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One Shot, Party Tme!!

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First story I had posted on my old ficwad account. One shot, very short, basically a pointless scene of Frankie's drunken cuteness n.n

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Hey my bitches!! This is just a random one-shot to get over my writers block for Teenage Romance, A love story. (If anyone here has read that, PLEASE REVIEW WITH SOME MORE IDEAS!!!) =P I think the inspiration for this story came from last night, i went to a party and got SO Pissed it wasn't even funny (tho i didn't do anything in this story as i can remember, lol) ^^ and as much as my head feels like its going to explode, i am still nice enough to get out of bed to my computer and write you all this, so hope you at least like it ^^
Well me - a - go now so peace out my loyal bitches!!!

xx Ree

The My Chem guys are all at a party, they are all teenagers and its a Saturday night. And

Frank is pissed outta his mind ^^

Frank: "WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Ray: "Dude get down from there!!!"

Ray grabs Frank round the waist and pulls him off the tv

Frank: turns to Ray "Awwwww but I'm the queen!!! Of the tee vee!!!"

Frank sees Mikey sitting at a table reading, looking quite peaceful. He attempts to run over

to him but Gerard puts his foot out and trips him up.

Frank: "OWW!!"

Frank Looks up at Gerard and giggles loudly

Frank: "You tripped me!! You Bitch!!"

Frank laughs and grabs Gerard's ankle, pulling it up from under him and tripping Gerard over as well.

Gerard grimaces and clutches his head, then looks offended at Frank, his face a mere few

inches from his.

Gerard: "You homo!! You complete and utter Homo!!"

Frank: "I'M not a homo. YOU'RE a homo"

Frank laughs loudly

Frank: "Gee is a HO-MO-SEXUAL!!!"

Frank laughs again.

Mikey looks up from his book at this point to see Gerard and Frank lying on the floor

laughing, and shaking his head, the faintest trace of a smile on his face, goes back to his


Gerard: "Fraaaaaaaaaank?"

Gerard is whispering, and Frank giggles and whispers back loudly.

Frank: "Yeah Gee??"

Gerard: "YOU'RE IT!!!!"

Gerard then hits Frank and jumps up, running away laughing through he crowd of people.

Frank: "BITCH!!"

Frank laughs, getting up and trying to run, but falling over straight away. He lays laughing

on the ground for a minute, Ray looks down at him shaking his head. Ray ignored him and went to

see Mikey.

Frank laughs and gets up, and, staggering a fair bit, stumbles around the house grinning,

holding anything he could reach to hold himself up properly so he could look for Gerard.

Frank: "Gerrrraaaaaaaarrd??"

Frank whispers somewhat loudly, wandering into what appeared to be Gerard and Mikey's

parent's bedroom.

Frank hears a loud giggle coming from the closet and goes to open it, finding Gerard crouched

up in in, and Gerard then burst into a fit of laughter. Frank grinned,

Frank:"Haha I found you!! So you know what you gotta do now??"

Gerard stops laughing and looks up at Frank, still grinning madly.

Gerard: "What Frankie??"

Frank grins

Frank: "Well now you gotta. ."

Frank had started saying, but was interrupted by Bob crashing into the room, he had obviously

head butted the door and was now lying on the ground holding his head and laughing.

Bob: "Hey duuuuuuuuuuuuuudes!! What you up to? Not making out I hope?"

Frank: "Haha I wish."

Gerard looks at Frank weirdly, and Bob bursts out laughing.

Bob: "Haha yeah that's normal. Really. I'll just leave you two to it then. Just thought I'd

make an appearance. It does say my name in the character list, you know. Haha tutu!!"

Bob laughed, dancing out the room like a ballerina, closing the door behind him. Gerard

laughs, and the two look at each other, rather baffled.

Gerard: "What the heck was he talking about?"

Frank: "I'unno, t'much fan fiction."

c: c;

Gerard: "He sure is is an oddball, that Bob."

Frank: "Sooooooooooooooo is,"

Frank says rather loudly, nodding his head in agreement, Then grins at Gerard.

Gerard: "Frank why are you looking at me like that?"

Frank looks at Gerard, looks away, then looks at him again and laughs.

Gerard: "What? What is it Frankie?"

Frank: "Well, I think I'm gay,"

Frank giggles.

Gerard, suddenly uncomfortable at sitting so close to him, looks at him a bit confused.

Gerard: "And what makes you think that, Frank?"

Frank: "Well, were in a closet, and i'm assuming were both about to come out."

Gerard grins and lets out a sigh of relief

Gerard: "That was like, the lamest joke ever. You had me going there for a minute."

Frank: "But You come out first, Gee."

Gerard: "No way am i coming out of the closet first dude, I was here first. So you leave.

Then I'll come."

Frank: "Thats not the way it works!! You gotta go. I mean come. Out. Haha cum!!"

Frank giggles, then pulls a serious face.

Frank: "Now get out Gee, or I'll make you."

Gerard: "What? how? with your amazing strength?"

He laughs at the absurdity of the idea, as frank is only 4'9 and VERY skinny.

Frank: Hmmm. . I guess not. But i could always creep you out, then you'd go.

Frank smiles, leaning closer to Gerard. Frank smiles when Gerard doesn't respond, or shift

away, and leans in and kisses him on the lips. Gerard momentarily stiffens, then kisses him

back for a minute before suddenly pulling away.

Gerard looks Somewhat Shocked with himself.

Gerard: W-what I. . F-Frank, your. . uh. .

Gerard loses his train of thought for a moment

Gerard: Y-Your drunk, really drunk. We need to get you home.

Frank: Home, Okay yay home!!

Frank giggles loudly as Gerard puts his arms around his waist, pulling him up.

After calling out bye to the guys, Gerard guides a staggering Frank out to his car.

Frank giggles and leans his head on Gerard's shoulder

Frank: "Gee-gee?"

Gerard: "Yes Frankie what is it?"

Frank smiles, and closes his eyes

Frank "Looks like we both came out of the closet together.

Tee-hee a bit random, I know but hey what else is there to do all Sunday? Its not as good as i thought it might be, but hey it IS a hangover story. And Its weird it wasn't supposed to be Frerard, why does that always seem to happen with my stories? =/ Oh well i'm not complaining, i hope you likeys it!! ^^
I Love you all, my sick little homos!!!

xx Ree
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