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Dear diary,
I brought you because i need some one to talk to. my mums a nut, my dad is mental, Billy (my brother) is out of his mind and little masey (my sister) is only three months old ! you know i think most people would call us the house of phycho's. i'd hate to think what i would be if i was an actual part of the woodal family (well tecnicly i am part of it but im adopted). oh yeah by the way my name is summer. summer woodal and i think im going to name you Linda. any way got to go mums threatinig to burn the house down.

bye write later (hopefully)

Dear diary,
oh sorry i mean linda lets start again.

Dear Linda,
I managed to convince mum that the house looked better with a roof so nothing got burned. at the moment the rest of my family are eating dinner im not because i saw Billy earlier and he was sneaking inside from the garden with mud all up his face and hands, whitch means spaghetti bolonase with the special ingrediant : worms , and im just listening for the sound of screams and then the heavy thud of billy being thrown up the stairs! OH DAMN I MISSED IT ! wait a minute there is another noise a new one be right back. i didnt miss it after all he fell back down the stairs and dad kicked him back up and screamed dont come back. i dont know why he bothers billy never and i mean NEVER comes back down after worm trick no.3. yeah theres more infact theres over 50! oh yeah i still have to introduce one more person for this chapter samuel johnson dads best friend EVER. he comes round are house every tuesday for tea and biscuits but i think im going to go to bed early cause im not in the mood for his "funny" jokes.

bye write tommorow.
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