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Part 3

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Perspectives from the main characters of "Van Helsing" during the Masquerade Ball at Dracula┬┤s Castle. Slash implied. Various pairings. Drabble

Category: Van Helsing - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Aleera, Anna Valerious, Carl, Dracula, Van Helsing - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2005-05-23 - Updated: 2005-05-23 - 153 words

Chapters: Drabble, 3/?
Pairing: Van Helsing/Dracula, somehow
POV: Dracula´s feelings during the Masquerade Ball
Disclaimer: Nothing in this drabble is mine, except maybe the tiny plot-line I made up. This fiction was written only for entertainment purposes, no money is being made.

Heavy lidded, the girl followed my every command.
It had been easy to gain control over her mind and even simpler to awake her body´s full attention.

We perfectly merged with the dancing crowd that were my children.

The naïve Princess Girl did not notice my occasional glance towards the Ballroom´s entrance.
Waiting, anticipating...

Ah, HE just joined my little festivity. His little friar-friend kept hiding behind Van Helsing´s broad back.
But it was Gabriel who had my full attention.

Just when he spotted us, I let my tongue play over the Princess´ throat, flashing a hint of a fang intentionally.

I could hear him growl...
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