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My Favourite Bromance

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A catalogue poem dedicated to my two favourite musicians.

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(A/N I wrote this catalogue poem for poetry class in February-March? and wanted to know what the people of ficwad thought of it. Yes, it's about John Lennon and Paul McCartney's relationship/friendship/partnership/whatevership you'd like to call it. Hope you enjoy the piece!)

My Favourite Bromance

Two boys meet at a church.

Along with their hands to shake, they bring their guitars, smirks, tuning skills, Buddy Holly glasses, deaths, tape recorders, Elvis, shoulders to cry on, a flaming pie, rock 'n roll in Hamburg, and a friendship to each others' houses.

Two companions make music together.

After working in the basement, they acquire a record deal, fans, drugs with Dylan, mustaches, Granny glasses, apples, lovers, business, suits and ties, creativity, and thoughts of each other into recording studios, concerts, the Bahamas, submarines, streets, and rooftops.

Two men quarrel over who gets the money.

After they have it out, they bring an affair, jealously, break-ups and make-ups, weddings, babies, photography, religion, no religion too, drinking, separation, sunglasses, dreamers, Wings, nursery rhymes, phone calls, baked bread, family on the run, Christmas, real love, and a friendship rekindled across the Atlantic.
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