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The Terrors of Birth

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Julie gives Birth- what gender will the twins be?

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"Oh god" I groaned as I reached out for Frankie's hand, catching it mid way as he reached out for mine.

"Okay Lucy look after Frankie, Mikey I need you to help Julie with her breathing okay? she's already dilated and she needs you to help her through this" Lacey stated as she pushed my dress further up.

"Woah god full nudity- Julie with full nudity- I think we should wait outside" Bob said as he grabbed Ray's arm and went to pull him outside.

"Don't you dare! we are family and if you think you can sit this event out you are mistaken" I snarled as another wave of pain hit.

"Just stand behind Julie okay? Woah god a head! I see a head!" Lacey exclaimed.

The pain was ripping me in half- I felt like I was on fire. Every inch of me hurt.

"Don't focus on the pain, focus on the twins" Frankie whispered hoarsely.

"Okay Julie I need you to push the next chance that you feel you need to" Lacey stated as Mikey gave me an ice cube.

I waited until I felt pressure on my body and then I pushed. I pushed as hard as I could and felt something within me move.

I screamed and pushed for what seemed like eternity until finally I heard Lacey cry out in joy.

"It's a boy!" She happily yelled for everyone in the room.

"Okay Julie one more just one more push and then it's all over" Lacey stated as Frankie and I screamed.

I pushed again, and I could feel Frankie's mind willing me to push harder.

I could feel Mikey's hands on my shoulder, reassuring me as I pushed until Lacey exclaimed in joy again.

"It's a girl!" Lacey cried.

I sighed as the pain subsided.

"Mikey- do you want to hold your babies?" Lacey grinned as she held up a perfectly healthy baby boy and girl.

Before Mikey got a chance there was a furious knock at the door.

Nico opened the door to the paramedic who rushed in.

"Wow looks like our job has almost been taken care of" the paramedic grinned.

He came over, cut the cords and packed them away into a disposal unit while another paramedic appeared with a bed for me.

"Okay we have to get you to the hospital- is everyone coming too?" the paramedic asked as I was placed on the bed.

"Yeah- we are all one family. But can my husband and I hold our twins?" I asked.

The paramedic nodded and handed me my daughter, while my son was handed to Mikey.

"I won the bet" Bob smiled smugly.
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