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Gas Station with Naughty Iplications

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Frerard. The boys stop at a gas station, but are fan rumors finally getting to Gerard?

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The tour bus was warm amongst the cold exterior and as I glanced around, my band mates were doing tons of things. My bassist was making coffee, my drummer was drumming mindlessly on the arm of the couch opposite to me, and the rythem guitarist was sleeping soundly in his bunk. The main guitarist was in the bathroom. Bored, I pulled out my laptop and waited for the screen to turn on.

“Whatcha doin?” The man across from me on the couch looked up with curious eyes and I shrugged.

“Bored enough to find out what the fans are talking about.” I reply, logging onto the portable device. Thank god the bus had wifi so I clicked on the internet and Google popped up. I logged onto my twitter, checking everything I usually do, replies from 600,000, chats between friends with me tagged in the posts and old retweets of mine from back in 2007. As I was reading through my replies, a lot of them were the same.

LovedHumanWkr: @gerardway is actually dating @frankiero? Like, legitly?

MndlssChemRmnce: @gerardway and @frankiero finally together?! :DDDDD

AlexaLayne14: Hah! I knew it! @gerardway and @frankiero dating at last(: Finally!

LittleRev1039: @AlexaLayne14 yeah yeah, we always knew you were right though. @gerardway and @frankiero Frerard exists?!

“What the fuck…? How do they…?” By now, Mikey was by my side, reading over the tweets.

“You and Frankie are dating? How come the fans got to know before me?!” His voice was whiney.

“Mikes, we’re no-“

“Since when are you and Frank together?!” Mike’s voice comes from across the couch.

“No, we’re no-“

“You and Frank are together and the fans knew before us?!” Ray’s voice joins in.

“No! It’s just more rumors flying between the fans!” I shout, dropping the laptop and it crashing on the floor as I stand up. Frankie comes walking out of his bunk, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Whazz all the c’mmotion ‘bout?” He had a pillow mark on the side of his cheek and his russet eyes were shiny. He looked so damn adorable. Parts of his hair were sticking up and- no! Come on, Gerard. Focus.

“Nothing. Just stupid internet rumors.” I reply quickly.

“Apparently you and Gerard are dating.” Mikey adds and I roll my eyes.

“What else is new?” He replies, walking over to the table next to me and drinking my coffee.

“Hey! That’s mine!” He smiles mischeviously up at me.

“I know, sucks for you!” He laughs quietly as we feel the bus come to a stop and Brian turn around from the driver’s seat.

“Alright, boys, we’re at a Gas Station, as you know, it takes about an hour to fill up the truck, so have fun.”

“Thank god!” I shout as the five of us nearly poor out of the door. Mikey, then Mike, then Ray, followed by me. I turn around just as Frank trips on the step and I catch him, blushing.

“S-sorry, Gee. My shoelace.” He replies nervously. I laugh slightly and ruffle his hair, letting go then knealing down to tie his shoelace. Mikey shouts from across the parking lot.

“This is why people think you two are dating!” I roll my eyes and Frank shrugs, us walking side by side into the gas station.

“You look tired, Gee…did you sleep at all last night?” Ignoring his question, I smile.

“You know you’re the only one who calls me that, right?” He shrugs again, putting his hands on his hips.

“I know, now answer my question.” I sigh and shake my head.

“Stupid insomnia.”

“Alright, we’ll get some food and then we’re going back to the bus so you can get some sleep, I don’t want you passing out on stage and me have to carry you off.” I nudge him playfully.

“I don’t think you’re big enough.” He scrunches up his nose, then picks me up bridal style and carries me to the front of the food store.

“Holy shit, Frankie!” He smiles proudly and opens the door for me.

“Ladies first.” I stick my tongue out at him and walk straight over to the coffee maker where Mikey is.

“You should just tell him, bro.” I blush and look at my brother confused.

“What are you talking about? He’s my band mate and best friend. I already tell him everything.” He rolls his eyes and nudges me.

“You know what I’m talking about.” I sigh and put the lid on the new cup of coffee, turning to watch Frank pay for about 12 packs of skittles, Ray then grabbing the bag and Frank chasing him around outside.

“I can’t…He’s straight. Like, legitly. And I’m…half.” I hesistate on the last word and he laughs.

“Okay, Gerard. I’ll let you believe you like girls. Although you’re gay-er than all of the gay men put together!” He jokes.

“Am not!”

“What do the fans call you?” He retorts, laughing.

“Sassy…” I mumble, knowing I just lost the battle.

“What was that?” I roll my eyes.

“Sassy!” He laughs.

“Way to be enthusiastic. Now, Ray, Mike, and I are going to play bocci ball and you’re going to tell Frank.”

“Ha. Ha. No. I’m going back to the bus to get some sleep…one hour isn’t good enough.” Mikey nods and walks out and I follow him, dropping a 5 on the cashier’s desk. Outside, Ray runs past me and Frank runs into me, tackling me to the ground, the hot coffee spilling all over the ground behind us. “ow…uhm..”

“Shit, Gee! I’m sorry! It’s Ray’s fault! Here, let’s go get you another coffee!” I laugh and shake my head.

“Dude, Frankie, it’s cool, I’m just going back to the bus to get some sleep anyway,” I reply, trying to ignore the fact his crotch is on mine and I’m getting a slight hard on.

“Alright…” He replies, apologizing again as he climbs off me, our crotches rubbing together again and me getting turned on more.

“Fuck…” I mumble as he leads me to the bus, his hand on mine, weaving me through the gas pumps. Miraculously, I end up tripping over the second step of the tour bus and cutting my skinny jeans and my knee. “FUCK!” His eyes grow wide as he helps me up, leading me to my bunk, me limping slightly. As I sit down, my head hits my bunk and I whimper again, hearing a giggle escape his lips.

“Everything’s hurting you today, huh?”

“More than you know.” I reply, laying down. He sits next to me in the small space, him fitting because he is so damn tiny.

“Let me go get you some Neosporin. Take of your pants.” He says casually.

“N-no…that’s okay. It’s not that bad, I’m just gonna get some sleep now.” I reply and he laughs.

“What? Do you have a boner or something?” I blush and look at my hands, unsure of what to say. “You do! Its okay, Gee, I don’t mind…unless its over me…” His voice was seductive and low and I whimpered, nodding, regretting it immediately. I winced and without much warning, his lips were on mine, but I pushed him away.

“W…wait…I need to…to tell you something.” He crosses his arms and raises one eyebrow. I take a deep breath before spitting the words out. “Iloveyoumorethanafriendokay?” Did that even sound like English? A smile spreads across his face and he tackles me in my bunk, kissing me.

“Gerard, I’ve loved you since we met!” He was straddling my waist now, eyes happy and mine were wide.

“R... really?” It was getting hard to form words as Frankie planted kisses down my neck and my erection was now painfully obvious. I let a whimper slide past my lips.

“No, I’m in love with your brother. Yes, really! Now, let me kiss you properly.” I smiled as our lips interlocked, me blushing furiously. Gaining my composure I flip him on his back, the small bunks not a care at the moment. I plant wet, sloppy kisses down his manly jawline and onto his neck, beginning to suck and nip. “You…fucking…vampire bitch!” I bite hard, drawing blood and a loud moan escapes his throat. Our hips were grinding against each others, the feeling wondrous.

Without warning, he sticks his hand down my jeans and grabs my dick causing me to moan loudly into his mouth.



“I fucking love you.”

“You too, Babe…you too…”

A/N cliche! Probably some spelling errors, I wrote this quick and slopily :P
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