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Gerard has to leave on tour, how will Leda hold up? ......And why would he stop calling? ....What happened on this fucking tour?!

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A/N Alright, I hope this makes sense. It's loosely based off a super random dream I had so putting it into words is sorta hard. R&R if you like it and want more ;) I'd seriously appreciate the feedback. Oh! and btw Leda (The main character) is supposed to look like LedaMonsterBunny so you can look her up if you're curious about her appearance.

"Gerard, Why do you have to leave me all alone?" I asked through sobs.

"Leda, you know why. I have to go on this tour, it's part of my job and it's what brings in the money we need." He put on a stern face but I could see it in his eyes that he was gonna have a hard time dealing.

When I didn't reply he gave up the macho boyfriend act and dropped his bags. He embraced me in a hug that ended with a sweet emotional kiss, just like the ones in the movies. This is why I loved him, he never got mad or put anything before me, except for his music. He could cure my pain with a simple kiss.

I buried my face in his neck and took in his scent, I wanted to remember it. I wanted to remember everything.

He left me with one last longing kiss and, before I could comprehend anything else, he was gone. The tour bus was driving away and taking the only thing I loved with it.

I dragged my feet to the car and willed myself to drive.

Now, I know you might think I'm overreacting but Gerard was the most important thing in my life, without him I wouldn't even be alive.
About 3 months ago I had gone through a serious depression. The guys didn't know about it, I kept it well hidden. Anyways, long story short, Gerard found me outside at one of their concerts crying on the floor with fresh cuts down my arms. That was the night he saved me and that was also the night he told me he loved me. Since then, we have been inseparable. Which is why this was so hard for me..

1 month till tour is over-

I had been working hard to keep my mind off of Gerard. Putting most of my time into fixing up the old mansion me and the guys used to hang out in back in high school. It was in good condition, just needed some paint and a few new windows/doors. I was planning on fixing it and maybe even asking Gerard to live with me in it.

3 weeks till tour is over-

Gerard had stopped calling. I didn't know what to think, I couldn't call him back, he had lost his phone and could only contact me through his manager, and random venue pay phones. I honestly didn't know the other guy's new numbers, which they had to change because of a few hacker fan girls. I was beginning to worry, he had seemed very distant the last time we talked.

My depression and anxiety had gotten far worse without Gerard. Even the mansion couldn't take my mind off of him. I just wished he would call soon.

4 days till tour is over-

I had been cutting again, I couldn't stand the pain of my depression. I had mood swings everyday, one second I would be furious at Gerard for not calling, and the second, I would be sad and unbearably lonely. Why wasn't he calling? He couldn't be THAT busy.

I was just counting down the days that I would see him, and all my best friends, again.

The end of tour-

I concealed the dark circles under my eyes as best I could, hiding the scars would be a little harder, considering it was hot as balls outside but somehow I willed myself to slip on a my chemical romance hoodie.

I had mixed feeling over Gerard today, mostly confusion, anger, pain, and excitement. I couldn't help being exited over everything else, I was finally gonna see him and the guys and everything would go back to normal. Gerard would appear with a good explanation as to why he didn't call, I would forgive him, and then we would move into the mansion together and invite the guys over for sleep overs.

This was all going through my mind as I waited patiently for the guys to call me telling me they were back at their house (which they all lived together in). I was so caught up in my day dreaming that I didn't hear the phone ringing. I sprung up from my seat on the couch and dove for the phone. I answered it just before the final ring.

"Hello?" I answered it, trying not to sound out of breath from the lightning fast sprint.

"Hey Leda."


"Yeah, not who you really wanna hear right now huh?"

"No! I just….wasn't expecting……where's Gerard?"

"He's currently eating pizza at our house but Leda-"

"-I'll be right over!" I hung up before he could say anything else and threw my flats on. I was beyond mad, Gerard was back and he hadn't even bothered to call? Jerk! There better be a fucking good reason why he would neglect his loyal, (and possibly) suicidal girlfriend. I just hoped everything was going to be okay between us.

I don't know what I would do without him.
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