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Someday You Will Be Loved

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The truth was that he hadn't just left Spencer, he left all of them.

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Spencer closed his eyes, holding the note as he slid down the wall. He couldn't believe what was happening. It almost seemed like his world was crashing down around him. He felt alone, cold. Empty. He didn't know if he would be able to recover from it, despite it's words. He wanted to read them out loud, but was scared of the way the words would taste in his mouth.
The apartment was empty, the only sound being that of his crooked sobs. He didn't know what to do. Where to go. Who to talk to. And yet, he stood, crumpling the paper in his pocket. He walked out of the lonely apartment, his feet not making a sound on the carpet in the hall of his building. He locked the door, his hands moving down to his pockets as he walked out into the fall air.
The wind was blowing, the leaves rustling as he walked. He didn't know where his mind would allow him to go, but he had a fairly good guess. After a few minutes of walking in the bitter and cold air he found his unknown destination. He walked under the bridge, standing in the shallow water next to Brendon. He watched as Brendon picked up another stone, tossing it into the water with a small smile on his face.
He always was one to throw stones at the sky, watching as they fell back to earth. Brendon turned to Spencer, his smile quickly turning into a frown as he looked at his crying face.
"Spencer? What's wrong?" Spencer shook his head, looking out at the small creek that they stood in.
The cold water was making his bare feet numb, the sharp rocks at the bottom digging into his flesh. The two stood in silence, the wind whipping their hair as it made their noses pink. The trees lined the creek, giving one small path from between them while the bridge above had the sound of footsteps echoing on the wooden planks. The leaves were different shades of red and orange, yellow accenting them here in there as they fell into the creeks water. The sun was hiding behind a wall of clouds, only peering out through small cracks. The rays bared down in different patterns, the water shimmering from the light while the leaves it touched seemed to glow.
Brendon went back to what he was doing, allowing his hands to dip into the cool water, picking up a smooth stone. He tossed it, watching it skip.
One. Two. Three.
He dug around a little again, picking up a less smooth rock. The disturbance of him pushing others aside to get to it made mud swirl in the water.
One. Two.
Spencer watched as it sank to the bottom, Brendon going back once more. This time he just took a stack of the small and thin rocks, holding them in his left hand.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Spencer listened to the birds singing in the trees, looking over at a crow that rested on a nearby branch. He would say it was a beautiful day, but the day didn't like beauty.
One. Two
If it were any other day.
Spencer glanced over at Brendon, looking at his content face.
One. Two. Three.
There was obvious concern knitted into his expression, making it all that harder for Spencer to say what was wrong.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Spencer pulled the note out of his pocket, holding it out to Brendon, who now had empty hands. Brendon took it slowly, staring at Spencer who was facing the running water that they were ankle deep in. There was the sound of crumpled paper unfolding, mixing with the rustling leaves. Spencer picked up a rock, tossing it against the water.
One. Two.
Brendon read the note slowly, allowing the words on the paper to sink in.
"So that's it then?" Brendon asked slowly as he looked over at Spencer. He gave a small sigh, the breath turning into a light amount of smoke in the cold air.
"There's nothing else to it." Brendon was hurt more than he would allow Spencer to know.
"I'm so sorry." He wrapped his arms around the older boys neck.
The truth was that he hadn't just left Spencer, he left all of them.

Dear Spencer,
Someday, you will be loved.


I....don't know what this is. Really. I think it's just an idea that's been floating around in my head all happily for a while so I decided to finally write it. Anyway, new chapter of Hiders will be up either later today or tomorrow.
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