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Chapter One: "GET OUTTA HERE!!!"

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First chapter :3

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Chapter One: "GET OUTTA HERE!!"

Don't go around looking for love. Do not find love, just let love find you. That is why it is called falling in love because you do not force yourself to fall, you just happen to fall. You will see, I can not say that love is around the corner, but I can say it'll come to you when you least expect it.


- Mizuki

"THAT IS IT!!! GET YOUR ASS OUTTA HERE!!!!!!" the tall red faced man howled. I shrank back with a nervous smile splattered out on my face and took a small step back. "Bu-but sir, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-" The tall man cut me off by screaming; "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!!" I grimaced at his loud voice and covered my ears with both of my hands jumpin' backwards.

"Uh, so I just havf'ta get out of your kitchen, not the resturant? So can I like.. Maybe sit at a table and wait for you to calm down?" I smiled nerouvsly, giggling to try to make the atmosphere a little less... Well scary.

I totally pushed my luck!

"OUUUUUUT!!!!" he screamed so loud that my ears popped, I wondered for a second if his own ears hurt and if he was going to lose his voice, but I had no more time to wonder 'cuz he grabbed me by the collar, kicked the back door open and threw me across the other street.

Stunned, I landed on my butt, and started shaking a bit from shock. Jesh! This guy was defiatnly the Hulk in disguise!! "AND NEVER COME BACK YOU LIL SHE-DEVIL!!!" With that the large man slammed the door shut, causing it to shake a bit on it's hinges.

I jumped to my feet and ran across the street, ignoring the few people who had gathered to watch the small(SMALL?!?!?!) scence, and started slamming my fists on the metal door until my hands went numb. "Please let me in, sir!!! I'm sorry I ruined your chicken soup and sorta exploded the kitchen!! Really I am!! Please forgive me!! I'm also horribly sorry that I broke all those dishes!! And and and and- LET ME IN! I NEED THIS JOB!! PLEASE!! IT IS AGAINST MY BELIEFS TO BEG BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO!!!" I slowly fell to my knees, still bangin' on the door, a thought crossed my mind then.

'I can use my alchemy to get in! Erk, but then what?! Threaten the guy to give me my job back!?! I can't do that!! I already got tasered once, and I AM NOT going through THAT again! The landlord is totally gonna kick me out!! BLAH! WHATEVER! I CAN SLEEP IN THE STREETS!!'

"FINE! I don't need your stupid job back anyway!!" I screamed, jumping back to my feet. I mentally kicked myself for saying that, I didn't need the Chef Hulk to come back and beat me up!! Well, I was pretty good at alchemy, but I wouldn't forgive myself for hurting someone with it just because I didn't get what I want. I still went on with my rant though, my tongue had a mind of it's own. "Your food SUCKS! Yeah, you heard me old man, it SUCKS!!!!!! Your kitchen is filthy and you were a big ol' JERK!! I NEVER liked you!!!! I SPIT ON YOUR GROUND!-" I spit, "HA! SEE?! I SPIT HERE!!" I spit once more and I heard footsteps towards the door, I darted away dodging a flying pan. "CHEF PUTS HAIRS IN HIS SOUP!!! HE HAS RATS LIVING IN DISHES!! AND HIS SANDWICHES HAVE DEAD LIZARD MEAT!!!" I chanted loud enough for the town to hear, my hands cupping my mouth, I was pretending to be holding a megaphone.

'Mu ha ha ha ha!! Take that old man!!'

"ROTTEN KID!!!!" I heard him bellow. Ha the word 'bellow' reminds me of buffalos! Yea, that's what he is!! A FAAT BUFFALO!!!! I laughed hysterically.

I stopped running to catch my breath and started walking slowly still giggling non-stop. Heh, buffalo are funny looking. They're FAT! Or at least fluffy! There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with being fat!! But something about the fatness of a buffalo sounded hilarious. Pfft. Buffalo.

I let out a long sigh and put my hands behind my head casually, oh well. I lost a job... again. It was alright, I would find another job, right? There are a TON of jobs out there, I just had to find the right one! A smile played across my lips and stayed there. I move around a lot, maybe it's time to move again. This town is beautiful, but I don't fit in here. I don't really fit anywhere, and I am okay with that. I like moving around, staying in once place for too long frightened me. I didn't want to be caught. I had to keep on moving.

"~Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming~!" I sang randomly laughing loudly.I kept on singing and kept on walking.

I was going to make it, no reason to mope around for losing my job.



I was sitting up on a roof, looking down at the pathetic humans below, I was bored out of my freakin mind!! Well was.

I had seen the loud human girl and a buff human chef of some sort arguing and yelling. It honestly amused me, the girl was one strange human female. She was stubborn and a little stupid. Little? I scoffed, VERY STUPID. She had picked a fight with a human who could obvisouly beat the crap out of her, yet she didn't show signs of fear. She was probably too stupid to be afraid. When she had darted away, I decided to follow. This female was amusing and I was curious to see what her stupidity would lead to.

After a while, the girl stopped running, clutching to the side of a house wheezing and coughing. Tch, typical weak humans. I will give her some credit though, she DID run pretty damn fast. Still, couldn't she last any longer?! Out of the blue the chick started laughing hysterically, what a maniac! While she walked, I was behind her by a few yards, she kept on giggling.


She got quiet for a few mintues, and for just about a second she turned her head to the side and I was shocked, she looked so famaliar. Hmmm, maybe she was a human I had threaten at some point? Naw, she would've been dead.... So famaliar... Maybe I had killed one of her parents and she looks like one of them? That would make sense, right?

"Envy? What are you doing?" asked a voice from behind, i didn't turn around to see who it was, I knew who the voice belonged to. "Nothing." I grumbled. "Seems like something, are you following that human girl?" Lust asked, walking beside me. I snorted, not replying. What would she think if she knew I was? That I liked her? Yuck, no! The female was a lil kid, or at least looked like one with her childish behavior and her chubby cheeks. She might've been around 15, but looked to be 12 or 13, or maybe even a tall 10 year old.

"So why are you following her? Don't lie, I know you are."

"Where's Gluttony?"

"Hm? I think he was finishin' his dinner."

"Another human?"


"Hn, great."

I looked up, watching the young girl walking ahead and I could hear her sing faintly; "~Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.~"

Great, she's a dense idiot.

"Look, seems like she's going into the candy shop, let's hurry or we'll miss her." Lust pointed out, walking ahead of me. I growled in complete annoyance, "I'm not following her!" I snapped.

"Whatever." came her reply.

She was lucky she was a homunculus, very very lucky.


Yay, chapter one!!!!! :D In the next chapter, Envy and Mizuki actually meet!!! :D And talk!!! Hehehe I hope you all liked it!! Please message, so I know someone is reading :3 Envy is mean D: Oh well, I didn't want him to be ooc! If Mizuki is a Mary Sue can someone please message me that? Cuz I'm not 100% what a Mary Sue is.... ^^" Well the theme songs for this story are;

Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne

E.T. by Katy Perry

I'm sorry if you don't like these songs :(
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