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Dares and Dawn of the dead.

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the four friends have an evening in. suggested Frerard-iness.

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A/N: Hello,just feel like doing a lighthearted oneshot:) BTW: they are all teenagers here.R&R please:)

Ray knocked on the door with the hand that wasn't full of shopping bags.
"Raaaaayyy!" squealed Frank,pulling the door open and almost knocking the taller to the floor.
"Hey Frank."
"Frank,let Ray in." came the calm voice of Gerard. Frank clambered off the curly hair boy and half ran back down the hallway,heading towards the Way living room. There was a muffled ooph sound, suggesting that Frank had sat on Mikey. Ray stepped inside the house,ducking his head so that his hair would get caught in the chandelier.Again. The two boys went into the living room.Ray dropped the shopping bags onto the floor.
"Scramble!" he yelled.Predictably Frank crawled over to the bags and started pulling things out of them at random.I felt like making frank abit more crazier:)
"PARTY RINGS!" omg I just ate a whole huge packet of them,I'm so greedy
Gerard chuckled at the younger boys excitement. Mikey grumbled from the sofa,his face hidden behind a comic book. Ray slumped down in a comfy chair.
"So What do you guys want to do?" Gerard asked.
"EAT!!" screeched Frank,ripping open a packet of Oreo's. He moaned in satisfaction.
"You know Frank" Gerard said,coming very close to his ear,"that sounds so sexy."
The younger blushed furiously. Ray and Mikey burst out laughing simultaneosly.
"Lets play truth or dare."said Mikey.
"Yeah!"yelled Frank."ooohh spin the bottle!" Ray and Gerard nodded. They sat in a circle and Mikey grabbed an empty bottle from the kitchen.
"Here goes."he said, spinning it. The bottle stopped at.....Ray.
"Who do you like?" asked Frank,bouncing up and down excitedly.
"Katie."he replied,blushing.
"She's hot" said Gerard,smirking. Ray hit him over the head with a pillow.Frank jumped up between them before a full-on war could be waged.They sat back down and Ray reached forward to spin the bottle.It stopped on.....Frank.
"Dare."said Frank,confidently.
"hmmmm..I know..Cartwheel up and down the road."Mikey said.
"In your boxers."Franks shocked and mock injured face made the other three boys laugh uncontrolably. The shortest boy stomped upstairs and minutes later appeared in just a pair of spiderman boxers. He opened the front door as three faces appeared at the front window.To their surprise they saw Frank cartwheel up and down the street at least 5 times withought blushing. It was only when an old lady tutted at him that he decided to return into the house.

The game continued on much like that for about an hour. Frank then decided they should do something else,as all the funny dares had already been done.
"Lets watch a film." suggested Ray.This idea was approved by the best friends. Mikey set up the dvd player while Gerard turned off the lights. Ray and Mikey sat on the sofa while Gerard grabbed a beanbag.Frank sat down on the floor next to the beanbag,happily munching his way through the snacks.
The opening credits for Dawn of the Dead rolled onto the screen.When the first zombies appeared on the screen,Frank began to whimper on turned towards Gerard. Gripping hold of the bottom of his shirt. As the film progressed and the screams emmiting from the Tv got louder,Frank squeezed hold of Gerard even tighter,his knuckles going white.
Gerard moaned slightly but then quickly stifled it.
The hour or so that the film was on passed slowly for both Gerard and Frank.Frank because he was scared shitless and Gerard because he had 'a little problem'.
When the credits came up Mikey began laugh and nudged Ray who started spasming in laughter.
"err..Frank.."Ray,forced out between his laughter.""
Frank opened his eyes and looked in disbelief and what his hand was clutching. No wonder Gerard had been moaning. No wonder what he had been holding was quite hard.Frank quickly withdrew his hand.
"I'm so sorry Gee!" Frank insisted,going bright red in embaressment.
"It's okay Frank."
"I-But I'm sorry."
"Frank."Gerard stopped Frank from babbling and with a crooked grin continued,"I never said I didn't like it."
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