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Why Should I Trust You?

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The gang are trying to collect the five Sylla cards when Michael finds a girl who has all the information at Starbucks.

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It was a cold day and the wind blew strongly,Michael stood outside a Starbucks somewhere in LosAngeles. He was dressed in his usual jeans, t-shirt and blazer waiting for Linkin and Sucre to arrive.

He had been waiting about five minutes when he saw a frail, young girl come running down the road. She wore a simple black dress and a pair of matching converse. Tears streamed down her face as she ran and Michael automatically felt the need to held.

“Hey,” he shouted as the girl ran by him sticking his arm out to block her path. She froze in front of him. She appeared extremely scared and was shaking.

“My name's Michael” he introduced himself “Are you okay?”

“Yeah” she answered instantly pushing herself past his arm. Michael reached out grabbing her shoulder.

“I can help you, If you tell me what's wrong” he offered still grasping her shoulder. She turned her head to look at the corner a car had just pulled up. It's windows were tinted black and it had no registration plate. The man inside was dressed in a black suit with a matching tie.

“Ivy, get in the car” he ordered threw the open window. Michael put his hand on the small of the girls back pushing her to the door of the of the Starbucks be-hide them.

“Quick, get inside” he instructed then turned and followed the girl. When they entered she took a seat on one of the couches in the back. Michael sat in the chair in front of her.

“So your names Ivy?” he asked. She nodded.

“Your Michael Scowfield” she told him. He nodded.

“You know who I am?” he asked intrigued.

“Doesn't everyone” she replied.

“Not most 12 year old” he noted.

“I'm seventeen” she replied bitterly. A heavy silenced followed this statement until Michael pipped up again.

“That guy in the car looked pretty serous, What he want with you?” he asked. She glared at him then began to speak.

“No offense but I just met you. Not to mention your a con who broke out of prison” she stated.

“Your a smart girl” he smiled.

“I'm not an idiot”

“Did you take into accountant the act that I may have saved your life” he continued.

“You pushed me into Starbucks” she laughed “I could have done it myself”

“I don't know you frozen to the spot, that guy must be pretty scary” he smirked.

“You don't know the half of it” Michael felt a vibration in his pocket. He dug his hand in his front pocket to retrieve the small cellphone Don Self had given him. He pressed the green button then help the phone to his ear.

“Hello” he answered.

“Michael, where the hell are you? We're waiting outside.” shouted Linkin.

“Link there's a girl here I think she might know something” he said quietly hoping Ivy could not hear him.

“Forget about her, we have a job to do”

“Give me five minutes” muttered Michael before hanging up.

“Look, please just tell me what's what going on. I think you and me might me on the side.” he pleaded. Ivy did not look convinced.

“Why should I trust you?” she asked. Michael did not no what to say there was absolutely no reason for this girl to trust him.

“You don't” he answered.

“Goodbye” she muttered standing up out of the seat and making or the door. Michael rushed ater her as she left. The car Linkin sat in was parked straight ahead of him.

“Get in Michael” called Linkin. Michael walked up to the window.

“I can't that girl,” he gestured towards Ivy who was around the corner sitting on a step “She knows something, I just need her talk” Linkin sighed.

“Get in the car I'll get her” he ordered.

“Don't hurt her” shouted Michael as Linkin swung the door to the car open jumping out and turning the car to where Ivy sat on the step. He spotted her straight away head in hands, her sobs echoing off the surrounding buildings. He felt bad for what he did next he did, the girl was thin, sickly pale and looked helpless but they weren't going to bring down the company playing mister nice guy.

“Where you talking to my brother?” he asked loudly and in what he knew was an extremely intimidating tone. The girl looked up, tears stained her face and had made her eyes red. She sprung to her feet and ran. Linkin followed in hot pursuit. He quickly cauht up with the girl wrapping his large arms around her small frame and lifting her off the ground an onto his shoulder.

“PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN!!” she shouted. He clamped a hand over her mouth. She squirmed in his arms and he held her tighter leaving red marks on her soft skin. He jogged back to the car opening the back door and throwing the girl in beside Michael.

“She better have information” he said sternly before starting the car and driving off. Michael and Sucre looked shocked the girl tears running down her face and shaking with fear.

A/N Hey Just to let you know (if anyone actually reads this) this is my first post in Prison Break catogory. Prison Break become my new obcession as I've watched all four series by night in the last week.R+R if you like and I'll update. Don't if you don't and I won't. Ha that kind of ryhmes. Kinda. O.o Xx
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