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The End.

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Its not the end of the story but its the end of a friendship.

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A/N: To my darling readers... I am so so so so very sorry for not updating for a while. I have been in Belguim with the family for a while and have had a serious case of writers block. I also didn't plan this story out so I don't really know where it is going but i'll keep on writing and see what happens. And again I'm sorry that my updates are always so short.On here it looks a lot more than it actually is. Hopefully this chappie is nice and long. It took me a long time to write so be grateful:)
Love ya'll Erin x

Franks POV
I pulled away from Gerard and looked into his beautiful eyes, I whispered one word, "Mikey." Gerard grabbed my hand and half-dragged me down the street at a furious pace.
"Hey slow down, I'm too short to moive this fast." I said, in a half-hearted attempt at humour. The corners of his mouth turned upward slightly.

5 minutes later we were at the Way house. I spotted Ray louging by the door. He started laughing at our rat-tails hair then his eyes trailed down to out entertwined hands. His mouth hung open as he abruptly stopped laughing. He pulled his phone out and mutely scrolled through his texts. He clicked on one an held it up to show us.

MESSAGE: hey ray, guess who just started going out with Frank? Me! I'm so damn happy. I know I told you how much I liked him the other day but I'll tell you again. I think I love him. Forget think, I do. Nothing can spoil this day.

He flicked along to the next message.

MESSAGE: I'm happy for you man. Hope you to keep together for a long time. You can tell how much Frank likes you, just the way he looks at you. DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT SOUNDS REALLY GAY OF ME!

MESSAGE: I wasn't gunna;).. I'm just worried that he likes Gee. I mean if I were him, I would.

MESSAGE:Don't worry mate, he wouldn't leave you for your brother. He's too nice for that.

MESSAGE: I hate them.


MESSAGE:Gerard and Frank.


MESSAGE: You'll see.

He put his phone back into his pocket.I was sobbing,they were hurting my chest and my throat. I felt so guilty. I didn't know Mikey had felt that way. How did I do that to him? Why did I do it. He's my best friend and I just hurt him worse that he's ever been hurt in his life. I gave him hope and then I just stomped all over it. I'm a monster. I'm a horrendous person. I'm ugly inside and out.
"Why the fuck did you do it Frank?" Ray asked, quietly, smoldering fury in his eyes. I met them with my eyes. Then I looked sideways at Gerard who had a tear dripping down his cheek.
"Because I love Gerard."
"Then why did you ask him out?"
"I don't know." I replied, lowering my eyes. There was a pause. It lingered aqwardly in the air.
"You Bastard." I felt a slap on my cheek and unbalanced,fell to the ground. Tears of pain and frustation dipping out of the corner of my eyes.
"What the fuck do you think your doing!?" Gerard shouted, stepping in front of me, protecting me from Ray.
"You know I had to Gerard.Now are you gonna open this door so that I can go comfort Mikey or are you just gonna stay out here, fight me and hurt your brother even more by hurting the only friend he has left."
"He has me." I said, in a strangled cry.
"Not any more Frank." Ray said, turning away eyes full of disgust, like I was something filthy off the bottom of his shoe. Thats what I am though. I'm a disgusting,vile creature and I don;t deserve to live. I don't deserve a friend like Mikey or a boyfriend like Gerard. I'm evil.
Gerard relented and unlocked the door. I pulled myself off the ground and followed Ray inside.
"Mikey!"He shouted,"Mikeeeyyy!Mikey?" I trudged into the kitchen and sank down on a chair. I banged my head against the table.
"I'll check the garden" Gee yelled.
"I'll check upstarirs."Ray shouted, I heard his footsteps dissapearing up the creaky old stairs.
I'm Ugly.
I'm Horrible.
I'm evil.
I'm a waste of life.
I'm a waste.
I should die.
I should be killed.
I wish I was dead.
I hate myself.

The knife glinted on the table...

I'm ugly.
I'm the worst person ever.
I'm a horrible friend.

Even though I told Gerard not to...

I'm worthless.
I'm worthless.
I'm worthless.
That's what all the kids at school say.
Your worthless Frank.

I picked up the knife.

Your worthless.
Your Worthless.

I put it next to the skin of my wrist.

Your Worthless.your worthless.your worthless.worthless.worthless.
"I'm WORTHLESS!"I half-screamed,dragging the sharp blade of the knife across my skin.The blood spurted out and dripped onto the table.I watched it flow.
Drip Drop
A drop landed on a peice of paper.
A peice of paper with writing on it.
A peice of paper with Mikey's handwriting on it.

"GUYS,GET HERE NOW!" I yelled. After about 10 seconds Gerard and Ray ran into the kitchen. Gerard opened his mouth in shock, probably about to comment on my bloody arm.

"He's gone." I said,my voice full of despair,"Mikey's gone."
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