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Just a short H/HR drabble I did for my friend Tina cause she was feeling down, it's pure fluff. Note: It's after the war, when they are older.

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Hermione smiled brightly looking at the photograph, it was of her and Harry at their wedding. Oh how much had happened since she was the 19 year old bride, Voldemort was gone, but not forgotten, most of the death eaters had died by now, either of old age or Azkaban, and she had two daughters and a son.

'There you are Mione,' Harry walked over to her, he had changed a bit, a scar or two extra then his lightning bolt trademark, his hair was messy as ever and his figure had filled out a little, but he was still on the lean side, she liked that. He watched her gently rubbing her thumb on the photograph's edge, her slightly more tamed ringlets of chocolate hues falling about her face and she moved closer to him, (he had sat down next to her, like he always did, he hated to be apart from her.) and rested her head on his shoulder.

'It seems more then ten years ago. So much happened back then, and has since then...' she said softly, her voice drifting off in a sad and thoughtful tone. He ran her curls through his fingers for a moment, thinking himself.

'One important thing is still here though, Hermione.' He said smiling at her and kissing the top of her head lovingly. 'I still love you, with all my heart. I always will.'

She smiled faintly, though he didn't see, she had known for more then the 12 years they had been together that he loved her. 'I know Harry, I know... I love you too.'

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