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Chapter six

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Simone seems to believe that there's more to Gerard than she thought. Distended to find out, she goes to Mikey. Will she find out the truth or will it remain secret.

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Mikey, what happened to Gerard?
Mikey: Lyn-Z.
Who was Lyn-Z? I asked.
But before he could tell me, Gerard walked through the door, along with Frank, and Ray.
Shit. I mummbled under my breath.
Turning to face him, I put on a smile.
Gerard: Hey. He said as he gave me a quick hug.
Gerard : So what have you guys been up too? He said as he tossed the bag and headed for the kitchen.
Not much. I replied.
Chatting with Mikey and that's about it. I said as I leaned against the counter, along with Gerard who was sitting on top.
With a cigarette in his mouth, he lit it and all the smoke filled the kitchen.
Coughing slightly, he opened a window.
Gerard: Sorry about that.
It's alright.
Yeah, but you know, you really shouldn't smoke these. I said as I reached for the cigarette.
After running some water over it, I threw it away.
Gerard: I know.
Gerard: But you know what they say, once you start, it's hard to quit.
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