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Winter's Snow

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Based on the idea that what if Yuuki hadn’t been turned human and what if Kaname and her had to run away and live in hiding together from Rido. What if Kaname had been hurt by the rogue vampire?

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Disclaimer; Oookaaaayyyy…. I don’t own this show. Never will. I have written this purely for the fact that I am madly addicted to this show. (coughs and maybe cause I has a thing for Kaname cough, cough)

Before anyone says ANYTHING yes I know that Kaname is all powerful and could easily heal and kill one rogue vampire, but for the sake of this story he makes a mistake. Ha! Haha! Deal with my muse like I do on a daily basis!


After running out the back door of the house, Yuuki stumbled slightly, not use to running in the thick snow. She kept running, just like her Onii-sama had ordered her to.

He had quickly dressed her in the warmest thing he could find and force her to run as he held off the other two hungry looking vampires that were so intent on coming after her.

After she got deeper into the dense thicket of woods she stopped. Where was her Onii-sama? She whimpered slightly in worry. Where was he? He had said he’d be right behind her and to keep running, but he was nowhere in sight.
So now she was cold and alone and scared. She’d never been so scared in her life. Where was he?

“Ohh… Onii-sama… please come. I‘m scared.” She begged quietly. Looking around the forest that was so dense and the cold wind that picked up snow and threw it into her eyes and face, chilling her to the bone.

At hearing the foot-steps approaching she’d hoped it would be him, but she was dead wrong when she saw the deadly looking man standing in front of her. His eyes glowed a deep red and she knew she was in trouble. She took several steps back.

“Come… little girl. I just want to sample… YOUR BLOOD!” He yelled and she ran the opposite direction, but this vampire was older and faster then she.

The rogue grabbed the back of her coat and she shrugged it off, and kept moving, but her luck ran out again and she found herself at the edge of a high up cliff. That vampire grinned wickedly as he got closer.

She had nowhere to run and this vampire’s evil grin was terrifying. She closed her eyes and prepared to die-

“Yuuki!” She heard the yell and a loud thud into the snow. She quickly opened her eyes and looked up just in time to see…

“Onii-sama!” She cried and gasped when the rogue vampire tore his long claws through her Onii-sama’s shoulder and chest.

He was injured terrible, but he managed to dispatch the vampire with a quick cut across the throat. He stared at the dust blowing away and finally dropped to his knees, holding a hand over the injury. She ran to him and hugged him.

“Are you… alright, Yuuki?” He asked, placing his free hand in her hair. She nodded against his uninjured shoulder. “I am so very sorry, Yuuki… I should have been there. I should have done better.”

“Onii-sama… Yuuki is fine. See?” She asked, frantically trying to make him feel better anyway she could, but he always blamed himself for everything and held it over his head forever. “Onii-sama, please!”

“Okay.” He said gentle. He lifted her into his arms and headed off towards the densely wooded forest. The night was growing colder and he knew… he had to protect Yuuki.

Staring up at her Onii-sama she became worried. He didn’t look very good and she knew that he had lost a lot of blood, but he never showed even the slightest indication of slowing down.
The only place to hide seemed to be a deep dark tunnel hidden behind a few large rocks. Dark. It was dark. Very, very dark.

But, that didn’t phase Kaname, he kept on going around and into the pitch-black darkness. She didn’t want to admit she was still afraid of the dark. She was a vampire after all.

Finally he set her down and somehow lit a fire. This place must have been prepared before they arrived. Most like by… their parents as a safe hide away.
She was pulled out of her thoughts by a groan and she found that Kaname had curled up, pressed against the farthest wall. She made to move towards him.

“No!” He said quickly, palm pressed against the stone floor so hard it turned white. “Stay… away… from me… Yuuki.”

“Kaname Onii-sama.” She said quietly. She moved closer regardless.

“No… Yuuki. I’ll… hurt you.” He ground out clenching his teeth together tightly. Anything to distract him. “Yuuki… please!” he was begging now.

“It’s cold…” She tired. And with that he removed his face from his arm and stared at her, fangs bared and glinting in the light of the fire. His eyes deep red with bloodlust. Now she understood. “Onii-sama… needs blood.”

“D-don’t…” She didn’t listen to him and held him gently. He held her back, just as tight and buried his face in her neck. She half expected him to bite her, but he just stayed and she felt the wet tears staining her shirt. “I’m so sorry, Yuuki!”

Shouldn’t she be the one crying? Instead it was him, shaking as he cried into her shoulder and she held him, unsure of what else to do, because she knew he wouldn’t stop crying until he was finished, but it made her heart ache to see him this way.

It seemed like hours had passed. When she woke up she found she was still in her Onii-sama’s arms. He was still asleep and had draped his coat over both of them. She didn’t mind. She just gripped his shirt tighter and closed her eyes, though she didn’t remember falling asleep. Right now she was safe.

That was when she heard something behind her. A set of footsteps. She tugged on Kaname’s shirt quickly, but he didn’t wake up. Now she was worried. The footsteps were getting closer.

She tugged his shirt tighter, trying to do anything to wake him up, but her Onii-sama’s breathing didn’t sound normal. Too shallow and short. She didn’t know if he would wake up for anything.

“Onii-sama… wake up…” She shook him and that was when she felt the presence right behind her. So she froze in fear. Not for herself, but for Kaname. She watched his lips turn up in a smile.

“It’s alright, Yuuki. Don’t be afraid,” She was shocked to hear his voice. He smiled and slid his arm around her back, pulling her firmly into his chest. “Ichijo… you’re late.”

“So sorry, Kaname!” The laughing voice replied. “I know I am terribly late, but forgive me. I brought a few things with that should help you survive and I made sure I wasn’t followed. Not even my Grandfather knows I’m here.”

“Thank you… Ichijo.” Even though his voice was strong, Yuuki felt him shudder slightly. He wasn’t well.

“Kaname… are you… alright? I smelled the blood from outside.”

With that Kaname quickly sat up. If Ichijo could smell it… certainly Rido could. He moved to get up, bout found Yuuki still clinging to his shirt.

“Yuuki… let go. I have to go away for a little bit, but I’ll be back.” He said quietly, then his gaze was back on Ichijo. “Watch her until I come back?”

“Of course! Anything for you Lord Kuran.” Ichijo replied, still grinning. He took a seat as the Pureblood disappeared and then he smiled at Yuuki, who was hiding her face behind the coat left behind as a blanket to keep her warm. “Yuuki, huh? Kaname told me about you recently. Nothing, but the highest praise as you can imagine.”

She stared up at the young vampire in front of her then. He seemed friendly enough. He was certainly nice, yet… talkative. In fact… he was still going on about things she wasn’t paying attention to.

“Why did Onii-sama leave?” She asked suddenly. Interrupting Ichijo’s talk of tea.

“Ohh… don’t worry about that. He’ll be back in no time. He just had to get cleaned up. Aside from that… I even brought some warm blankets for the two of you.”


Hours passed and the wind picked up outside, Yuuki was worrying for Kaname. Why hadn’t he returned yet? She hoped they hadn’t caught him.
That was when a dark figure approached and when it got closer…

“Onii-sama!” She cried and ran into his arms. He was cold as ice when she hugged him and Ichijo quickly threw a blanket around his friend’s shoulders.

“Are you alright, Kaname?” He asked and the Pureblood nodded. “Right. I’ll go and come back with more supplies when you give the signal.”

“Thank you, Ichijo,” Kaname acknowledged and pulled Yuuki into his arms and he kneeled to be on level with her. The Nobel nodded and pulled the hood of his parka up, before departing. “Yuuki, how are you? Do you need anything?”

“Fine, Kaname Onii-sama.” She struggled out of his grip (easily, because how weak he was) and took his face in her hands. “Onii-sama, is sick.”
He gasped. Sometimes it amazed him how smart she really was, but he wished she didn’t know this. He didn’t want her to worry.

“Yuuki… Onii-sama will be just fine. What Yuuki needs to do is go to bed. Okay?”


“No, buts. Go to bed.”


Yuuki woke up to the strong scent of blood and when she carefully looked up from under the blankets she saw Kaname struggling with his injured shoulder.
It should have healed by now. So she knew that he needed blood or (as their parents said when Kaname didn‘t want to drink blood) bad things would happen.

She never really understood why he didn’t want blood, but that was just the way he was. With his coat and shirt removed she could see just how bad the injury really was.
It worried her even more, that was when he gasped in pain as he struggled to pull a bandaged around the other shoulder.

Without even thinking she quickly jumped up to help him. His eyes widened when he realized Yuuki was awake.

“Yuuki! I told you to go to bed. You need your rest,” He scolded, but she shook her head, tears building in her eyes.

“Let me help, Onii-sama.” She asked and he let his shoulders slump. He couldn’t do it himself and he certainly couldn’t take yelling at her again.

She took the end of the bandages and pulled it around, wrapping the shoulder neatly in pure white. Far better then he ever would have managed with one hand.

“Okay, Yuuki. Now go to bed.” He easily lifted her into her lap and pulled the blanket up around the two of them, but she struggled against him.

“But, you need blood. Okaa-sama and Otou-sama said so! Omf!” She made a noise when he pulled her into his chest again to silence her.

“I know, but there is none here,” Kaname said quietly.

“I have blood, Onii-sama!”

“No, Yuuki!” He said quickly. He wouldn’t. Not now, not ever.

“Okaa-sama and Otou-sama drink each other’s blood all the time though.” She was confused at his sudden blush as he looked away.

“Ahh… Yuuki… when did you see that?” He shook his head. “Never mind… just. No. I can’t. I would hurt you.”


“Hush! Sleep now. No more talking.”

He had finally managed to stop her persistence, but she still pouted and sulked that he refused. He knew that he couldn’t do that. Yuuki could die and he would rather cease to exist then that.

As she rested against her Onii-sama she found something strange. Something missing. Usually he worse one of his loose fitting shirts to bed. Now he had nothing, but the bandages that were already stained a yellowish-orange.
She wished she could help.

“Onii-sama?” She asked quietly.


“Are you mad at me?” she honestly wondered if she’d upset him with what she had said. She felt and heard his sigh.

“No. I could never be mad at you, Yuuki.” He replied and she looked up at him then. He got a weird look as she took his face in her hands again, but this time she pressed a kiss against his lips. “Yuuki…”

She buried her face back into his chest in embracement, but before that he noticed the bright red color in her cheeks and he shook his head, letting his hair fall into his eyes.

“Yuuki… you shouldn’t do such things to me.”

She dared another look at him, but his hair covered most of his face and his expression from her. He leaned down, breath tickling her face and she quickly pulled away, to hide her head under his chin. Escaping whatever it was he’d planned.

He hadn’t really intended to do anything. He just wanted to see her reaction. So he chuckled in response to her shocked look as she hid. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and leaned back against the wall.

“Go to sleep, Yuuki.” He whispered a final time. She feel asleep with the sound of his heartbeat as the only lullaby she had ever really known.


Yuuki scrambled through the small living area of the basement she resided in. she giggled as she hide behind the couch from her Onii-sama.

While he searched all the wrong places on purpose so the game wouldn’t end too fast, regardless of the fact that her giggling gave her position away.

He could just hear it if someone broke in. he imagined little Yuuki like ‘Nobodies down here. We don’t have any weapons’ Oh, he could certainly hear her doing something silly and life endangering like that.
He sighed and set his hands on his hips.

“Kaname, Yuuki.” Juri said, coming into the room with a tray. Dinner. When she saw her ‘son’ she had to look away. “Kaname… why do you do this to yourself?”

“I’m sorry.” He told her, looking away.

“You think I don’t understand, but I do. I know what happened in your past,” She set the tray in the middle of the coffee table. “All you have to do is come to Haruka or I.”

“I can’t.”

“Kaname,” The voice was that of their Otou-sama. “please, try to understand… I don’t want anything to happen to you or Yuuki. You don’t seem to realize how much it hurts for your Okaa-sama to see you this way.”

“I do realize that,” Kaname admitted. He couldn’t look at them now and see their disappointment in him. They said they understood, but they didn’t. no one did and no one ever would.

“No. You don’t. Yuuki needs you Kaname. You have to start drinking blood or very bad things will happen.
I don’t think that I can take finding you passed out again because you refuse to take care of yourself!” Behind the couch Yuuki gasped and peaked around the side. She had never heard her Otou-sama yell before. “Look, Kaname… you need to accept what you are. We all have.”

“Haruka?” Juri asked suddenly as her husband set a hand on their ‘son’s’ shoulder and led him out of the room.

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to get him to drink something. We’ll be back in a little bit.” Haruka as he left the room, shutting the door softly behind them.

That was when Juri sighed to herself and sat down on the couch, wiping the tears away. It killed her to see the poor boy the way he was. She couldn’t understand why he didn’t accept that he was a vampire and that he needed blood to survive.

“Okaa-sama…” Yuuki’s voice came from behind and she quickly wiped away all the remaining tears.

“Yes, Yuuki?” Juri asked her daughter, who came around to crawl up onto the seat besides her.

“What are you crying? Is Onii-sama, okay?” She had to smile at her daughter’s questioning. Only she would find someway to make her smile.

“Your Onii-sama is just fine, Yuuki. He just needs to take better care of himself.” Both of the two froze momentarily when the smell of blood filled the room.

“Is that why Onii-sama was sleeping on the floor again?” Yuuki asked.

“Yes, Yuuki.” Juri said quietly, slipping an arm around her daughter and pulling her close. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.”

“Why doesn’t Onii-sama want to be a vampire?” Yuuki wondered and Juri looked surprised at how much smarter her daughter was then she had really thought at this young.
In all honesty she didn’t know what to tell Yuuki. How could she explain to the young girl what Kaname was… What he had been through…


Yuuki woke up from her dream. Half expecting to be back at him and in her own bed, but instead reality was cold. And while she didn’t have her parents at least she still had her Onii-sama with her. In actuality she was never really cold when she had her Onii-sama. He always kept her warm.

She hesitated then and realized he was awake. She wondered why and glanced up towards his eyes hidden under his thick hair. She reached her hand up to his cheek and he leaned into the touch.

“Onii-sama?” She asked quietly. “Onii-sama… what’s wrong?”

His only answer was to slip his arms around her and pull her tightly against his chest, with his face buried in her shoulder. He inhaled deeply and she felt his fangs graze her shoulder, but he didn’t bite. He just rested there.

“You’re not safe with me, Yuuki.” He whispered and she tangled her fingers in his hair, holding him close. What did this mean? “I can’t protect you. I’m going to send you somewhere safe. Away from me.”

“Onii-sama! No! I want to be with you!” She held onto him tighter and his grip around her tightened as well.

“I’m so sorry, but I can’t protect you. I can’t ever protect myself. You have to go somewhere safe. Somewhere where Uncle can’t find you.”

“What about you… Onii-sama?” She didn’t receive a response from him.

“I love you very much, Yuuki.” He stood up, pulling the blanket tighter around her.

“What do you mean, Kaname Onii-sama? I’m scared… don’t go away, please! I don’t want to be alone.” She struggled against him, but it was useless. “Onii-sama!”

“You’ll never be alone, Yuuki.” He assured. “Ichijo is someone I trust. He’ll take care of you. He’ll take you where you need to go.”

What was she to think? She didn’t want to leave him. She needed him. Without her Onii-sama she wasn’t safe. She was afraid without him.
In her struggling she knocked his injured shoulder and he winced, slowing down slightly.

“Onii-sama… why are you leaving me?” She asked, defeated. Finally giving up in her struggles. He stopped then and sighed.

“It isn’t that I’m leaving you, Yuuki. I just want you to be safe.”

“I am safe with you.”

He sighed and was about to speak, but he quickly jumped back. In order to see what’d just happened she looked to find the arrow in the wall. Uh-oh.
He set her down and stepped in front of her. This was a Hunter’s arrow. One hit on Yuuki and she could be killed.

“Yuuki… run away.” He stated calmly, but she hugged his arm.

“No!” Suddenly he pushed her back as he was tackled by a hunter. Yuuki knew that in his weakened state he couldn’t fight back. Several other hunters entered quickly after the first and one of the men grabbed her.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe from that vampire now.” The man said and she wondered if he was insane. She found she was frozen with fear as Kaname threw the man off him and struggled against him, but another hunter helped his friend and they won out.

When they slammed him into the clod stone floor she whimpered.

“Onii-sama!” As soon as the words left her mouth all the hunters looked at her shocked.

“Did she just… call him… Onii-sama?” One of the hunters asked

“What should we do now?” Another asked.

“Take them both to the organization!” Their leader ordered.



Dun, dun duunn! Well… that was fun. Let me know if I should continue. Thanks for reading and God Bless you.
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