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The Notebook [Frerard]

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Frank joins Gerard's new band 'MCR'. Gerard reckons Frank is an amazing man and couldn't hurt any one, but could he?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-08-09 - Updated: 2011-08-09 - 614 words

Franks POV

It was half four and it was already starting to get dark. The streetlights outside began to light up and the grey sky began to turn in to a pit of darkness. That is what Jersey winter days are like, short and dark.

I was sitting behind the counter in Borders, the store I worked in. There were only ever few people in here; most of them came in for warmth from the harsh Jersey winter air. I pulled my feet up on to the chair, rested my head on top of my knees, and faced down. Both of my headphones were in and I was in my own world for a while. I was not at work, not at home, just in my head. My music stopped and someone removed my headphones. “What the fuck?” I screamed. I looked up to find my boss stood over me. “Oh shit, sorry.” I mumbled. “You have a customer.” He pointed to a medium sized boy. He could have been my age or a little older. He was wearing a Misfit’s hoodie and skeleton gloves. I looked down at my gloved hands, the same ones as me! He handed me an old book. “Can I ask you two quick questions?” he mumbled under his breath. “Sure go on!” I exclaimed, I guess he seemed creepy but I am the same to be honest. “Well, um, would the name Chemical Romance work as a band name” he pointed to the front of the book. Where the title read out in bold said “Ecstasy: The Three Tales of Chemical Romance” I thought about it in my head for a few moments, I then replied. “Well, Chemical Romance seems rather plain, what about sticking a word in front of it, such as ‘My’ so it became ‘My Chemical Romance’. Would that work?” He nodded. “My Chemical Romance, that sounds, great.” He then went to put the book in the tray. “The second question is, do you, um, play guitar by any chance?”
I grinned right at him, “Yeah, I do play guitar, why?” I knew why he asked, I just did not want to be rude. “Well, my band are looking for another guitarist and you’re wearing a Misfits hoodie, so you’re obviously in to the music we like so, would you like to check out our band and have a chance with us?” he muttered quickly. “I would love too. But um, I hardly know you so I would have to like, get to know you and that.” I said as I stood up and jumped on to the counter. Therefore, it would be easier to talk. “Well, do you want to hang out tomorrow or something? We could go get a coffee or something?” this kid like just read my mind. “Sure, around eleven? I am Frank by the way.” He softly giggled and tucked his almost shoulder length hair behind his ear. “oh yeah, I’m Gerard. Gerard Way.” Gerard Way, cute. When he smiled at me is cheeks became chubby and his eyes glistened. He seemed cute. “Here’s my number, text me if you change your mind. I need to go now though, my brother needs me at home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He passed me a piece of crumpled paper with his number and his name written of messily. I giggled and smiled at him. He walked swiftly out of the store and in to the winter air. I stared at the piece of paper he handed me and popped it in to my back pocket.

so what do you guys think? i need your honnest oppinion :3
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