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Chapter 2

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Frank and Gerard go to get movies

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Chapter two:

When I woke up, the clock on a small table next to the bed said 1:16 pm., and Gerard was no where to be seen.

"Frankie?" I heard a voice call and the bedroom door opened, revealing Mikey.

"Hey Mikey." I smiled and sat up. Knowing that I was for sure away, Mikey pounced on the bed next to me. "How was your night?" he asked.

"Good, thanks. You?"

"Good." he smiled. "I've got a question for you."

"Shoot." I was curious.

"Do you like my brother?" Mikey's waiting eyes were fixed carefully on me. I held my self back from saying 'yes', because I had only known Gerard for a day and had absolutely no idea if he felt the same way. Instead I gave Mikey a "I'm not sure yet. Why?"

"Because you should." I thought he was joking at first, but judging my the serious expression on his face, Mikey was not kidding. He continued. "Frank, obviously you wouldn't know this since you just met Gerard yesterday, but I've known him my whole fucking life, and I can see when he likes someone. Now, I know that you two hardly know each other, but Gee likes you already. He came downstairs this morning looking happier than I've seen him for a very long fucking time."

"Mikey, I find your brother to be one sexy motherfucker, and we talked a lot last night and his personality is fucking amazing as well. I'd love to be the reason he's so happy, but how do you know for sure that I'm the cause of his happiness?"

"It's not hard for me to figure out. Ray agrees too. Frank, Gerard had a fucking shitty time a few years ago. Did he tell you about that?" All I knew was the drinking really, but I nodded anyways, wanting him to continue. "Did he tell you anything about it?"

"He said it was no big deal. He just drank too much a few too many times, but you and Ray helped him."

"That's all he told you?" Mikey sounded a little surprised.


"Hmm. Well, this is Gerard's story to tell you, so I'm not going to tell you anything except that it was a lot more than 'no big deal.' Gerard was fucked big time."

"Oh..." was all I could manage. I wondered how bad it could have been.

"Anyways, you two should hurry the hell up and date. And when you two start dating, you best be good to him because that fucker is my brother and I love him." I nodded. "So, anyways Franks," Mikey was back to his perky, bubbly self again. "Sorry about getting all serious there. I just wanted to get my point across. Want some coffee?"

"Fuck yes!" I grinned, allowing myself to resume back to normal life, and think about what Mikey told me later. However, it didn't work too well, because when I got downstairs, I began to question if Gerard really did like me. The way he smiled when he saw me made me wonder if her did.

"Frankie! Hey!" he greeted me with a grin.

"Hey." I smiled back at him.

"How did you sleep?" he asked, getting up from the chair he was sitting on in the living room. He followed me into the kitchen, where Mikey handed me a cup filled with coffee.

"Good." I said and took a sip of coffee. "Holy shit! This coffee is so fucking good."

"Thank Gerard." Mikey told me.

"Thank Gerard." I grinned.

"Anytime. Coffee is like, my family. My love for it ties with my for Mikey."

"Thanks, Gee..." Mikey muttered sarcastically.

"I still love you Mikey. I'm just not sure which one I love more." Gerard smirked. Mikey punched his shoulder, making Gerard shout out in pain. "Motherfucker! Michael James Way, you'd better fucking run!" I watched, sipping my amazing coffee as Mikey ran away, with Gerard chasing quickly behind him.

"Gerard!" Mikey squealed. "I'm sorry! Please! Fuck, please stop! Have mercy on my fucking soul. I won't do it again. I'll kiss it and make it better. Or better yet, Ill have Frankie kiss it and make it better!" I almost coughed up my fucking coffee.

"Mikey, I am so going to get you!" Gerard shouted, chasing Mikey at full speed around the house until Mikey tripped over something, allowing Gerard to knock him on the ground and poj his arms to his sides.

"What have I told you about hitting?" he demanded.

"Not to do it?" Mikey questioned innocently.

"Exactly. God damn it Mikes, have we not gotten passed the hitting yet?" Mikey shook his head 'no' and smirked. "Are you sure?" Gerard smirked back, and began to tickle his younger brother.

"Shit! Fuck! Fine! No more hitting!" Mikey agreed, gasping between giggles.

"Good." Gerard quit tickling his brother, and they both stood up. "So, Frank. Is there anything you'd like to do today?"

"Not really. Nothing that I can think of at least."

"I know!" Mikey shouted. "I have an idea!" His hands shot up in the air. "Gerard, please, pick me. I think you'll really like this idea!"

"Mikey, you're not in fucking school, you don't need to raise your hands anymore to talk. We've talked about this before." Gerard sighed at the last sentence.

"So, I can talk?" Mikey asked, his hand still up in the air.

"Yes, Mikey..." Gerard sighed again.

"Okay," Mikey started, putting his hand down and straightening up. "We should totally go get some movies and order pizza and scare the shit out of ourselves and it will be a motherfucking party."

"That's your big idea?" Gerard asked plainly. Mikey nodded. "Mikes, we do that almost every week..."

"Well, this way, we'll have this week's 'party' day over."

"It sounds fine to me. I just don't understand why you were so excited about it. You up for it, Frankie?"

"Hells yeah." Now maybe this was a normal, casual thing to do, but I was still perfectly excited.

"YAY!" Mikey cried and ran off to his bedroom.

"Welll, I don't know if you could tell or not, but Mikey's a bit enthusiastic." Gerard smiled at me, and I chuckled at his sarcasm, responding with a sarcastic "Really? I couldn't tell." Gerard began to reach his hand out towards me, but dropped it as if remembering something.

"Guys, let's make a list!" Mikey ran towards us with a pen and a piece of paper.

"Of what?" I asked.

"Movies we want, duh!" Mikey told me, as if it were completely obvious.

"Yeah, Frank. Duh!" Gerard mimicked Mikey's tone jokingly, and then laughed.

"Shut up." I said laughing too.

After making a list full of movies, all horror, Mikey declared that Gerard and I were to go get every single movie on the list.

Once Gerard and I got into his black car, he blasted his music. I recognized the song "Death Comes Ripping" by the Misfits playing. I definitely approved.

He pulled into the parking lot of Blockbuster and turned off the car. I went to open my car door when Gerard spoke up.



"I have to talk to you."

"Okay..." I wanted him to continue.

"Well, I know we haven't known each other very long and I don't know very much about you, but I do know that I like you. A lot."

"I like you too." I smiled.

"No, I mean, I really like you."

I thought about what Mikey told me earlier today. Hearing Gerard tell me he liked me made my stomach do a flip of happiness, and I knew then how much I liked him back.

"I like you too." I told him. "I don't give a shit if I met you less than 24 hours ago. After our conversation last night-er, this morning, I realized how interesting you are. I really, really like you Gerard."

"You mean that?" His face lit up and he smiled a little.

"Of course I do!" Gerard's smile turned into a contagious grin.

"Frank, would you be my boyfriend?"
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