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William Control’s POV

I paced up and down, furious with myself, and with my utter lack of restraint. How could I have been so thoughtless? I had allowed a human into my house, and she knew that I was different. She just didn’t know how different yet. I sank into the dusty, elaborately carved armchair that had been abandoned in the middle of the room, my mind working furiously. I had two choices. I could keep her, and make her one of us. She would have to be taught, of course, but I knew I could do it. My only other option was to kill her. I was reluctant to do either of these. I did not want to kill her as it would render my efforts to save her useless; however, I was hesitant to make her immortal, in case it destroyed her humanity, the very thing that had drawn me to her in the first place.

I thought long and hard, before finally arriving at a decision. I would keep her human for a while longer. Maybe she would turn out to be uninteresting after all. If she remained fascinating and showed signs of being suited to immortality, I would turn her. My decision made, I stood up. It was nearing dawn, and I could feel my power lessening by the minute. After about four minutes, I was as close to human as I could ever be. My eyes had less pull to them, my telepathic powers were gone until the sun set again. I wasn’t as strong, and I was easier to hurt in the daylight. Not as easy as a human, but easier nonetheless. My fangs, which I had been careful to keep hidden around her, retracted of their own accord. I sighed. Unlike the rest of my kind, I had no particular aversion to my more human appearance, whereas they saw it as degrading to take on the appearance of those they hunted. I personally took advantage of my appearance and used it to integrate myself with humans, getting close to them and manipulating them until they were open to suggestion and therefore easier to feed on. Speaking of feeding…

I knew that now the sun was up, her forced slumber would be coming to an end any second. I made my way swiftly into the other room, just as her eyelids were beginning to flutter. She looked pale and ill, sweat shining on her face. I knew that this was heroin withdrawal setting in, and braced myself for what was to follow.

She jerked awake, eyes flicking from side in fear. Amazingly, when her eyes fell on me, her fear subsided. That was an unusual reaction. She looked at me, looking slightly confused, before seeming to dismiss the changes she saw. I smiled, showing teeth for the first time since seeing her. She smiled back, hesitantly. “I’m not your enemy.” I said quietly, seeking to reassure her. She nodded. “You could have killed me already, if you wanted to.” She did not seem scared by this, in fact, was that a hint of disappointment? It was gone, but I knew it had been there.

“Why are you so unafraid of dying?” I asked curiously. She was the first human I had met who didn’t fear death, and I wished to know why she was different. She looked at me, her eyes shockingly jaded for one so young. “It’s like I said before- I have nothing to aim for, nowhere to go. I make my living selling my body, just so I can buy drugs to escape a little bit. Does that sound like a life you would prefer to death?” She shook her head. “There’s no forgiveness in living. Maybe dead is better.” I looked at her quietly. I knew in my heart that I would not kill her, so that left me one option. “What if there was another choice?”

Katie’s POV

I looked at him, bewildered. What did he mean another choice? What other choice was there besides living or dying? He just stared at me, face empty of expression. As I stared at him in confusion, he inclined his head slightly, smiling. “Do you believe in ghosts?” He asked, seemingly at random. Thrown by the sudden question, I answered truthfully, rather than with one of my usual sarcastic efforts. “I believe there is something, and people see ghosts ‘cause it’s the closest our minds can get.” He nodded, and continued “Do you believe in alien life?” I shifted slightly, wondering where this line of questioning was headed. “I guess, although not so much little green men, more the fact that out of the entire universe we can’t be the only living beings.” I answered. He nodded again. “Do you believe in vampires?” A shiver ran up my spine, although I couldn’t have said why. “No.” I said, and left it there.

He smiled, showing slightly pointed teeth. “I do.” Suddenly it all dropped into place and I began to laugh. “Oh! I get it now… The whole, ‘You’re saving me’ thing, the fake teeth, the fake blood on your sleeve…” He looked down, as if surprised to see the spot of red. “You wish you were a vampire so bad you’ve made up this whole little fantasy world around it, and I guess I’m just your next meal, huh?” I continued to laugh weakly, although it wasn’t funny- It was fucking terrifying. He clearly had no perception of reality left if his way of getting kicks was kidnapping girls and telling them he was a vampire.

“Katie.” His angry use of my name stopped my laughter in its tracks. “How do you know my name?” I asked. “I heard it from your mind.” He said, waving a hand as though this was not a big deal. He was angry, and his eyes looked like hazel stones. “Tell me, why do you believe in things such as ghosts and aliens, yet you do not believe in vampirism?” I shook my head, still smiling. “The whole idea is just stupid. Feeding off of people wouldn’t keep you alive, and all the stupid powers vampires are meant to have are just bullshit. I mean, come on, managing to seduce people into believing they are just normal people, despite the pretty obvious fangs, then chewing on people’s necks without them even realising? It’s not possible. And hey, if you know my name, I get to know yours.”

He smiled, although it was a totally humourless expression. “And yet, that is precisely what I did to you, although I confess, I have not yet ‘chewed on your neck. And if you really must know, my name is William.” I almost started laughing again at the thought of a vampire having such a normal name, not like something all fancy and French, but I knew that if I pushed him he might go mental. Well, a bit more mental anyway. Hell, the guy believed he was a vampire, how much crazier could you get? “If you are so reluctant to accept the truth of what I am saying, you would not wish to become a vampire yourself.” He said dangerously. I suppressed more giggles. “Give me some proof its real, like they have with ghosts and aliens, and I will believe you, and yeah, I’d be a vampire. Why not?” I said. William grinned, an unnerving expression. “I shall prove the existence of vampires to you this very night if you so desire.” He said smoothly. “Okay. Go for it.” I smiled back. He swept out of the room, leaving me to my laughter, although that soon disappeared as my withdrawal progressed from sweaty and shaking to nauseous and aching.

I trembled and vomited my way through the rest of the day (who knew the vampire had a modern bathroom?) until nightfall, when he came back into the room. Something had changed, although I couldn’t put my finger on it. He seemed more… Dangerous. I ignored it. He was already dangerous. “So then, where’s this proof?” I asked, trying to piss him off enough to let me go so I could score. I knew it wouldn’t work, but hey, a girl has to start somewhere. He grinned, showing what looked like real fangs. I was cranky and unimpressed. “You could have glued those on.” I said dismissively. His eyes, which I had to admit seemed more beautiful than ever, flashed dangerously. He wrenched a length of metal piping form the wall, and began to bend it into a knot, without even breaking a sweat, but when he tossed it onto the bed beside me, I felt for myself how strong and heavy it was. “Okay, I’ll admit that was impressive.” I said, my voice small. He could tear me in fucking half!

William demonstrated his strength once more by ripping his shirt as though it was paper. Despite my fear, and to be honest heroin sickness, I couldn’t help but be distracted by his chest. He was totally covered in tattoos, brightly coloured ink dyed into pale skin. I had to fight to keep from touching them. What was wrong with me? He continued the display by crawling up the bed on all fours, lean and muscled as a graceful big cat. I began to breathe faster. Despite myself, I was fascinated by him. William was beautiful, no denying it, and I suddenly realised I would give absolutely anything to spend the night in his bed. I wanted him so bad I would do anything, literally anything. He was above me, still on all fours, and with a desperate little cry I launched myself upwards and fastened my lips to his. He responded with equal need and I began to lose myself in the heat of the moment. I reached down and undid his buckle, as he nicked my lip with one sharp tooth. He began to suck at my lip, and then as I moaned his name, just as suddenly as it had started, the need stopped. He pulled back, and re-fastened his belt, leaving me shocked and horrified. I had just willingly kissed and almost molested the guy who was keeping me prisoner, and he had seduced me so well I would have fucked him if given half the chance. And that was despite the fact he was licking my blood off his lips.

Okay, I’ll admit it- I was scared, and I believed the vampire thing more and more. That was definitely some mind control, not to mention inhuman attractiveness, or, well, fangs. They sure as hell felt real. I shook my head. “But- how did you act so normal earlier?” I asked, hoping desperately that this was just a trick. He grinned, and I shut my eyes to avoid looking at those fangs that had seconds ago been sinking into my lip. “Vampires lose the majority of their powers when the sun comes up. It affects our strength, telepathy, even our appearance.” As if to emphasise his point, I opened my eyes and was immediately struck by his pale beauty. I mean hell, he was attractive anyway, but with his power too… well lets just say if he wasn’t a vampire I would have happily fucked him. As it was, I quite liked my bones unbroken and my neck intact. William grinned, and with a groan I remembered his telepathy. “Vampires are very good at controlling themselves.” He whispered in my ear, suddenly mere centimetres away. I jerked away, and he laughed.

I was scared- no, terrified by this point, and all too convinced in his vampirism. As soon as I consciously thought this, he stopped playing with me, sitting at the foot of the bed and putting his torn shirt back on. I was disappointed, and hated the fact that that particular emotion wasn’t vampire in origin. Nope, that one was all mine. I shook my head to rid myself of lingering lust, and said “How can it be real?” I’m fairly sure there was a tinge of desperation in my voice. He shrugged, and spread his hands in an ‘I don’t know’ gesture. “I do not know how it can be real. I only know that I exist, therefore it is.” I began to cry softly, which I was too scared and too tired to hate myself for. I buried my face in my hands, and felt the bed creak. I looked up, and he was kneeling beside me, looking uncertain, as though he hadn’t seen anybody cry in a long, long time.

Slowly, giving me time to pull away, William wrapped his arms around me, cradling me as though I were a child. Under normal circumstances, I would have bitched him out, but as it was, I just couldn’t do it. He honestly didn’t seem to mean me harm, at least not right now. “I have never meant you harm, as I have told you, and I give you my word that I never will.” It was as if he’d read my- well yeah, you get my point. I cried until my eyes were red, and I felt as though there was no moisture left in my body. He held me for a minute longer, and then pulled back so I could see his face. He looked very serious.

“I wish to discuss something with you.” I sat up too, sniffing unattractively and rubbing at my eyes. He hesitated, then plunged straight in. “Becoming a vampire is the other choice I mentioned earlier.” He gave me a moment to absorb. “The choice is yours- I can make you one of us, or, if you would prefer, erase your memories of our time together, and take you back to the place I picked you up. It will be as though we never met.”

I opened my mouth, and then closed it again. Maybe I was just developing Stockholm syndrome, but I didn’t want to leave him. I was shocked at this realisation. When did that happen? A small, truthful voice in my head answered, perhaps some time between him taking his shirt off and holding you like you were the most important thing in the world? I agreed with this truthful voice. I decided to weigh up my options. On the one hand, I had my life as I was now. I was a drug addicted hooker who slept in whichever bed she was doing business in. I felt the need to hurt myself for punishment, to feel alive, for any number of reasons. I had no future, and no hope of having one that didn’t involve suicide, until now. Now I had the option of becoming a vampire- sexy, staying young forever, having cool powers with only the minor drawback of having to drink blood. There was clearly no contest.

He cleared his throat, as if to interrupt. I looked at him. “There are a few drawbacks.” He said. He looked slightly apologetic, that he had read my thoughts, I was guessing. “For one, it is a lonely life to live, fraught with the danger of discovery. Humans as a whole react very badly to even the concept of vampires, for example, look at your own reaction. First you denied the evidence before you, but when you put the pieces together, you reacted with fear. It is the same for all humans- they fear what they do not understand.” He said, spreading his hands in that shrugging gesture. I had to admit it was endearing. “Another drawback, is the fact that you must feed regularly to sustain your powers. Without feeding, you will age, lose all your powers, and in the case of some, go insane.” Hm. That didn’t sound so great. “I must also point out, that every power is very much weakened by the sunlight. It will not burn you to ash as popularly believed, but it will make you nearly human again. You will lose strength, telepathic abilities, your appearance will change back to that of a human and you will no longer be able to seduce humans with superhuman ease.” I still thought that becoming a vampire far outstripped the life I was living. It definitely beat being kicked into gutters like trash, used and abused and struggling to make enough to feed the addiction. I suddenly realised that since I had been in his arms, I felt no trace of the usual withdrawal. I turned to look at him questioningly. He looked sheepish. “I, ah, took the liberty of alleviating your suffering when I was demonstrating the seductive capabilities of a vampire.” I shook my head in confusion. “Can you use smaller words please?” He smiled. “I took your pain away when you were trying to take my pants off.” I blushed. “Oh.” He laughed, a sound smoother and richer than chocolate.

“Shall I leave you to make your decision?” He asked a smile still on his face. I shook my head. “No.” He looked at me enquiringly. “No, you do not wish to be left? Or is that your decision?” I took a deep breath. “I’ve made my choice- I want to be a vampire.”

I finally got round to writing another chapter :) For the people who are still reading, if there are any, sorry it took so very long, I just finally got my ass in gear and got down to writing :) Once again I feel I should warn in advance that there is still no real plot, and I am still writing as and when I get an idea, so its anyone's guess as to when I post again. Sorry! Please let me know what you think of this chapter -Sam XO
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