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Summertime Blues

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Something I recently wrote based off of a friendship.

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(For the record, I'm not sure if this would be considered an angst poem or not. You decide for yourself and let me know what you think.)

We're two different people.
We have our own likes and
dislikes that don't always
mesh together. One is tidier
than the other, one reads as
much as the other writes, one
tackles the bull by the horns
while the other waits her
turn in line. Because of our
independent personalities, we
need our space from time to time.

We go away from each
other. Sometimes, we say
goodbye, sometimes, we
don't. When we do, it hurts
knowing we're leaving the
other behind. When we don't,
it hurts thinking the other
doesn't care. Although the
distance isn't great, we get
lonesome. We send phonecalls,
texts, emails, and messages
saying we'll meet again soon.
Sometimes the promises are kept,
sometimes they're not.

We get out and meet new people
to cure our boredom. We don't
look for replacements, but
rather for people to enjoy
our times with when neither
of us can be there. When we
seclude from our new group
of friends or grow tired
of them, it's that moment we
realize we really need each
other the most.

It doesn't always hit us right
away. In fact, it may take
one longer than the other
to realize how much we miss
spending time together. But
when we do figure it out,
we share a love that cannot be
forgotten, broken, taken away
by our summertime blues.
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