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The Cursed

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Aki is just a regular school boy from a poor home. or so he thinks. I don't want to give too much away, so that's all I will say about the plot. I plan for this to be like an anime, when I see...

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"your late!" Mr. Kesuki exclaimed as Aki bust through the door. Puffing and red at the face.
"I know. Sorry sir" Aki said between pants. Aki shuffled to the back of the classroom were he found a space next to Kasumi.
"you havnt missed anything." Kasumi wispered after Aki had unpacked the stuff he would need for this math lesson.
"okay, thanks" Aki replied with a friendly smile.
Ali liked Kasumi, she was a good friend to him. Aki had many friends, but he wasn't a 'popular' person as such. The popular people were Yutaka and his people, or as Aki liked to call them, his 'clones'.
Akis best friend was Takeo. They have been best friends ever since they were about 4 years old. When Aki's parents died in a terrible accident and he had to live with his godparents, who happened to be Takeo's parents. But after living with them for just a year, Takeo's dad left.
Aki and takeo were too young to understand why when they were 5, but now that their 15 they know it was because him and Takeo's mum, Keiko, were just not happy together.
Aki, Takeo and Keiko live together as a family and Aki Is treated like blood, and thinks of his family to be the real thing, as he never really knew his parents before they died because he was too young. But Keiko still takes Aki to a small feild were Aki goes to pay respects to his parents every month, so that Aki will never forget them.
After Takeo's dad left things were very hard for them, especially Keiko, having to bring up two children by herself was hard enough, but to add to that she also had no income as Takeo's Dad was the only person who worked in the family.
When Takeo turned 8 and Aki was 7 they would go to the rice feilds and collect rice, they will eat rice almost every day as they can not afford anything else. But the boys do sell some of it to help their mother/godmother get by. It wasn't much, but they managed to survived on the little they had.

Aki's other friends were Chiyoko, Shiro and Sayuri. They all went to the same school as Aki and Takeo, thats how they got to know them.

"twenty-six!" Tomoko called from the front of the room, throwing her hand into the air in great enthusiasm.
"How the hell did she know that?!" Aki face planted the desk. "Im hopeless at math!"
"Hey, dont be stupid! Tomoko is the smartest girl i know! shes bound to know before anyone else." Kasumi placed a warm hand on Aki's shoulder and gave him a small, smile. "So dont beat yourself up about it, okay?" Aki looked up at Kasumi and chuckled.
"I'll try" he replyed with a wink, and then continued to giggle. Then Kasumi joined in and the two were completely engulfed with the giggle's.
"Aki! Kasumi! If you continue to giggle at the back of he class like 8-year-olds i will have to ask you to leave!"
"Sorry Sir.!" The pair chimed. And then desperately tried to contain their laughter, to stop themselves getting into more serious trouble.

"Well that sucked!" Aki half-said-half-laughed as he leaft the classroom sfter the bell had rung for lunch.
"Bahahah! Your telling me!" Kasumi replyed, not even trying to stop herself from laughing out loud.
"Hahaha. Anyway, im going to go meet Takeo so we can go get lunch, wanna join us?"
"Na, i gotta wait for Tomoko to leave the class." Kasumi leant back and pointed into the classroom where Aki saw Tomoko talking with Mr. Kesuki. She wasnt talking to him because she was in trouble, she was asking for extra work to do. "She likes to be... shall i say, ahead, of the class" Kasumi Started to smile and the smile lead to a giggle. and the giggle fit started all over again.

"Enjoy math?" Aki asked with a smirk.
"What do you think? it was math!" Takeo replied with a small chuckle. "That already cancles out good, or anything above that"
"Haha! Very true!" Aki replied. "Anyways, whats for lunch? im starved!" The two boys looked up at todays menu. 'Rice' was todays 'Dish Of The Day'.
"Rice" said Takeo.
"Rice" repeated Aki.

Luckily for Aki and Takeo it wasnt just plain rice, it was rice with vegtables and sausage in a nice sauce.
"Even though its rice, is better than nothing" said Takeo scaping up the last few grains in the bowl.

"Wanna hang out at the park today after school? its a lovely day after all" Chiyoko asked with a smile.
"Sure thing Chiyoko!" Sayuri said with great enthusiasm. "how 'bout you guys?" She turned to the three boys who were paying no attention and aksed again. "Shiro! Aki! Takeo! I said how about you!?"
"Ermm, what was the question?" Shiro asked with a cheesey grin.
"Chiyoko suggester we all go to the park today after school. Are you in?"
"Oh, sure" Shiro replied. "Takeo? Aki?"
"Im in if Takeo is!" Aki said, as a small giggle left his lips. Whats gotten into him today? he just couldnt stop giggling. Kazumi has had a weird effect on him.

Later on, at the park Aki seemed to be in another world, he didnt say much the whole time, he just kept thinking of Kazumi, and then giggling.
Do i like Kazumi? he thought to himself. She is very beautiful, but I dont know her that well and she dosnt seem my type really. But one thing is for sure. I want to be her friend!
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