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Throwing a line out to sea

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Just a love story

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Another lonely night in front of the TV with nothing to do. Man I love being single. NOT! It sucks! Everyone I know is so loved up at the moment it’s untrue. Ryan has Leah, Spencer has Kelly and Jon has Jessie. I have no one. So once again I wallow in self pity sipping Tuborg whilst flipping through the channels in the effort to find something that will get my attention for more then ten seconds. It doesn’t work so I grab a DVD and try to settle into that. I must’ve fallen asleep because around 3am I woke up on the sofa with the DVD title playing over and over. I really need a girlfriend. Someone to cuddle, someone I can protect, someone I can love and someone I can fuck. I turn the TV off and head to bed.

* the next day *
Alarm sets off at 7am and I’ve gotta be in work at 10. For most people three hours is way more than enough time to get ready but I don’t like to rush. I get a shower and I’m in there for over half an hour. Half washing half thinking. When I eventually get out and dried, I get changed into my usual shirt and jeans combo before chilling on the couch with a bowl of cereal. I settle down to Spongebob Squarepants because…well he’s a fucking top sponge! But then I’m momentarily depressed when I remember he’s got that squirrel sandy as a girlfriend…. I mean OK they’re not dating but you can tell he’s getting some. I throw my bowl and spoon into the sink and head out for work.

Dave’s in the corridor laughing it up at the water fountain with a load of chicks around him giggling at his every word. Don’t know why he’s not exactly a comical genius. Heading down to my room and Bazza is going on about the twins he picked up the night before. That’s gotta be bullshit he’s like 40, fat and going bald. Finally in my office and I slump down and get to work.

* after work *

Just clocked out and now I need to go to the shops because I’m running low on pretty much everything. I grab a basket and get shopping. When it comes to the aisle for toothpaste I find that my usual brand has been moved down to the very bottom shelf. I roll my eyes and bend over to get…. OOW! Who the fuck just rammed their trolley into my ass?! I turn around and my face breaks out into a grin. Standing behind me is a gorgeous girl with dark hair and blue eyes nervously smiling at me with bright pink cheeks where she’s blushing. She’s comes over and rubs my hip.
“Oh my gosh I am so sorry sir. I was in a world of my own and didn’t see you there”
I just carry on smiling. “Hey it’s fine miss and by the way you didn’t get my hip. You got my ass but don’t worry it’s pretty well padded so no harm done”
This made her laugh. “Well again I’m sorry…. Sorry I don’t know your name”
“My name’s Brendon. What’s your name pretty miss?”
She smiles and blushes even more. “I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you Brendon” She holds out her hand for me to shake it but instead I hold t and give it a kiss. “Pleasures all mine, Sarah”

We walked around the whole shop together just talking. Getting to know each other. A job that usually takes me 20 minutes maximum took me twice as long. We head back to our cars and I help her put her shopping in the boot.
“You’re such a gentleman”
I laughed and bowed down to her. “Well I’m here just helping a damsel in distress”
She leant over her seat in the car and I lost track of everything. I couldn’t help but to stare at her bum. She came out with a piece of paper and grin. I felt like a foolish school boy who had been caught red handed but I don’t think she knew I was checking her out. She pressed the piece of paper into my hand and whispered “call me” down my ear before getting into her car and driving off.

* at home *
I pace the living room trying to figure out when I should call her. Is the same night too soon? Will it make me look desperate? Then again if I don’t call the same night will she think I wasn’t interested? I unfold the piece of paper and look at the number. She even left a lipstick mark at the bottom of the paper. I shakily picked up the phone and dialled the number and a guy answers the phone! “erm… sorry I think I have the wrong number…” I begin
“Who’s on the phone Tom?” I hear a familiar voice say on the other end.
I suddenly hear her voice much clearer. “Brendon? Brendon is that you?”
“Yeah it’s me”
“Don’t mind him that’s my brother.”
I breathe a silent breath of relief. “so you wanted me to call eh? Love the little lipstick mark you left me”
She laughs and I smile even more. “I was thinking maybe we could meet up tomorrow?”
“Sure. How about coffee? At star bucks? Say 10ish?”
“yeah cool. I’m off work tomorrow for the weekend anyway so that’ll be great.”
“cool. Well I’ll see you then”
“OK bye”

* the next day*
I’m up early and showered and dressed in double quick time. It takes a little longer for me to get my hair to go right but after a few minutes I’ve sorted that out too. I sit down to watch more of that epic sponge but can’t focus at all. I get butterflies and can’t concentrate on anything at all. I mean OK that’s normal for me what with my ADHD but this time it’s different. I head out an hour early and go for a walk to the park. I chill at the pond and reminisce of the childhood I spent by this pond. Feeding the ducks, fishing and the time I fell in and was convinced I was drowning until I stood up and realised it wasn’t that deep by the edge.
I go to the local star bucks and wait. I grab myself a coffee and a cookie. I’m halfway through mindlessly nibbling my cookie when I spot Sarah by the door. I wave to her and knock my coffee in the process. Right into my lap. Great!
Sarah grabs a wad of paper napkins and helps me mop it up. Well she mops the table and helps with my shirt while I sort out my pants.
“You poor thing. Are you OK? Are you burnt?”
“No I’m fine it was luke warm anyway” I see her look at her watch slightly puzzled.
“It’s fine you’re on time. I came early because I couldn’t focus at home. To be honest I was kinda nervous.”
“Awwww you’re so cute. What you having I’ll go get you another one and one for myself”
“No it’s OK I’ll get the coffees”
“With your wet crotch?”
“Ah! Good point I should probably stay here until I dry”
We sat there sipping our coffees slowly, talking about anything and everything and then she stands up so I stand up too.
“Come on I’ll buy lunch seeing as you got the coffees in”
“You sure?”
“It’s the least I can do but first I gotta change”
We both go back to mine and Sarah sits on the sofa whilst I get changed. I come into the living room and she smiles. That smile! There is just something about it! Anyway as I was saying I go into the living room and she smiles and asks where I was taking her to. I told her about this posh place and she smiled and said “Well that’s lovely but I only bought a coffee. You don’t need to spend a fortune on me. I’ll be just as happy if you possibly wanna order something in?”
“Sure thing. How’s pizza?”
“Pizzas great. Thanks.”
So half an hour later we’re sitting side by side eating our pizza and when we’re done she rests her head on my shoulder.
“This is another reason I wanted to stay here. So I could do this as much as I wanted” She leant in and kissed me! It was amazing. I put my arm around her and kissed her back
“I never want to leave here”
“You don’t have to”

So that’s how it goes. I went from being lonely and miserable for ages and then I meet the prettiest girl you could ever imagine. She never left except to get her stuff. Now we’ve been together for 4 years and we have a 9 month old son called Oliver. I walked out of my old job and formed a band. It was just something for fun with the guys I’ve known and loved for years but after posting some demo’s online an amazing guy called Pete Wentz has signed us up and we’re in the middle of making our first album. Sarah isn’t only my girlfriend. She’s the mother of my child and a lucky charm too. Since meeting her my life just keeps getting better and better. She doesn’t know it yet but at this current moment I have a diamond ring in my pocket and I’m going to get Oliver’s help to ask for her hand in marriage. Just hope she says yes. She saved me from myself and the misery I was in and she means the world to me.
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