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Saying Goodbye Again

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saying goodbye

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I wrote this last night because …..Well you will guess after reading it, maybe.

Gerard entered through the small gate. He walked about thirty feet in and slumped down onto the ground. He leaned over to the left, resting against a polished hunk of rock. He sighed. Slowly, words started pouring from him, “Sometimes I get the feeling, she’s watching over me. And other times I feel like I should go.”

Gerard reached up and brushed the shining liquid from him eyes before it could trickle down his cheek. “I wrote that for you. You know it’s true. I really do feel like you are watching me from up there and even when I feel so far down that nothing can bring me back up, I think of you and Mikey and me and the times we use to have. I’m not sure what I’m doing sometimes and I just think back to everything you ever told me and I can live my life. I can help people with my music and lyrics because you helped me.”

By now the tears had made silvery tracks on both his cheeks that he wasn’t even attempting to wipe away. A watered down smile graced his lips as he laid a single red and black rose on the ground next to him, “It’s specially made just for you. That way you know who gave it to you after I leave. “

He stood up slowly, his hand tracing the deeply engraved letters, “I have to go. LynZ and Bandit are waiting for a video chat with me. Maybe next year, I’ll have them fly out here with me to visit you. I’m sure you would love Bandit. Right now she is so full of energy and just so cute. So I better go now.”

Gerard walked a couple of feet before turning and heaving a sad sigh at the gravestone, “I really miss you Gran.”

Ok, so I don’t know what Gerard use to call his Grandmother so I just stuck in what I use to call my Gran. If you can’t tell from the story, she died one year ago last night. I spent most of the night next to her grave. I was bad and snuck into a graveyard. I just kept singing “Black Parade” to her because; well those lyrics really did help me deal with it. So yeah. This probably sucked but I felt the need to write it.
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