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Chapter 16: Cold Hands and Hijacked Swings

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Sometimes being lost in your own world is the best thing for you.

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I made my way through the park the next morning, snuggling into my giant, grey scarf. It was warmer than normal, the cold wind had subsided, but there was still a chill in the air. I walked across the frosted grass, my military boots causing it to crunch quietly. He was there, his Ipod in his hand and he was listening to it, staring at the screen. Just like I did. I waved a hand in front of his face to catch his attention. He looked up, yanking the earphones out and winding them round his Ipod.
" Hiya." I smiled, he stared at me, his mouth open. " Yep, this is how I dress out of school...pretty weird but.."
" You look...great!" He cut me off, still staring at me. He suddenly stood up from the bench and grabbed me, squeezing me tightly against his leather jacket. His hair was freshly washed and he'd expertly applied his eyeliner. "hey... what's with squeezing all the air out of me?" He grinned, but didn't let go of me. I once again breathed in his delicious smell. Gerard reached down and pulled a stray strand of hair out of my face, then took hold of my hands.
"God, your hands are freezing!" He blew his sweet, coffee scented breath on my white, bony hands. I looked down, suddenly embarrassed. A sudden kiss on the lips made me forget the cold, forget everything. It was just him and me, lost in our own world.
School pretty much was the same, a complete shit hole full of obnoxious twats, but it didn't really bother us anymore. Sure we got jeered at for walking to class together, footballs kicked at us when Gerard held my hand on the playground at activity break and the occasional group of girls shouting our names in locker rooms, thinking they were hilarious, but to be honest, they were pathetic.
A few days into December, wrapped up in thick black coats, we took the opportunity to hijack the swings in the play ground once more. This time, it was deserted. The thick layer of snow on the ground had prevented parents letting little kids into the playground, and some teenagers were too preoccupied in throwing snow at each other at the other end of the park between the dead, spider-like trees.
We were sharing my Ipod, one earphone each. Gerard started singing. I nudged him, " Hey, I didn't know you could sing!"
" There's a lot of things you don't know about me... I'm also secretly a girl.."
" Shut up." I playfully kicked him in the leg, " If you're secretly a girl, then that makes me a lesbian, okay?" I got off my swing and bent down in front of him, kissing him on the cheek.
" Fine by me, now come here.." He wrapped his long arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap. The chains of the swing groaned as I struggled to break free, both of us laughing, me squealing. We fell off the swing and onto the soft snow that had fallen the night before, still giggling. " Shit! We'd better get up or we'll be soaked!" I grabbed his hand and yanked him up, dusting the snow off my coat. I saw someone coming towards us, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He approached us warily. It was the new kid, he'd joined a couple of days before.
" Hi...sorry if I'm... disturbing you or anything... I go to your school, I've seen you around a couple of times." He had a black hoodie on under his school blazer, its hood up and the cuffs brushing his knuckles.
" Hi, you're the new kid right? Stick around with us." Gerard took my hand, I squeezed it.
" Hi. I'm Tasha and this is Gerard."
" I'm Frank. I'm in the other class."
" Are you an outcast too?" I looked at him, the way he hung his head answered my question for me. "Yep."
" Us too, you stay with us Frank, everything will be just fine." Gerard looked at Frank, then at me. His eyes were shining and he smiled. Wow, he really did have a nice smile. Frank smiled too, sheepishly, biting his lip. A warm arm draped around my shoulder, I gently leaned my body against Gerard. I hoped everything was going to be just fine.
" So... what kind of music do you like Frank?" I asked.

So, thats the end of my first ever fanfiction,! I hope you liked it, I'm sorry if a few bits were bad, but I've never done one before so I'm learning :) Please R&R and I hope you'll read my next story. Thank you for all the positive reviews and for sticking with me. See you next time!
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