just so precious together,don’t you,I mean-“


“Sorry,sorry.Are we going soon?”

“Soon as you get off me,fatass.”

“Oh please,Kat,I wasn’t the one eating the whole cheesecake at Adrienne’s birthday last month-“

“Alright,thank you,”Gerard said pleasantly,as if he was instructing children.Then he returned to Frank. “I must stay here for a few more minutes and instruct Katlyn and Christa about tonight.I will join you soon.” He bent down again and kissed the boy for a seodn time,savouring his sweet taste,his smell,his looks,his everything. “And get me a whiskey,please,sugar,I don’t think I can handle Brian when I’m sober.”

“Okay,”he answered obediently. The older man was about to go back in the room when he was caught again by his husband. “”


“I..uh...I love you,”he reminded him quickly,pink rising in his cheeks as Way grinned and embraced him again. “Just...y’know...FYI.”

“Thanks,”Gerard purred. “I love you too.Now get out of here before they have to put me in restraints.”

Frank stumbled away and returned to the foyer.

Get ready for some bitchy violence

“Right,”Katlyn said quietly as the thirty odd women stood outside the looming house. “This is Shirley de Luca’s home.You all know her husband,I’m sure.”

“That stupid bastard who pissed off the Coro?” Adrienne questioned. “How could we not?”

“Yes,well,anyway,”she continued. “While she is not directly involved with gangland activity-“ she briefly thought how much scarier Way was when he spoke so grandly,and decided to implement it- “she had invited several female counterparts around this evening to plan an attack on the manor.”

The house she was referencing was the Way family mansion that most guards slept at.She was more familiar with it than her own house,which she had rarely even visited since the assaulting of her boss’s husband that started over two months ago.

“However,the Coro told me tonight that possibly there are forces within the home.Up to eighty or ninety.”

Most of the women started to chatter anxiously,wondering what they would do or worrying if their guns were sufficient.Some of the more experienced ladies,like Christa,simply shrugged and smoothed down her dress.

“But it is important you know that we are all able to take them,”she said in a booming,authoritive tone.This,this was the reason Katlyn Bryar was head of the Brigata.This was why. “The men can think what they want-we are the best goddamned fighters in all of LA.”

Mutters of “damn straight” and “fuck yeah”.

“We will beat them,”she said softly,thinking of Alicia,who would have wanted to fight more than anything. “We will be merciless and ruthless and mean as we kill them as they beg for their lives.”


“Okay then,”she said,”experienced in the front,newbies in the back-you know the drill.”

Katlyn stepped in front of the troupe and began to lead.Each and every woman was dressed in a black dress,their make up perfect and smudge-free,black stilettos ranging up to six inches. They wore wedding rings and necklaces and dangling earrings.It was basically thought that hey,if men get to play dress up,why can’t we?Anyway,it took a lot more balls to run in heels,to pull a trigger with without breaking nails,not ruining your hair when some bitch was slapping you.

Katlyn went for the take-no-shit-I-will-fucking-kill-you look,badass motherfucker through and through.She fought and bit and cussed like a street girl,and could pack one helluva punch.That was how women of the clan worked-they were fucking terrifying and filthy,much more rude than the men could ever think.They were the most feared women in Los Angeles-the Romano’s didn’t have a female brigade,they refused to believe women were able to fight.

Katlyn liked to think that they had proven them wrong.

“Hide over there. You-Adrienne,Megan,Jennifer-you go round the back.Everyone else follow me and Chris in the front.”

Katlyn walked up to the door and pressed a perfectly manicured nail to the doorbell.After a few seconds,a woman who had looked a lot better when Mister Way had visited two months ago answered,haggared and tired and dreary.Katlyn would have found it hard to believe that this girl was nine years younger than her.

The woman nearly screamed when she saw all the women in her front yard dressed like the most beautiful funeral-goers she had ever seen.The problem was the there was no funeral;and what sort of people brought guns to funerals?

Katlyn covered Shirley’s mouth with her hand and dug her gun into de Luca’s stomach.It was protruding.She was pregnant.

“Get the fuck in,”Katlyn spat,ramming the weapon further into the girl’s chest,until she was tearing up. “Get the fuck in and stay quiet.”

Shirley stumbled backward and was suddenly flipped around and her wrists grabbed.The gun found its place snugly into her tailbone.

The kitchen door was kicked open by Bryar and some six other women thrown into the limelight.They were Romano’s alright;if they’re blond,skinny,plastic whores the probability is they stand a strong chance.

“Who the fuck is this,Shirley-“

Katlyn shot the woman in the head and she fell back off her chair and onto the flor,the hole in her forehead spurting blood in a comic manner.Shirley screamed.


“Sit down.”

She did.

“Okay then,”Katlyn started. “Listen up,sluts,we’re fuckin in charge now,got it?So don’t try any funny shit or I’ll fucking shove an AK up your cunts.Got it?”

They squeaked as way of affirmation.

“Good shit,”Kat said,smiling to herself.She turned to a particularly stupid one sitting right in front of her.She shot her in the back.

“Why did you do that?”Shirley squealed,splashed with her friend’s blood. “Oh my God,what’s happening...”

“Irriated the fuck outta me.”

“Just sitting there?”

“Yeah,fuckin problem with that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”One said,a cigarette between fake pink nails. “The Way women.Famed in song and story.”

“Bitch speaks the truth,”Adrienne said from behind,who had managed to smash open the lock on the back door. “We fuckin own this mobster shit.”

“Women aren’t to use vulgar language,”another piped up from the corner.Shirley nearly slapped her;everyone could see this one coming. “They are meant to be dignified.Foul language is so uncouth.”

Katlyn rolled her eyes and shot the woman in the mouth,ripping her jaw in half.She fell onto the table,red gushing from her throat,her teeth sticking out grotesquely in the scarlet.

“Well,fuck that shit,”Bryar spat. “Fucking stupid ass bitches.Go off and suck some dick,you little plastic shithead.”

The woman moaned.

“Chris?”Kat asked her old friend sweetly. “You mind?”

Christa Toro made her way around the kitchen,minding not to get her patent,size four pumps all bloody from the corpses and walked over to the girl with the mouth problem.She took her neck in her surprisingly strong grip and twisted it to either side,each turn making a crack.Christa dropped her back on the table,picking up a towel from the counter and dabbing her hands with it,scoffing as she did.

“A pink shirt with a red skirt?”She ridiculed the dead female’s outfit. “I thought some whores had style.”

“Not Romano’s,”Jennifer giggled. “Wouldn’t know fashion if it shat on em.”

“So,”Kat went on,looking at the three remaining women who were still alive. “I don’t think I’ve introduced myself.”

“Why the fuck-“

“Eh,eh,”Missus Bryar shot the offender in the arm,”only we are allowed to curse.”She flicked her long lashes. “My name is Katlyn Bryar.My husband is also a gangster.”

“That,like,fat blond guy?He’s,like,so ugly-“

At marched over to her and began to pound into her face,brass knuckles crunching the girl’s features into an unrecognisable mush.As an added bonus,she bitch slapped her across the face.

“He is beautiful.You have never known an attractive man in your life,you fuck the ugliest shits alive.”


“So’s your face,”Katlyn replied happily,stabbing the woman in the back of her head. “And pretty much everything acout you.” Then she groaned. “Fucking hell,you just bled all over me.This is fucking Chanel,you bitch!”

“Anyway,that is Christa,”she said,pointing to the woman. “That’s Adrienne Armstrong.She will probably kill your kids,Shirley.”de Luca shrieked. “Ain’t ya,Adie?”

The larger woman shrugged. “What can I say?I’m a heartless bitch.”

The Way girls giggled.

“And that’s Megan White.Silent but deadly.She will be the one who’ll take care of the neighbours.”

“But it’s just Missus Johnson!”Shirley sobbed,dying inside.She thought everything was going to be okay. “She’s an old lady,please-“

“That’s Jennifer Dunn.Another wonderful lady.”A thought lit up her mind. “Oh yeah.And Mancini’s dead.”

Shirley’s face broke into fresh sobs.“What?”

“Bitch,did I fuckin stutter?Dead.Gone.Whammo.Kaput.End of.Now.” She walked over to Missus de Luca.

“I hate you!”Shirley said suddenly,kicking Kat in the shin.”I hate you,I hate you!”

Big mistake.

“Adrienne,” Kat said softly. “Take care of the children,please.”

Adrienne got up and made her way to the living room while Shirley screamed and thrashed and hollered in her binds.There were two shots heard from outside of the room,and Shirley fell onto the ground,weeping desperately.

“Goodbye,Shirley,”Kat said. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you die and you meet all the guys you fucked-can’t wait for Richard and Andrew to meet.You can explain to you r husband how you’re a month pregnant and he died two months ago.See ya in Hell,slut.”

Katlyn pulled the trigger six times into the girl’s skull,fragments of bone and bristle and brain flying everywhere.She was actually disappointed that there weren't more women with weapons here-she would loved to take them on.She made a mental note to tell the Coro of his mistake.Then she smiled widely.

“Well...that was a handful.Anyone for tea and crumpets?”
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