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I can pound more than drums

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Frank X Bob gets a new drum teacher but there seems to be something off about Bob Bryar

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I was walking down the hall of my run down and dreary hell they call high school, heading to my drumming lesson with Mr. Andrews. Many of the students didn’t like him for a particular reason, let’s just say his reputation with children isn’t the best and he’s tried more than once to make a move on me, you can tell I’m really looking forward to this lesson...not.
I was within eyesight of the specialised drumming rooms, which meant they’re soundproof, when I saw the jocks, or should I say the people that make it their goal to make my life hell, hanging round the hallway next to the fire exit. Probably skiving their lesson to go shove their heads further up their own asses. The leader of the group saw me and smirked, shit, my black eye only just healed, why did Blake have to see me now?

“Hey squirt, you finally got the balls to skive? Or are you just letting Mr. Andrews stick his dick up your ass?” Ugh, he always has to pick on my height, I mean, what’s so bad about being a little shorter than most of the boys?

“Just leave me alone” Yeah, I know they won’t but it’s worth a shot, right?

“Oh, we will, after we re-arrange your face, pipsqueak” Fucking fantastic
Just as Blake grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled his fist back, the door of the drumming room opened, the man that emerged wasn’t the middle aged creepy Mr. Andrews but a young guy with blonde hair, with a fringe that covered one of his amazing sky blue eyes. As you can tell by now I’m gay, luckily the jocks don’t know that; they just know that Mr. Andrews is a paedophile and has a weird man-crush on me.

“I would prefer it if my students face was intact when I taught them, Mr. Taylor” Blake Immediately turned around and scowled at the man, he hated it when teachers called him by his last name.

“Why the fuck would I listen to you?”

“Because, Mr. Taylor, I know a lot about you that many students here don’t and you most likely don’t want them to know either” Whoa, a teacher using blackmail, never heard of that one before

“How the hell would you know anything?” Blake was getting really frustrated by now and all his ‘friends’ had left him saying something about needing a cigarette. The man just smirked and said

“Oh so you don’t believe me? Well let me just prove myself to you” The man cleared his throat and smiled before saying

“Your first relationship was with a nineteen year old man, this was when you were thirteen, you had only just discovered you were gay and he was the one to help you but he moved away after a year or so, after that you decided to keep your sexuality a secret, never telling a soul, except for your parents”
Blake had gone noticeably pale as he stared at him; all that he had said was true? I am so using that against him. After a few seconds Blake bolted down the hall, I like this guy...
He motioned for me to follow him into the drumming rooms and I obliged, after we were in the room he sat down and smiled

“Hey, I’m Bob Bryar, I’ll be your new drum teacher” Now I have a name to this amazing man (Okay maybe I have a little crush on him....)

“I-I’m Frank Iero, but you can call me Frankie” Okay maybe it’s a big crush, or love at first sight, oh god I sound like a girl. Bob just chuckled

“Okay Frankie, first we’ll decide when you want your lessons and then I’ll see how good you are on the drums” God, I just wanted to kiss those perfectly sculpted lips, it took me a few seconds to register I was, it took me a few more seconds to realise he was kissing back. I immediately pulled away

“Shit, I’m sorry Mr. Bryar, I-I didn’t mean to kiss you, I was just thinking about it th-then I kind of err did” He was smirking now, was it wrong to think he looked kinda hot when he smirked?
“It’s okay Frankie, if you want to kiss me, all you have to do is ask” With that he cupped my face in his hands and caught my bottom lip with his pale ones, we began to move in rhythm with each other. He pinned me against the wall and moved one of the hands cupping my face down to my crotch, he applied gradual pressure as a muffled moan escaped my lips, he smirked into the kiss and pressed down harder, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I broke the kiss for a few seconds

“S-stop being a tease” Bob smirked and unbuttoned my skinny jeans and slowly dragged down the zipper

“Is that better, Frankie?” I just moaned in response then did the same to his jeans, he was about to get on his knees when the bell went, my drumming lesson was over



“I have to go to my next lesson”

“Ever heard of skiving?” Okay, he really wants to get in my pants, doesn’t he?

“Can’t, someone else has a drum lesson now”
“We’ll just have to go to my house then” With that he zipped up his jeans, picked up his bag and waited at the door for me. I zipped up my jeans and followed him to his car. I got into the backseat, not wanting to be seen by any nosy people, and laid down across the seats.

“Ya know, it’s taking all my will power not to pounce on you right now”

“You can if you want”

“Frank, we’re in a parking lot, remember?”

“Fine, but you better drive really fast”

“Oh, I will don’t worry about that”

New fanfic to get over my writers block with the other ones
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