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Begining of an End

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(Alternate ending for KH 1) After finally returning from the long journey, Kairi is finally safe and a new sort of adventure is started. After being apart for so long true feelings are revealed an...

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Begining of an End

Back to the Island

This story is playing off an alternate ending to Kingdom Hearts 1, where instead of going through the door with goofy and donald, Sora went back to his island with Kairi as did Riku. I hope you like it.


It was three days since the return of Kairi, Sora and Riku. Sora sat in the sand enscribing various things into the sand with a stick. Thoughts, regrets, and desires ran through his head from the last week. He had given the key blade to Goofy to keep just before he went back to his island. Being tired and weak, going back to the island was the best choice. He had achieved what he left the island to do, which was to save Kairi. He hadn't realized how strong his intention was of the dangerous mission untill he returned. For him to go on a life threatning journey like the one he had recently returned from, he must have really had a sense of connection with Kairi. After several minutes of pondering over those thoughts he hadn't realized that in the sand he had spelled lightly out the letters, K A I R I. He stared at his message and grimaced at the fact of finally having Kairi back. He quickly stomped out the words in the sand as he heard feet approaching behind him.

"Was that something you didn't want me to see?" Riku happily said.

"Oh hi Riku, it's good to see you back to your old self again."

"Yeah, well it's good to have only one person in my body. Anyway get up let's spar."

"It's been quite a while hasn't it, Ok but I've improved since last time we stood on this beach fighting eachother with our wood swords," Sora replied as he got up taking one of the sticks Riku held out.
The two immediately started battling it off, clashing weapons and sweating heavily. Riku was surprised to see that he might lose to the once uncordinated Sora. He quickly took off his sweaty shirt as did Sora and Charged again.


Kairi lay in her bed staring at the ceiling, relieved to back on the island with Sora.
"The chances of me making it back to the island safely was scarce but, Sora was there for me, as usual. I haven't talked to him much in the last three days. I wonder if he's mad at me for some reason or something, I don't know. Sora and I were always so close and I hope nothing has changed. If I were to lose this friendship I don't know what I would do, I mean he saved me and he is my closest friend."
The thoughts reverberated through her head untill she forced herself to get moving. She got dressed and head out the door. She walked for a few minutes down the would walkway that wrapped around one of the island's biggest trees. When she came to the bottom she happily sighed then when she saw Riku and Sora on the beach. Sora stood over Riku, as Riku desperately reached for his own stick which lay a few feet away. Kairi laughed at the uncommon sight then continued down the platform to the stairs down to the beach.

"It's good to see the two of you awake and having a good time together as things used to be." Kairi called as she approached the two of them.

"It's good to see you to. How did you sleep?" Sora replied.

"Very well, thank you."

As he threw on his shirt, Riku said, "Hi Kairi it is good to see you awake and well. Oh yeah and I just remembered that Tidus and I are going cliff climbing on the other side of the island today and I think I might be late so I have got to go, but I'll catch up with you guys at the beach party tonight."

Kairi and Sora waved back to him as he jogged off around the bay. Riku placed his back against the stone wall once he made sure they couldn't see him anymore. He already suspected that Sora had feelings for Kairi and then seeing him draw her name in the sand was conclusive evidence. Riku was not the type to sabotage a situation like this but more would he help Sora out. Normally he might be a little jelous, but after their party of people left traverse town he met a girl coming back with them named Rikku and they immediately hit it off. He was relieved no questions were asked when he said he was going climbing, because of course he wasn't going climbing, he was just helping Sora out by narrowing down the group from the three of them, including himself, to the two of THEM. Riku smirked at his generous favor he was granting to Sora, and walked back to his house.

Sora and Kairi sat on the dock with their legs left dangling off the edge, relieved in their own secret way to have eachother. They sat and talked about the last few day's events, the new people they had met on their adventures, and how much they missed eachother and the island. They didn't even realize it but about two hours passed while they talked, and they came to realize this when Wakka and Selphie started setting up the fire pit for the beach party.

"Ahh, I completely forgot about the beach party." Sora bursted.

"So did I. I need to run home and change. So I guess I'll meet you there?"


The two ran off in opposite directions smiling and cheering with glee after feeling so close to eachother during their long conversation.
When she got home, she quickly undressed and hopped in the shower. After she dried off got dressed and used the rest of her time fixing her hair.
As for Sora, he went home and cooked up a small but filling snack. After finishing his food he did his hair as well as he could and left.

When Sora arrived at the beach, about 8 out of the 11 people on the island, including himself and Kairi, were there and already dancing and playing volleyball. Riku was already there and of course he was dancing with his new girlfriend Rikku. Everyone was there except for Kairi, Selphie and himself. He quickly ran down the stairs and joined into the volleyball game.
Kairi swiftly walked down the stairs and was obruptly stopped by Selphie.

"Oh hi Selphie, are you going to the party?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you first."

"Oh, Ok what do you want to talk about?"

"Well I was a few hours ago I was in one of the palm trees on the beach, collecting coconuts for the coconut bar at the party tonight, but anyway Sora was sitting in the sand just thinking. That is usually not unusual but he looked very relaxed and happy, then either being absent minded or just not aware of my presence, wrote your name in the sand."

"Wait, Sora? He wrote my name in the sand?"

"Yes I'm sure of it."

With an intrigued smile on her face Kairi simply replied, "Don't worry about it let's just go to the party."
Selphie was Kairi's closest female friend and knew she shouldn't have cut their conversation short but she didn't want anyone knowing how she felt about Sora yet. The two contiued down to the beach and joined the party.
When Riku noticed Sora had joined the party he pulled him out of his game and took him over by the docks.

"Riku what are you doing? Why did you all of sudden pull me out of the game? I was playing some really goo...." Riku interuupted his complaints with a straight forward statement.

"I think Kairi likes you back."

"Back? What are you talking about?"

"Don't be dumb, I saw what you stomped out in the sand this morning."

"Crap....Well what do you mean she likes me you think?"

"Well I just got finished talking with Selphie, and when she told Kairi about the sand thin..."

"WHAT??? You told selphie?"

"No, Selphie saw you too."

"Oh boy, well go on."

"Ok well when Selphie told Kairi about the sand thing Kairi looked pleasantly surprised. Haa Yeah?"


"Pleasantly surprised. PLEASANTLY. As in good."

"Well," with a smile on his face, "thanks for the info."

"No problem, now let's get back to the party."

The two returned to the party and played volleyball for the next hour or so, then the fire was lit and everybody surrounded the beautifully built and lit fire. Sora and Kairi sat on opposite ends of the small fire pit, secretly peeking looks at eachother. Everything shared between everyone was perfect, even the silence between all of them was sweetly harmonized. When the fire slowly started to die down, Riku and Selphie stood up and announced, "Well now is the time we do the game we all love, which is the nature scavenger hunt. What we'll do is break into pairs and go find 2 designated plants to bring back to the fire, and whoever wins will get this weeks prize and it's a surprise. Well get into your pairs."
The crowd was immediately arroused, and to Kairi and Sora's surprise everyone within seconds got into pairs. Sora quickly ran up to Riku, as did Kairi to Selphie.

"Everyone got paired so fast. Riku be my partner."

"Sorry bud, I'm already with Rikku."

"Everyone else is taken. Partner with me Selphie."

"Sorry Kai but I'm already with Tidus."

After this Sora and Kairi noticed that no one was left except for eachother. Awkwardly they approached eachother and eventually put the drawing in the sand stuff behind them. After all the pairs left they slowly made their way over to the side of the island where Sora used to take naps in the grass and where Kairi used to pick flowers. They talked just as they had when they were sitting at the docks. After a few minutes of walking they were in an isolated section from the beach, grass was soft and tall and the trees completely surrounded the glade. The only thing that could be heard was the grass blowing and the trees rustling. Twenty feet or so above them the stairs that wrap around the big tree could be heard being run down. They looked up and not to Sora's surprise, Riku and his partner Rikku were running into Sora and Riku's house.

"Well I guess they gave up on the scavenger hunt and I will have to sleep down here tonight." Sora said with a laugh.

"Hey Sora, did Selphie or Riku talk to you?"


"Well Selphie talked to me about her se...."

"I might as well spare the awkward moment and say it. Kairi I'm sure Selphie already told you about the thing in the sand and well... she's not lying." Sora struggled through his speech. As Kairi slightly blushed. Sora continued, "Well we have been the best of friends ever since you moved to this island and well of course I treasure or friendship above anything else but I have lately wanted more than a friendship."

She could see the passion and truth in his eyes and admired his courage to say straight out that he likes her, so she took a step closer and pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

To be continued...

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