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You Can't Blame Me For Hating This

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles fanfic. Josie is one of a kind, and her blood is perpetually hunted by all vampires. But what happens when she goes on the offense in order to kill her worst enemy, he...

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They wanted her more than any human in the world. Why? Why her?

See, she was one and only. The only member of her race. She was a halfblood. Half vampire, half human. Her father, an infamous blood sucker, responsible for thousands of deaths. Her mother, a beautiful woman who sold herself to men for their pleasure. A whore.

Of course, her mother was gone. But her father... he was still roaming. A dangerous criminal, never to be caught. He was powerful. He was respected.

She wanted him dead.

Of course, it was nearly impossible to kill the most powerful vampire in the mystical world. Josie wasn't willing to beleive that.

It was hard, being hunted her whole life. But she was really stuck when the foster family she was hiding behind was killed. Every one of them. Even the children.

She was forced to roam on her own. She became a very talented slayer. Self taught. Perhaps having the genes of a vampire was a... helpful trait.

But soon, the sleepless nights began to take their toll on the young girl. She got weaker as the days waned on. She couldn't fight her attackers off anymore. She was losing her drive. Her passion. She was finally overcome and attacked by a lone vampiress. Left for dead.

She would have died, if it weren't for them.

They called themselves hunters. Patrick, Andy, and Joe, the humans. And Pete. He was one of /them/. A vampire.

She awoke, at first, in a closed off room. It was totally dark, besides the dim flickering light in the corner ot the room. She rolled, falling right off the small mattress in the very center of the room. Her clothes were gone. Just her blood soaked sports bra and her black underwear.

She stood, startled, and clutched her head. It was pounding, throbbing. Her skin was pale. Paler than usual.

"Who's there? Someone? Anyone? Get me out of here!" She scanned her violet eyes around the room, but as her search for a way out began to fail, her vision became blurred and tears began to roll down her rosy cheeks.

Just then, a crack of yellow light appeared in the black wall. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes, pressing herself to the blindspot behind the door. A man with blond hair slid inside. When the door was completely open, she jumped on the mans back, knocking him to the ground. She sraddled him while he was on his stomach, pushing his head to the cold floor. Knocking him out.

She made a run for it. But when she got outside the door, there was a dark haired boy. He looked younger than the other man. He had an eveil grin on his face as he eyed me. He bared his fangs and hissed.

"Who are you? Where am I? Why did you bring me here?" Josie questioned. When she saw the unfailing hostility in his eyes, ran for the door. Pete stopped her, pushing her against the wall.

"You aren't going anywhere, because see, we need you. We need you as bait."

"What bait? Why me?" She begged to know, teary eyed.

He lifted her wrist to his nose. "Because... you're delicious. Your blood... its almost irresistable." He whispered. Almost like a purr, as he let her struggling wrist go and pressed him nose into the crook of her neck. She let out a cry of fear, and let all the tears that had been welling up escape her eyes. All she could do was try to squirm her way out. But she was weak. She couldn't escape. But he backed away. He backed away, and hissed at her. His red eyes explored every inch of her form before he stalked away.

And Josie, eshausted and scared, sank against the wall, overcome by sobs.

"My name is Patrick, and I'm a hunter. Is there anything I can get you?" His voice broke through her hysteric crying, and his hand was the first thing she saw when as he opened my eyes.

"Help." She said. "I need help."
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