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"Would You Date Gerard Way?"

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Frerard Oneshot.

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Just a little one-shot... I got really bored while listening to Light's Out by Mindless Self Indulgence... Tell me what you think.(:


I sat awkwardly next to Gerard waiting for the interview to start. Gerard was smoking a cigarette and sitting calmly, I on the other hand was so nervous. This was the first interview since me and Gee had had another "Frerard" moment, as the fans liked to call it, at one of our concerts. Usually I wouldn't care too much about this sort of thing, interviewers only occasionally asked questions about the things me and Gerard do on stage, but see, in this interview, the fans would be asking most of the questions. And that was what scared me. I tapped Gerard on the leg softly and he turned to face me.

"Aren't you nervous?" I whispered softly. He looked at me and smiled.

"No, why would I be?" He questioned. He slowly inserted the cancer stick between his pale lips, and took a long drag, sending shivers down my spine as he exhaled the pale smoke. He smirked at this, then I remembered what I had been talking about before.

"Well, the fans are asking the questions you know... And at least a thousand fan-girls were screaming at us last week for the way we.... acted ... on stage." I whispered again. It took him a while to figure out what I was talking about, then that same smirk drifted across his face and he laughed softly.

"Why are you laughing? Its not funny! What are we going to do?" I asked laughing, as much as I hate to admit it, it was pretty funny.

"Well-" He began, but he was interrupted by the interviewer joining us in the small room and sitting down across from us.

"Hey Gerard and Frank!" She said, practically bouncing into the room. Not her again. I looked at Gerard. He was thinking the same as me. This caused me to smile. And the fact that I had something she could never have, only made my smile grow more. Gerard. "Okay guys, you know the drill by now, I'll ask some questions, you give me some answers, we have a laugh, and done." She said smiling at Gerard.

"Yeah, I've done enough interviews to know that much." Gerard said, flashing her a smile. Despite the fact he was just being nice, it made me hate her that much more than I already did.

"Are you okay Frankie? You look kind of.. ill?" She asked. Oh, now you notice? Well, I'm not leaving this interview without Gee... I thought to myself.

"I'll live." I replied shortly, fake smiling to her.

"You better." Gerard whispered sweetly. I looked at him and smiled.

"Just for you." I whispered once again. Only loud enough for Gerard to hear me.

"Lets start with some questions then!" She shouted, dragging me out of the silent daze I was in. The daze me and Gee were both in.

"Awesome. Shoot!" Gerard said laughing gently. I smiled and the interviewer started asking Gee some questions or something. I wasn't listening. At all. I was just lost in his beautiful hazel eyes. Agreeing with everything he was saying with a gentle nod. He could of asked if he could stab me and I would still agree. Oh, how I didn't have a clue. "Frankie, are you even listening?" Gee asked.

"Of course!" I replied, brightly.

"What was the last question?" He said, knowing I wouldn't know the answer.

"Something about some crazy fan-girl wanting to marry you?" I replied kind of bitterly. It sounded harsher than I had originally planned. He smirked slightly.

"No, it was 'Who is the most energetic on the bus?'" And with that, I bursted out laughing. I couldn't help it. "Oh and my answer to that question, is the idiot sitting beside me." Gerard finished. Oh if only they knew how energetic both of us were...

"Frankie, why don't you answer some questions now?" Gerard asked. I nodded.

"Okay, Hit me." I said smiling. This would be fun.

"Right, So.. we all know about how you guys act on stage." The interviewer began. Oh how could I guess I would get asked this? "Well, this fan asks, Would you date Gerard? And if so, whats your favorite feature about him?" The interviewer asked. I looked between her and Gerard for a moment before bursting out laughing, once again. When I had over come my laughing fit Gerard just looked at me.

"Gonna answer?" He asked, suddenly serious. He didn't see the funny side, and of course, wouldn't risk us coming out to the world just yet.

"Well, Ummmhh. Yes! Definitely! Who wouldn't date Gerard? And my uh, favorite feature? Lets go for.. his.. I don't know. Well... Gerard's just, amazing! His voice. His amazing voice." I said. Okay so, maybe I got a bit carried away at the end of it. Awkward. Gerard and the interviewer carried on their little discussion and I once again got lost in my own little world. I'd said too much. I knew it. The interview ended and the interviewer kissed Gee on the cheek and pulled him into a hug, then she hugged me. Call me jealous, but I hate that bitches guts. The drive back to our tour bus was silent. Then when we walked in and the argument began.

"What the fuck was that all about!" Gerard shouted. We were both alone in
the bus.

"I told you I shouldn't of gone to that interview! God hates me! Its typical for me to get asked that. And anyway, how was I supposed to respond?" I asked. I too, was shouting. Very loudly.

"I don't know? Make some lame excuse? Say that it would be awkward to answer?!" He said.

"I'm sick of hiding us Gee! I don't want to be some dirty little secret anymore!" I screamed.

"Its that or nothing Frankie. And we both know you like it. You say you don't. But you love-......" He began walking towards me, seductively. "Being my Dirty-" He moved closer, pinning me to the wall. "Little-" He kissed my neck, biting at it slightly. "Secret." He whispered in my ear. I shudder under his breath and close my eyes.

"Don't I know it." I said, before pushing my lips onto his.

"I love you...."

I have a whole lot of one-shot's I will be posting so be prepared...
Also, I just watched the movie Watchmen.. BEST MOVIE EVER! just saying...
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