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Sequel Uploaded!

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Hey all!

Just posting to let you know that I am officially working on the sequel! The prologue / teaser has been posted, and I suspect I'll be posting bit by bit over the course of the next few weeks. I just recently got an internship at Inked Magazine (which you can read about on my blog,, so that combined with my part-time job and an upcoming senior semester at my college is going to have me pretty busy. But stay patient, subscribe, and check back! I love the beginning so far and I have a great ending in mind ... I just need to fill in the details in-between.

I'd also just like to say thank you to those of you whom have stuck with me thus far, especially those of you who were fans of the story when I originally wrote it back in the day (~4 years ago?!) and came back for it when it was updated. You all rock. :D

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!


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