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The Night Gaunt

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A man is taunted by horrifying dreams

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The Night Gaunts
When one closes their eyes, they open a whole new world. A world of imagination and dreaming, where anything can happen. Sadly, they also open a world of nightmares and horror. Sometimes, these nightmares are thought about too much and seep into the real world. Unnameable horrors appear and wreak havoc in the person’s lives until they kill them or drive them insane. This is the story of a young man that experienced this phenomenon. Our story begins on a dark night; our character is lying in bed trying to get to sleep. Suddenly, a picture flashes through his mind so horrible and unexplainable that he could not stop thinking about it. He thought about this dream all night with his eyes closed. This was possibly the worst mistake of his life.
The next day, our hero, whose name we have now found out is tom Edwards, is slowly typing on his computer. He feels the cold hard keys against his fingers. The noise from the keyboard is becoming deafening until he is reduced to a quivering mass on the floor. Then he suddenly realised that even though he was not typing the noise continued. He managed to lift his head and then he saw the thing from his dream. A huge, faceless thing with leathery skin and huge wings. It was hovering about a foot of the ground. It stretched its arms out and burst through the glass sliding door. Its claws dug into his shoulders as it flew out the gaping hole that used to be his door.
Through the clouds he was taken. Over lands not known to any mortal human. Just as the creature began to approach R’lyeh, the sunken city, it sharply turned the other way. The only thing Tom saw was a huge pedestal with a large tentacle being on top of it. A thought uncontrollably flashed through his head, the stars are right, before disappearing again. Down into a deep pit, the night gaunt flew through twisted caverns and caves. Tom felt a sharp pain in his shoulders and realised that the night gaunt was nervous. When Tom glanced up, he suddenly understood why. There lying right in front of him was one of the most terrifying things that Tom had ever seen. It seemed just a tangle of tentacles. Suddenly there was a screech and the tentacles rolled over and it suddenly twisted its shape to form a purple monster covered in purple slime with only two legs and countless eyes covering its body. Tom looked around the terrible cave and saw that the floor had a thick blanket of steam covering a large lake of water. On the walls horrible phrases were scrawled
Stricken by fear, Tom made a futile attempt to break the Night Gaunts grip. Its slimy claws gripped him fiercely when the creature in the water that had first appeared to be asleep now rose and made a terrible screeching noise. Another thought appeared in my, I mean, Toms head. It was a single word, Shoggoth, the word terrifying in itself. The Shoggoth leaped forward and said “Tekeli-li”. The Night Gaunt dropped me into the steamy water. There is no point trying to keep up this facade I am Tom Edwards. Now that my confession is done I must finish my story and find peace in this cold gun in my hand. The water seemed to invade me, pouring over my body. I lifted my head from the water and saw the night gaunts tail slice the shoggoth’s chest, splattering a spray of green slime over me. The Shoggoth screeched, leaped forward and bit the night gaunts chest. The night gaunt writhed with pain but made no sound. I then felt a tight grip around my wrist that begin dragging me down, into the water. I tried to scream but the water filled my mouth and engulfed my body. Everything went dark and when I opened my eyes I saw the end of my bed. This dream has plagued me for most of my adult life but today it ends. I stare into the abyss of my gun and say goodbye, just hoping that there is no hell.
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