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It was hard to believe that we’d been here for almost a month now. It had easily been the best month of my life. We’d made the best of what some people might call ‘a bad situation’. The small, narrow corridor was now a huge, moonlit walkway. Stars glistened in the deep, blue night sky above it. It felt as if I were really outside, I could even feel a cool, autumn breeze. There were tall beech trees with red and orange leaves hanging delicately off twisted branches. A lot of the leaves had fallen to coat the walkway in a crispy blanket. I shivered as I shuffled along it, leaves crunching under my boots. I turned to my left to admire a beautifully crafted, dimly lit street lamp. It was a gleaming bronze. I played with my yellow scarf in my thin fingers and carefully adjusted my flat cap so I could see further. I grinned mischievously as I noticed the small, wooden door behind it. “Brendon...” I muttered to myself. He’d made me another ‘surprise’. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.
In the short amount of time we’d been here, new doors had been hidden all over the walkway, each one holding a place more perfectly sculpted than the last. My heart was raging with excitement as I slowly opened the door. I closed my eyes, almost trying to make the moment more special when I re-opened them. I felt a warm breeze flutter across my skin; I smiled as I breathed in the scent of fresh, sweet smelling air. I was just about to open my eyes, when I felt a hand covering them. My smile widened, “Brendon?” I asked. It was stupid to ask, I knew it was him, but it just felt more exciting to ask. Brendon placed his finger to my lips, attempting to silence me. I licked it playfully as he squirmed and wiped it on the side of my face. We both giggled joyfully, feeling complete in each other’s presence.
“Are you ready?” He whispered in my ear, it sent an electric tingle down my spine.
“I’m always ready,” I told him. He slowly raised his hand from my eyes and I let my eyelids flutter open. I blinked repeatedly, stepping back, taking in the marvellous sight before me. Brendon wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, squeezing me tightly.
“Do you like it?” He asked me, knowing the answer already from my reaction. Before me lay a picturesque, perfect paradise. The first thing I noticed was the crooked, huge cherry blossom tree towering in the middle of a field of bright green grass. Carved obviously into its trunk, was the words ‘R.I.P Riley’, I gasped as I remembered his bravery. The pinky-white petals were dotted around the grass, adding a subtle pink touch to the scene. Sunlight danced through the trees jotting branches, leaving golden slivers in the grass, reflecting off a small, trickling stream. Clear, crisp water ran over an array of purple and gold pebbles. It circled around the tree, leaving a perfect place in the middle for us to sit in between two beds of white roses.
“Brendon, it’s amazing!” I told him, trying to hold back tears. I turned around and wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders.
We made our way over to the tree and lay on our backs, looking up at the sunlight stained branches above us. I felt around in the soft grass for his hand. When I felt his smooth skin, it felt as though something inside me had just awakened. It was as if an electric current flowed perfectly through us every time we touched. He held my hand loosely in his. “You’ve made this so perfect Brendon,” I said, still staring up into the sunlit branches. “I wish I could make you things.”
“You do make me things...” Brendon told me, I looked over at him. A confused expression painted onto my face.
“W-what?” I stuttered,
“You make me happy.” He replied simply. It was strange how the simplest of things that he would say would be the very things to take my breath away. Once again he’d managed to stun me with his perfection. He could make me go weak at the knees just by saying one sentence. Good thing I wasn’t standing up.
“Why do you have to be so perfect?” I asked him. He just smiled; he rolled over so his face was only inches away from my own. Then he softly pressed his lips against mine. I got butterflies and my heart started to race as we kissed softly for a few seconds. There was still the same spark that there was the first time we’d kissed that night in the garden. “Everything I say or do now is because if you,” he grinned as his lips left mine. “So if I’m perfect, it’s only because you are.” I grinned like an idiot, unable to control my expressions as I felt myself a flushing a crimson red.
“I don’t deserve you,” I sighed as I sat up, leaning my back against the trunk of the tree. Brendon shot up, immediately crawling over to me. He sat, his body on top of mine, gazing deep into my eyes. I tried to wriggle free, but he wasn’t letting me go.
“If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even be alive.” He smiled; somehow he still smiled as vivid memories plunged into his mind of when he almost killed himself. “I was ready to take my own life when I thought I’d never be with you. You are my everything; don’t ever say that you don’t deserve me Ryan Ross.”
Our eyes never broke contact as I stared at his perfectly sculpted face. His hair was neatly combed to the sides; he was wearing a white shirt and a bow-tie. It was obvious he’d gone to some effort to look good today, but he didn’t even need to, he always looked perfect. “You’re just so perfect...” I sighed, kissing him softly again. “And beautiful...” again I kissed him. “And amazing...” I kept throwing in compliments between my kisses. “And kind... and special... and sexy...” Brendon pulled away and raised an eyebrow into his familiar devilish look.
“Sexy?” he purred,
“Well... ummm... yeah of course you are,” I stuttered, blushing again.
“You’re so cute when you blush like that,” Brendon smirked, his face still fixed into a devilish expression. It was one of his sexiest looks in my opinion. “It just makes me want to...” before he could even finish his sentence he was on me. The force of him caused me to slip down onto my back whilst he kissed down my chest. I could tell he was feeling a bit frisky now as he moved my shirt up slightly with his teeth and began planting kisses on my stomach.
The sensation felt so warm and relaxing, I let myself tingle underneath him. He began to un-button my shirt, and I didn’t fight it. I just let him slowly strip off my shirt and kiss my chest. “Mmmmhh... Brendon, stop it, you’re really turning me on...” I moaned.
“Good,” He breathed, the sensation of his warm breath on my skin made me shiver. He had managed to seduce me like this so many times before. Whatever mood I was in, no matter how tired I was, somehow he’d always make me want him. This time though, I wanted him to want me. I always played the ‘innocent’ one. I was always being seduced and overpowered, but I’d never overpowered Brendon.
He was still exploring my chest with his soft lips. Suddenly, I rolled over. He shot a confused look at me. I watched the sunlight glitter in his eyes as I grinned cheekily at him. “You want me?” I teased,
“Yes!” He blurted out with no hesitation. I could see his eyes were filled with desire.
“Well then you’re going to have to catch me...” I smirked, and without warning, I dashed off behind the tree.
“Hey! Where are you going?” Brendon yelled, shooting up dizzily to run after me. To my surprise, the area behind the tree was filled with long grass. It was about up to my waist, I struggled to wade through it. I could see Brendon coming after me, I giggled as I ran through the long grass, and it brushed the bottom of my chest, giving me an angelic stroking feeling. I ran as fast as I could through the field, the sun beating down on my body, warming up every inch of me until I felt baked. As its golden glow beamed down on me, I could feel its beauty radiating from me. Every part of every place I would ever be in now ‘was’ Brendon, and I could feel his presence in all of it.
I landed with a thump on the floor as Brendon took me down. We both lay panting, the long grass hiding the rest of the world from us. It was just us two, and it always would be. “I love you Ryan.” Brendon breathed,
“I love you too Brendon.” I smiled. I took him into my arms as he ran his hands along my bare chest. He grinned shyly as he could feel my heartbeat going out of control. I stared right into his chocolate eyes as he stared back into mine. Every nerve in my body began to tingle with excitement and happiness as I held my whole world in my embrace. We both breathed heavily as I lifted myself to sit on top of him. He gazed up at me in awe as I stared down at his beauty. To make love now would be amazing, but first I just wanted to take in every morsel of his perfection.
It was hard to believe that we’d been here almost a month now. It had easily been the best month of my life. And moments like this continuously reminded me why. People would say being stuck underground was ‘a bad situation’, but I would say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Just one look at Brendon would show me why I would never want to go home. Sometimes, life’s a bitch, but I say, make it ‘your’ bitch. We may be stuck here, but we have more then any normal couple could ever dream of. And as the sun began to set on this perfect scene and the sky began to turn a gorgeous candyfloss pink, we both smiled at each other, because we both knew, that this was only one of the many perfect moments we had to look forward to in the future.
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