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Poking Kills..

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Nothing, Just for fun :D

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-- Tad, Khem and Nica are poking Bille Joe with a Stick--

Kim: Is he dead?
Tad: Don't know. Let's just poke him and find out!
Kim: Ya!
BJ: Cut it out!
Tad: Are you dead?
BJ: Do I look like I'm DEAD?! >:|
Kim: We don't know.. That's why we're asking you!
Mikey: what the hell are you doing to Billie?!
Tad: We're trying to figure out wether he's dead or not..
Kim: Do you know?
Mikey: I have no Idea!
Tad:Wanna keep poking him and find out?
Mikey: But I don't have a stick!
Kim: Here! use this knife..
BJ : Stop it!
LynZ: Hey, Can i join?
BJ: What the fukk? x.o
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