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Frank's House

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Gerard and Mikey go meet up with Frank and Ray at Frank's house. More flashbacks...

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Well I guess I am just going to have to deal with my iPod for now since I honestly don't feel like putting out all the money too get it fixed by people at Apple who have no fucking clue what they are doing...

Also, their is mild violence in this chapter so here's your warning....

Anyway! Here is the next long and awaited chapter! I hope you like it! (Sorry it took so long to update. I have been really busy.)



Gerard's POV

I looked around the house for Mikey. I was finally ready to leave. I found him sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. Of course. He is so predictable.

"Hey Mikes, mind making me a cup?"


He seemed so bothered to do so.

"Thanks! And when were done we can leave. I'm all ready."


I sat down to wait for my coffee. Maybe this would make me forget about what happened earlier. I guess not. Oh shit. Not again.

The boy is petrified. The man is holding a knife by the boys skin. The boy won't calm down and the man starts to cut the innocent child. He first starts with his legs. He makes small little cuts. Then he begins to make them deeper and deeper. As soon as he cuts deeper into his skin, the kid starts flipping out. He wont sit still and he is breathing really heavily. The man starts to become impatient and irritated with the boy when he starts screaming at the top of his lungs. He tries kicking the man in the chest to make him stop, but it only makes him angrier. The man puts tape over the boys mouth to shut him up. He is still trying to yell but it isn't nearly as loud as before. Then he continues to cut him. Now he starts cutting the child's arms. He is bleeding nonstop. Their is blood dripping down his legs onto his feet. Now his arms are bleeding and he has blood all over his hands. How did this kid get himself into this in the first place? He takes the blindfold off of the boy once he is done cutting his left arm to show him what he carved into his skin. It says "FAILURE." What is that supposed to mean? That is definitely going to leave a scar. The man puts the blindfold back over the boys eyes once he reads it and looks at his legs. He starts to cut something into his right arm. Th-......

"Gerard! Gee! Gee! GERARD ARTHUR WAY!!"

Mikey's shouting at me again. Oh joy.

"Gah! That's my ear you know!"

He rolls his eyes at me. Great brother huh?

"Another flashback?"

"Yup. And they keep getting creepier and creepier. And violent."

"Well drink your coffee and lets get going to Frank's. You need something to keep yourself occupied and not thinking about whatever that is you keep having. Besides Frank's probably getting pissed because were already a half an hour late. But I needed my coffee."

"Ok. Your right. Thanks Mikes. Let's go now. I'll bring my coffee with me. I don't want to piss off Frank anymore by being even later."

"Ok! Let me just grab my keys then we can get going. And by the way, he said he is going to order some pizza's later on."


We both got into the car. I put in one of me and Mikey's favorite Misfits CD's.

Just so you know, the Misfits suck ass in my opinion...

We were singing along like the weirdos we were. My phone was ringing. I turned down the music and answered it. It was Frank.

"What? Yeah... Were close... Blame it on Mikey... He had to have his coffee... Ok see you in a few minutes."

Frank and I decided to mess around with Mikey. We were texting earlier planning exactly what we were going to do.

"Mikey. Frank's pissed at you. You told him we would be there at 1:00 and now it's almost 2:00. He's said he is going to flip out on you when we get there! Your so dead!"

We just love to make him upset sometimes.

Mikey started to get red and really upset.


"I'm kidding Mikey. Jesus, calm down and pay attention to the road."

Oh how I love messing with him!

I'm picturing this in my head right now... HAHA!!!!


We pulled up to Frank's house and before we even got out of the car, he swung the door open and yelled both of our names out at the top of his lungs.


He was literally jumping up and down like a new puppy would. Frank hasnt changed one bit. He is still the crazy, short one who we all love. Frank was so excited we were all getting together again. Ever since tour had ended we hadn't seen each other that much and were missing each other. Especially Frank. Frank gave Mikey a call. Mikey called Ray. And Mikey told me. We all decided that we were going to meet up at Franks house today. I sure hope this would take my mind off of everything that has been happening to me lately... I could only hope at this point....

Mikey and I got out of the car and Frank practically tackled both of us to the ground. He threw himself into me and Mikey and gave us the biggest hug ever nearly strangling the two of us to death.

We walked inside to find Ray laying on the couch playing the Wii, eating a bag of potato chips. Of course. He definitely hasn't changed one bit.

"RAY! What's up man!?!?!?"

Mikey ran over to Ray giving him a huge hug. They have become really close over the years. All Mikey would do was talk about him. They went off and played the Wii and talked while me and Frank did our thing.

Were the closest of friends. You would think we were brothers. I decided to tell Frank about what had been happening to me lately. The flashbacks, dreams, and everything else. He seemed really surprised and shocked. He didnt make one sound the whole time I was explaining to him.

"Have you seen like a doctor or anyone about this?"

"No. I didn't feel the need to. But now they are getting kind of violent. Do you think I should?"

"HELL YEAH! Thats creepy man! And I dont think it's normal either. I mean, I know people dream, but just don't suddenly go into a phase and see shit."

"Good point. Maybe I'll call someone tomorrow."

"Good idea Gee. Now let's order some pizza. I'm starving!"

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