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Chapter One

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Just a normal day until Kobra Kid finds a strange girl in a wedding dress.

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We were in the desert and we’d stopped for gas. I was flipping through a magazine, Jet-Star was making random adjustments, most of the others had decided to stay in the car and Colourful Shadow was arguing with Fun Ghoul.
The trouble with those two is that Fun Ghoul makes a lot of stupid jokes and Colourful Shadow is very easy to piss off. Fun Ghoul often forgets this and says something stupid which just pisses her off. Well that’s what my brother Party Poison says, personally I think it’s because Fun Ghoul has a crush on her but he’s worried she doesn’t feel the same. And when you have a crush on someone you do anything to talk to them. Fun Ghoul chooses to annoy her.
So basically, it was like any normal day. Once I’d finished flicking through the magazine and Jet-Star was done making adjustments to the car, we all squeezed inside and drove off again.
It wasn’t long before the next argument started. “God, would you give me some room?” Colourful Shadow asked, shoving Fun Ghoul over.
He shoved her back “This is a small car! None of us have any room!”
“I know but god you’re practically sitting on me!”
We all laughed at them while they glared at us, causing us to laugh even more. “Where exactly are we going?” Screaming Revolver asked “We’ve been driving for like ever.”
“Well you could’ve got out the car just then!” Jet-Star told her “But you chose to sit in here.”
“I know…” Screaming Revolver blushed bright red. Everyone who was good at putting the pieces together knew why she had chosen to stay in the car. So basically, the only people who didn’t know were Fun Ghoul, Colourful Shadow, Agent Anarchy and strangely Party Poison. The truth is that Screaming Revolver stayed in the car because Party Poison had said he was tired and wanted to stay in the car. So Screaming Revolver stayed in the car too to keep him company. Her plan backfired when nearly everyone else also chose to stay in the car too.
Party Poison yawned “Just going back to base. We’ll sleep there and think up a plan tomorrow.”
“What kind of plan?” Missile Kid asked eagerly.
I smiled at her “A plan to take Better Living Industries of course!”
“I know we just stopped at a petrol station…” Agent Anarchy said quietly “But I really need to pee. Can we stop at the next one?”
Jet-Star stopped the car “Go behind that bush!”
We all looked out the window and burst out laughing. The ‘bush’ that Jet-Star had suggested didn’t have a lot of leaves on. If Agent Anarchy squatted behind it to take a pee, everyone would be able to see.
Agent Anarchy blushed “I can’t go pee behind that!”
“It’s that or you hold it for another two hours!”
Agent Anarchy sighed heavily “Fine, but everyone has to get out of the car and stand round the other side of the car!”
We all piled out of the car on the opposite side of the tiny busy while Agent Anarchy went round to pee. “It’s really going to take us two hours to get back to the base?” Screaming Revolver asked.
Jet-Star shook his head “No it’s going to take us about fifteen minutes. I just wanted to make her use the small bush.”
We all laughed a little too loudly because Agent Anarchy yelled “I heard that and it’s totally not funny!”
“It is a little,” Fun Ghoul whispered “Oh well; at least we get to stretch our legs!” He started stretching to prove his point.
Colourful Shadow rolled her eyes at him while the others just giggled. “Do you ever act mature?”
“Do you ever act immature?”
“How long does it take one girl to pee?” Party Poison yelled.
Agent Anarchy yelled back “I don’t think you know how long I’ve holding this in!”
“Why didn’t you just go at the last stop then?” Screaming Revolver asked.
Agent Anarchy walked round the corner “I’m done, I’m done!” She took a wet wipe off of Jet-Star and wiped her hands before throwing it on the ground.
I picked it right back up “Put it in your pocket and bin it at the base! An animal could try to eat it or something!”
“Yeah, if Better Living Industries don’t get it first…” Agent Anarchy told me sarcastically, taking the wet wipe and shoving it in her pocket.
She got into the car and the others began to follow. I was about to get in behind them when suddenly someone grabbed my arm. I screamed pathetically, accidentally shutting the car door and then I fell over.
I heard a female voice “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you! I just really need your help!” I sat up and saw the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my life. She had black hair, pale skin and purple eyes that were blinking at me fearfully. I noticed she was wearing a wedding dress that was covered in dirt just like her face “Please, I can pay you!” For some reason she had pockets in her wedding dress because she pulled out a heap of gold coins.
I shook my head “Put them away, of course we’ll help you.” She shoved them back in her pocket as I opened the car door. I got inside and pulled her in behind me. Once she was in, I shut the car door and we drove away.

“Who are you?” Party Poison asked, sitting down this girl at our dinner table. Jet-Star was making her something to eat because she looked scarily skinny with bony cheeks and a frail body.
She blinked at him a couple of times. I noticed that her eyes weren’t purple anymore, they’d changed to a light shade of blue “My name’s Lady Madness. I’m running away from Korse and Better Living Industries.”
“Why, did they capture you and try to turn you into one of their workers?” I asked her “Why did they dress you in a wedding dress?”
She shook her head “No, I’m wearing this because today was my wedding day.”
“What went wrong?” Party Poison asked, sitting down opposite her. I sat down next to him.
Lady Madness sighed heavily “Nothing went wrong exactly. It was all wrong from the start. It was a wedding organised by my parents. Because the man I’m engaged to, I just don’t love.”
“Who were you meant to get married too?” Party Poison asked.
I nudged him “Stop being so nosy!”
“No, it’s okay.” She said politely “It was Korse.”
Mine and Party Poison’s mouths fell open. Korse was going to marry a killjoy?
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