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Gerard's POV for Chapter 10. This is Part two.

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Gerard's POV

I woke up on the right side of the bed, even though Frank's side is the right. I looked over him and at the digital clock. 11:59 am Did I turn my alarm off?
Beep. Beep. Beep. BE- thunk
"Shuuuuut uuuuup." I heard Frank groan as he pushed his bare -and slightly cold- back up to my chest, adjusting his head between the pillow I was using and his.
He moved away from me a little, trying to get comfortable. I started replaying his little tantrum in my head, and I couldn't help but snicker. I don't know why it was that funny in the first place, I guess it's just one of those -it's early and I'm still kinda tired so shit's extra funny- things. I tried keeping my voice down, seeing as my boyfriend probably wants to go back to sleep, and my laugh was more or less just me shaking trying to suppress any noise.
"What's so funny?" He asked with a hint of irritation.
"Y-You..." I answered, still trying not to laugh.
"Is it my hair?" He questioned, patting it down. I bet he thinks that I don't find that totally sexy.
"No. It was the whole alarm thing... I just found it funny..." I said frankly.
"Your alarm sucks..." He stated as I wrapped my arms around him.
"Your alarm swallows." I said and kissed the back of his neck, smirking at the goose bumps it gave him.
"Touche..." I heard him mumble.
My brain would not stop replaying the delicious noises he made last night. I loved hearing him call out my name in ecstasy. I wanted to steal his sweet moans from his lungs and keep them for myself. If he wasn't mine before, he definitely is now.
"So... About that shower..." I said eagerly.
"You wanna go first?" He assumed.
"I was thinking maaaaaaaaybe we could take one together?" I stated in the form of a question.
"Okay!" He said and got out of the bed. "Could we get a new set of sheets to christen when we go to the market?"
"I don't see why not..." I said and let out a huff of laughter.
Frankie ran into the hall using the sheets as a cloak, and it too me a moment to get up. By the time I got into the hallway, Frank was just standing there with one of his eyebrows raised.
"Hey... What's up?" I asked and nudged him.
"Your brother..." He said blankly.
"My brother did what..." I huffed.
"I think he was checking me out... And then told me to 'Put those away unless they're up for grabs' I don't know what you call that... Checking me out, flirting, warning, threatening, promising... I'm really not sure..." He said, still looking a little off.
"Oh boy. I'll have to talk to him then..." I said, letting out another breath of irritation.
"Gee... I-I'm sorry..." I shook my head. "Please don't be mad... I didn't mean for me to run into him, I swear!" He said directly.
"No, Frank. I know it's not your fault..." I said and pulled him in for a tight hug.

-Time Lapse-

Frank pushed me up against the shower wall.
"Er... Frankie... What'cha doin'?" I asked.
"Sh..." He said and placed his index finger over my mouth.
He got on his knees, and already had me turned on. He stroked my stiffening member and waited until I was fully erect before he took me in my mouth, and bobbed his head up and down my shaft.
"O-Oh Frank... Uh... Oh Frank... Fuck yes... mmm..." I moaned and took hold of his hair.
He stopped sucking me off for a moment, and before I could let out a whine in protest, he slowly rubbed me at my base, and had his tongue all over my tip. He ran it through the slit, which caused me to let out a delighted whine.
"F-Frank... A-Ah... Ah... Oh fuck..." I whimpered.
Then he stopped and took all of me in his mouth. That was enough.
"U-Uh... F-... Oh god... Oh fuck... F-Frank... I-I'm gonna... I-I'm gonna c-cum..." I moaned loving how insanely good he was at this.
I tried to push him off, and avoid getting it in his mouth. But he wouldn't get off, and I was to weak from the pleasure to keep trying. I suddenly came in his mouth, mine hanging wide open as I shook from the intensity of my orgasm.
When I could see straight again, Frank kissed me, and I could taste myself in his mouth. This was probably the hottest thing to ever happen to me in the shower. After he pulled out of the kiss, I reached down to try and help him with his problem, and he swatted my hand away.
I just sighed and got some of the soap out from the shelf below the faucet, poured it in my hand and washed Frankie.
My Frank. I rubbed my soapy hands over all the toned contours of his small, fragile body. Kyle may have had sex with him first, and taken his virginity, but I claimed his innocence. It was mine. He is mine. Even though he still had all the scars, not a single mark on him was imperfect. I drug my hand up and down his small arms, up to his shoulders, then down his fit but slim chest. He's mine. I made him scream my name. My hands drifted down his legs slowly. These perfect legs. These perfect legs that tremble at my touch. He's not a possession, he's a person. But that doesn't make him any less mine. I looked into his eyes with burning intensity, his lips quivered slightly. I brushed my lips against his rosy, thin lips. I'm the only person who can do this to him. He's mine. And no one else can have him.

-Time Lapse-

We strolled around the market, my arm locked in his. We were both steering the cart, which may have looked a little odd, but I love him so much I just want to be touching him all the time.
We turned into the bed section, ditched the cart on the left side of the 'sheets and pillows' isle.
I was looking around at the memory foam pillows.
"Which ones do you think will be good for the christening?" I said grinning a little, looking up from the pillows,when Frankie came up to me with crimson colored silk sheets.
"These?" He said, and pushed them and himself up to my chest, with a deviously sexy smile.
"They look ravishing..." I said emphasizing every word that left my mouth, and pulled him so that we were tight against each other, the only thing separating us the sheets.
I looked at him with that intensity again, and I noticed him blush, and shiver slightly. I love how he reacts to everything I do.
I broke the stare and kissed his forehead.
"So anyway babe, can you go find these things then come find me?" I said, handing him a list of three things.
"Alright, Gee..." He said, and walked away, me watching him the entire time.
I pushed the cart over to the 'Adult Section' -if you will- and started browsing through a number of things. Then I came across Cherry flavored lube, and I couldn't stop myself from putting it in the cart that instant. I also got some toothpaste, and some more hair dye. I walked back to the bed section, and Frank was nowhere to be found, so I figured I'd just go meet up with him.
I looked in the appliance isle with the light bulbs, no Frank. Then the boxed food isle with the crackers, no Frank. Then when I got to the coffee isle, Frank was standing there staring blankly at the floor, and the person near him is rambling random obscenities. Then I got a good look at his face.
"Kyle?" I said.
"Gerard! Fancy seeing you here! You going to beat the shit out of me again for being near Frank?" He asked in a snarky tone.
"I promise." I answered calmly.
"God, you two are so pissy all the time. He's worthless Gerard." He said like it was an obvious fact.

I walked down the street of my new town, looking around at all the posters congratulating the Seniors, and the cars that drove by advertising that they just graduated. I remember my senior year. That was Four years behind me, though.
I was looking for my friend Kyle's apartment, because his complex was across the hall from mine. Kyle and I graduated together, and he moved here. I just so happened to find this town peaceful and nice, so I moved too.
I walked by a coffee shop with glass windows, and peeked through the window, my need for some of the golden brew stirring. I glanced over some of the people inside, and I saw Kyle sitting across from a black and red haired boy who had a medium black coffee in his hand. I waved at Kyle, he waved back and slipped the guy a piece of paper, then came out to greet me.
-Time Lapse-
Kyle and I just got back from having a few drinks at the local bar. Wait, I had a few drinks. Kyle was shitfaced.
I walked in my door, and heard Kyle screaming at someone. Or himself, maybe. I couldn't really tell.
I quickly exited, leaving my door hanging open, and walked over to his and just let myself in.
"Hey... Kyle? Everything okay in there?" I asked, concerned.
"Yeah, Gerard. Everything's fine. I'm just a little upset. Nothing to worry about." He answered. He was in another room, so I couldn't see him.
"Well... Tell me if you need anything, okay?" I said.
"Alright. Thanks." He sighed at me.
-Time Lapse-
"LET ME OUT! PLEASE! SOMEBODY LET ME OUT! PLEASE!" I heard faintly down the hall. Now that shit was weird. That was something to be concerned about.
I ran down to the room I heard it from, and it was Kyle's.
"Hello?" I said pressing my ear against the door.
"Oh! Thank god! You... You gotta help me get out of here! Please!" the voice on the other side said.
I rolled my eyes. Kyle is such a douche sometimes. "Kyle... If you're playing a prank, this isn't funny..."
"No! No! No! My name's Frank! I-I need you to help me get out! Please!" He said.
"Yeah. Sure. Okay. Hey, when you're ready to stop being a douche, come over..." I said and walked away.
-Yet Another Time Lapse-
I was taking my nightly walk through the town park. Just thinking about my life. It wasn't a bad life, I just needed someone to fill in this void. Yeah, Mikey would stop by every weekend. But I wanted somebody to hold, and to touch... And I'm not about to fondle my brother.
I saw a lump about ten feet away from me, and then it shifted. I saw it was a person, and they were bleeding pretty bad.
"Oh my god!" I said and rushed over to them.
"H-Help... P... Please..." they spit out before they fell unconscious.
I picked them up and took them home. When I got him in the light, I noticed the hair... It was that boy from the coffee shop.
I got a nurse from the building to stitch him up.
She knew him.
She said his name was Frank Iero.
When he finally woke up, he was shaken and tense.
He explained his entire situation for me, and I hugged him tight as he cried into my shoulder while talking about the torture he had been put through the past few months.
I let him lie down for a nap, and went over to Kyle's house and beat the bloody piss out of him.
Ever since then, Frank and I had been best friends.
(Out of Flashback)
I punched Kyle right in his mouth for calling MY Frank worthless.
Frank looked up at me.
"He called you worthless. And I told him if he came near you again I'd clean his damn clock..." I said and wrapped my arm around him.
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