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Let's Play A Game

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Frerard smut time ^.^ R&&R

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Frank is 4, Gerard is 6

"Geeeee" Frank crowed as he bounded up the stairs and bounced in the door of Gerards room ,dragging an overflowing carrier bag behind him."Hey Frankie" Gerard beamed falling off the bed in his haste to greet his best friend. He hugged his friend tightly. " What's on the bag" Gerard asked curiously craning his neck in an attempt to see. "It's a surprise" Frank said mysteriously "Were gonna play Doctors" He announced proudly "I dunno Frankie.. " Gerard mused. "Sssh now your the patient and I'm the doctor" He pushed Gerard down on to the bed and pressed the back of his hand against Gerards forehead , He gasped dramatically "Oh noo your tempamature is very hot, I'll go get ices" And with that he jumped from the bed and dashed off.

Gerard giggled as he heard bangs coming from kitchen . He had a brilliant idea , He would play dead when Frank came back . He heard Frank clattering back up the hall . He lay back down on the bed with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Frank ran back into the room, his hands full of ice- cubes. He clambered back up on the bed "Now Mr Gwerard this won't - Gee?" Frank noticed his friend wasn't moving "I'm too late" he cried flinging the ice cubes across the room . He started to sob " Gwerard don't be dead I'm sorry come back pwease " Tears rolled down the younger boys face. Suddenly Gerard popped up "Gotchca" He screeched. " You meanie Gwerard Way" he huffed whacking Gerard with a pillow . He hopped off the bed "I'm never playing Doctors with you again " And with that he stuck his nose in the air and stalked out of the room

20 Years Later
Frank burst in the front door "Honey I'm home " he called. No sign of his boyfriend. He checked the kitchen, sitting room, No Gerard. He climbed up the stairs and opened the door of their room. Gerard was lying on the bed propped up on his elbow ,wearing nothing but a stethoscope and a cheeky grin " I know you said you'd never play Doctors with me again Frankie but does this change your mind" He purred ,walking across the room towards Frank, swaying his hips as he went. "Now Mr Iero , I'll need to conduct a full body examination before I make my my diagnostic " he whispered into Frank ear as he slid off Franks checked shirt. He pressed his lips to the hollow of Franks neck . He ran his nails lightly down Franks tattooed chest sending a shiver down the younger mans back.

He swiftly removed Franks grey skinnies and his boxers. He dropped to his knees in front of him , running his hands down to massage his balls . Gerard took Franks length in his mouth sucking hard. Frank grabbed onto Gerards head holding his head in place.He groaned loudly as Gerard swirled his tongue around Franks tip.With a lusty moan he shot his load down Gerards throat.Gerard swallowed it in one go and stood up wrapping his arms tightly around Franks waist, pulling him into a deep passionate kiss . He guided Frank to the bed pushing him down and straddling him.

He lined up against Franks entrance " Now I promise this won't hurt a bit Mr Iero "he smirked. Without warning ,he thrust deep into younger man hitting that spot that made Frank moan Gerards name loudly. He slammed into Frank again and again , planting wild kisses across his broad shoulders and up and down his arms and back . Frank panted as Gerard pushed him over the edge and he came , breathing heavily. Gerard nuzzled against the tattooed mans neck "Well Mr Iero I'm afraid I've to diagnose you with being too goddamn sexy for your own good" he sighed as if it broke his heart to deliver the news " I'm afraid you'll have to stay bed-ridden for the rest of the day, I assume you have someone to assist to your needs " He questioned innocently nibbling on Franks earlobe " I know just the guy " Frank replied, " You know, you've gotten alot better at this game " He smirked twisting around to press his lips to Gerards. " What do you mean I was always good at it " he huffed Frank just laughed at him . Gerard took offence " I'm never playing this game with you again " he stated sticking his nose in the air and marching from the room.Something's never change

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