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Everybody Hide

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Intruder alert, everybody hide! Sorry i suck at summarys.

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Hey guys, As promised heres your update but first,
afabulouskilljoy's new fanfic, read it and be amazed:

okay now here chapter 2 :)

Mikeys P.O.V (continued)

We kept hugging for at least another 15 minutes, it's what we all needed. We had just had our best friend taken from us and on top of that we have people wanting us dead.
"Guys, I'm gonna go to sleep now, We have a big day tomorrow." Jet sighed
"I agree, I think we should all sleep, that way we can think more clearly on what we're going to do" Party said. We all nodded in agreement and head of to bed, this was going to be a long night.

It was hectic, lasers were flying everywhere.I saw Party and Jet get shot down, Missile Kid was just stood there, I had to protect her. I used every ounce energy I had left in me to try to get her. I was stopped with a sudden pain in my stomach. Fucking drac.
"MISSILE RUN, RUN!" I screamed the darkness starting to blind me my stomach searing in pain. "Run..." I whispered as the darkness took over.
~End of flashback~

I woke up bolt upright and sweating, that was the 2nd time I had had that nightmare. It kept playing over and over again in my head, the events of that night were none of which could be forgotten. I checked my alarm clock, 3:30am it read. So early, I just layed there and stared up at the ceiling, hoping I would doze off soon. I needed all the sleep I could get. Literally

Gerards P.O.V

I woke up to a loud crash that erupted from the living room. It must've been Kobra because Jet is never awake at this time and I'm here. I heard whispering.
"Do you think anyone lives here?" One asked
"It doesnt seem like it, but there's food and furniture so it seems supicious" Another said. Everything else they said was muffled but i knew there was more than one. I crept out of my bedroom grabbing my raygun whilst I was at it, I went to wake Jet and Kobra up but both of them were already awake, rayguns loaded.

We slowly aproched the door to the living room, being as quiet as possible. I turned to look at Jet and Kobra, they both nodded as if to say 'lets go'
"On, the count of three, 1, 2..." I whispered "3!" We crashed through the door, our rayguns pointing forward, they all looked horrified

"WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I shouted causing them to jump.
"S-sorry sir, we thought this place was abandoned, you see our old place was burnt down by Korse and his dracs so we were looking for a new place to stay." A girl said, she looked about 16, quite young if you ask me.
"What are your names?" Jet asked cautiously
"I'm Lady Madness, and these are, Radical Reverie, Bullet's Embrace and Poison Pilgrim" Lady said
"Whos that girl behind you?" Kid asked trying to see her
"I'm Toxic Tumbleweed sir" She said quietly, she only looked about 12, way too young to be out here in the zones
"Well, I'm Party Poison, this is Kobra Kid and thats Jet Star, If you dont mind my asking, how old are you all?" I said, I wasnt trying to be nosey, but it would be useful information to have
"I'm 16, Radical is 18, Bullets is 18, Poison is 16 and Toxic is 12" Lady said, she seemed to be the leader.

Rays P.O.V

I stared in disbelief at the young ladies in front of me. They were all so young. My paternal side kicked in and I just wanted to hug them, their faces worn and haggard with exhaustion. I glanced at Party and I noticed his gun still poised towards them. As he was our elected leader, I kept mine in the air too.

Kobra seemed quite disinterested now, having lowered his gun and slouched over to the sofa. Party's eyes flickered to his brother and then lowered his gun. With a sigh of relief, I tucked mine under my belt.

“You're too young to be out in the zones. It's dangerous out here, you could get killed. Or worse, caught.” I said to them, looking each in the eye.

“Getting caught is worse? How?” asked Lady, sniggering and tightening the bandana keeping her hair up.

“You don't know what they do to you, do you? Dracs? When then catch you? You're definitely too young to be out here.” Party said, matching Lady's tone and standing with his hands on his hips.

"Of course we know what they do!" A sudden outburst from Toxic startled us all "You think just cause we're young girls, we can't fucking defend ourselves, WELL YOU'RE WRONG!" she screamed at us and stormed out of the room. Kobra and Party were stunned, to be honest so was I. Poison, Radical and Bullets ran after her, leaving Lady Madness to explain.

"Are you guys finished gawping yet?" She said, there was a sense of anger in her tone. We all stopped 'gawping' and looked at her, Kobra was the first to speak.
"Why did she get so upset? Did we say something wrong? Is she gonna be alright?" He said, sounding genuinly sorry for Toxic

"Yes you said something wrong! She hates it when people judge her for her age!" Lady shouted
"But why?" Party continued
"You want the whole story?" She asked staring at Party
"That would be helpful, yes" He replied

"Her parents were double agents for the BL/ind and for us killjoys, All her life she was forced into fighting for both sides, she had to kill innocent killjoys in order to keep her mum and dad safe, but on her 12th birthday, the BL/ind killed her parents and used her to experiment on, when she ran away nobody would let her join their gang because of her age so she was left on her own in the desert, that was until we found her, you judging her for her age brought back bad memories for her." I was astonished at what I heard after Lady was finished.

"I-I-I didn't know, I'm so sorry" Party said, Toxic re-entered the room, her eyes all puffy and red
"You told them didn't you" She said, almost in tears again

So there you have it, Chapter 2
Sorry if theres too much talking, R&R guys, it would help a heck of a lot
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