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As the Phoenix

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Yamato, Kouya, and the many times they've been revived. (Shôjo-ai; spoilers for Episode 10 of the anime)

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As the Phoenix

A Loveless fanfiction by Sir Psycho Sexy

A/N: Yamato/Kôya, shôjo-ai. Spoilers for Episode 10 of the anime; takes place shortly thereafter. Loveless is Kôga Yun's, not mine. If you don't like girl/girl, don't read, et cetera.

Yamato looked back to when she was but a sixth-grader. Even though she had a gregarious, sunny disposition, she didn't seem to get along with her schoolmates. This changed when she was introduced by Professor Nagisa to Kôya- a girl who was very much the opposite of her. After some lecturing by the professor about the Zero Series, and some small talk, Yamato wanted proof. She asked Kôya about what she felt when she cut her arm, and if she had the zero on her chest. Slowly but surely, the brunette opened up to Yamato, and, equally slowly, so as to tempt the blonde beauty, took off her school uniform to reveal he zero beneath.

"You've got such small boobs," Yamato teased. Small but perfect on her, she thought to herself.

"Shut up!" After about ten seconds of silence, the girls realized that they were two halves of an indivisible whole, and lunged towards one another in Nagisa's small room to make love for the first time of many.

From that point on, Yamato and Kôya were together through thick and thin. However, there were times in their lives when they had to struggle to be reborn, in a sense. It was difficult getting different scores on the high school entrance examinations, and being accepted into different high schools. Both girls felt as if a part of their lives had been ripped out of them that fateful day when they got their test results back.

But, for them, the phoenix rose from the ashes, as they continued to fight for Professor Nagisa even after they started high school. But, as fate would have it, they were to be defeated by a sixth-grade boy and a Sentôki that wasn't even his.

Kôya knew that, for a Sentôki in the Zero Series, defeat meant death. Yet she was willing to accept this fate; she would die so that her beloved Yamato might live. But Yamato did not want to live in a world without Kôya. If her Sentôki were to die, she would gladly kill herself to be with her always.

But yet again, the pair was as the phoenix. Neither died; however, they recognized that the Zero mark had faded away, and the characteristic Zero lack of pain had given way to hot coffee, insect bites, and a variety of other sensations that neither had felt until now. Pain was beauty; pain was a way of knowing you were alive and that life was going to be made on your own terms.

Love was something that was as the phoenix; no matter how badly the fire burned, the bird would be born anew from the ashes of what had been.

As Yamato started out on her journey as a fully human entity, she inhaled deeply and held Kôya's hand to support her. Life would be an uncharted path, with unpredictable twists and turns. As long as the girls had one another, they were ready to face anything, to be reborn as the situation demanded.

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