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Does mikey poop his pant 5 times in a row read to find out and he is not a baby.So sad mikey who thought him and Frankie are retards.

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Mikey was in the kitchen and he was cooking dinner while Gerard was in the shower.mikey had to take a poop but he was cooking so he thought he was going to burn the he yelled for gerard and he said he was taking a poop in the trash can because the toilet was gone and mikey used it for dinner.but he still had to take a poop really badly so he got a papper bag and sat on it carefully and he pooped 5 times and used papper towels for toilet paper and gerard came out and said wait is that smell it smells like poop and what is in that brown bag and where is the paper towel and my toothbrush?!Mikey said"I had to go poop really badly and I yelled for you and you where on the toilet aka the trash can. And where is the toilet?

Ummm so are you going to clean all that poop up cause it fell out the bag onto the kitchen floor. Gerard told mikey pointing. Well we can put in it our dinner and feed it to Frankie.mikey yelled for frank and he came and said what and mikey said eat this candy!so frank ate the poop and he said"this is good"And Gerard and mikey started to laugh so hard they both pooped their pants!!!so when they pooped their pants they both started singing my poop stain under wear and frank started laughing and pooped in his pants and poop was every where and he started crying.And frank said what are you laughing and they both said you just ate poop.
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