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This could be the best day ever

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Frikey story. You might not get the one you want, but if you deserve it, you should always find happiness. It looks like Franks life is just getting worse, he cant have the guy he wants, but is he ...

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I know quite alot of the stuff about Frank may not be actually true, it's a story, and I dont really know everything about him.
FrankxMikey, GerardxJeff
This has no setting... It's just made-up-land.
Please review but be nice. enjoy.

~~Chapter 1~~

You know sometimes you get those moments, when your randomly daydreaming, not about anything very interesting, and when you come back to reality, you realise your been staring at someone for the whole time. Yeah, well, that's me all over.

My name is Frank Iero. I'm 16 and basically known as a freak. To be quite honest, I don't know why, I'm a nice guy after all. And I seem pretty normal to me, like all the other kids at my school, I like to look good, I always do my hair, and wear matching clothes. I find school annoying and i dont like it, like most kids here. And I love music, and I mean, everyone loves music, don't they?

But I guess it's those factors do contribute to why I'm such a 'freak'. To make myself look good I wear eyeliner. Well, I used to until I couldn't take the taunts from the bully's saying I was a girl for wearing makeup, so I took it off and only wear it at the weekends. Also when I'm at school I get so bored and so I look miserable. Then all the kids think I'm depressed. So they call me a 'stupid emo freak'. I guess with my long red and black hair I might look a bit emo. And because I wear band tees and skinny jeans. And also the music I listen to. The heavyer stuff like kiss, or motley Crüe. no body understands that music. They think it's just for angry people. Once, luch (Lou-ch [short for lusifer]) came up to me, and told me his girlfriend had dumped him and he was feeling angry, so he wanted to know if I would let him listen to my music. I tried to explain you don't have to be angry to listen to my music, But he shouted at me and said I was worthless and stormed off.

Even with my one friend, Rain (his real name is Rio, but he hates it. He started calling himself Rain when he googled 'scene names starting with R') I feel different, he's cool and confident, and gets girlfriends. Its not like he's a bad friend. He's a great friend! I just feel so different from him. It's like there's no one who I can relate to. even thought he wears skinny jeans, listens to some of the same music as me and wears eyeliner sometimes, hes treated so differently to me! I think its all because he is more confident, And he can stand up for himself.

His life at home wasnt too bad, my parents love me and they are not low on money, but I never found true happyness with being at home. I never want to stay in, I want to be adventurous, try new things. I cant do that whilst im at home. Infact I cant do that at all as I have no one to do it with.

Most of the time I will go to the skate park with Rain and skateboard to try to impress girls. It worked for Rain, but not so well for me. Girls just dont seem interested in me. I was thinking of turning gay, but i realised i couldnt because im attracted to girls... so that would at least make me bisexual. To be honest i feel like everyone is bisexual, i believe you are not born to love one gender, thats your choise as your grow up, i think its sad how kids are told that they will grow up and get married to a boy/girl (depending on what gender you are) as they then feel like thats the right thing to do, and so they grow up assuming that they are streight when they might not be. So i guess im bi, untill i can prove otherwise.

And i guess thats all you really need to know about me. Oh and i really want to be in a band, as soon as i get some friends who are interested i will be starting a band. My dad is trying to teach me the drums, but im not really getting it, and anyways, the drummer of a band is never apreciated, i want to be a guitarist, there always really cool. I want to be really cool.

Boring, i know, its just a starter to the story, To be honest, im not all that good at this, so it might not even get any better. Erm, reveiw please? that would be nice, even if its all terrible. I have another chapter almost ready, but i dont know if its going anywere so i might scrap the whole story... what do you think?
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