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Chapter 32

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The end!

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Romy's POV...
I did it. The humiliating thing that I had to do. I wasn't sure it'd be enough at first. I still blushed bright red as I left the house. Walking down the road I noticed people staring at me but nobody commented. I didn't know what to think of this so I continued walking to school.
Once I was there lots of people started commenting. How could they not? My lipstick was all across my cheeks, my eye-shadow was up to my eye-brows and my skirt was tucked into my underwear.
I took a deep breath and continued to walk through the school. Everyone I walked past stopped talking to their friend, stopped checking out their hair, stopped whatever they were doing to stare at me. I pretended not to know what everyone was laughing at which of course, made them laugh even more. My cheeks burned and I felt horrible but I knew how Kerri must've felt. I deserved this completely.
It was a long hard day at school. I untucked my skirt after about fifteen minutes because finally someone felt the need to point it out to me. They didn't point out my make-up though. Maybe they thought it was delibrate which I guess it was. In first lesson I was told to scrub it off. That night when I checked Facebook I was tagged in several pictures of me looking like a total idiot.
It was just like what had happened to Kerri. Kerri had been tagged multiple times in that 'sexy' picture of her but she couldn't delete the pictures. She commented asking for it to be removed, she reported them but the pictures still remained on peoples Facebook accounts, My Space, Beebo, any social networking site you could think of.
But my plan worked. Nobody said anything about Kerri or Mikey anymore. It was old news. I had to explain to Kerri that it would probably pop up in any conversation in the future. It wouldn't be as big but she'd never escape it. But she said it was okay because she knew the same thing was going to happen to me. And now I'm the one suffering with the consequences now.
On the bright side, Mikey forgives me. He hasn't said so but he's talking to me and making jokes with me now. So me, Kerri and Mikey are all friends.
I've apologised to Ray for what I did. He says he forgives me but he's okay too because now he's got a girlfriend. Her name is Christa, she was a friend of his from Primary School. She hadn't met any of us when she asked him out so he said yes. She's not using him, she really likes him. It's really sweet to see.
I can't get with Mikey. He loves Kerri too much. But that's okay too because Kerri's my friend now and I really want her to be happy.
Her Mum died last week. We all attended her funeral. Kerri was crying heaps but Mikey was there to comfort her. It makes me feel even worse about what I did to her but she keeps insisting that it's fine.

Gerard's POV...
I got together with Charlie. Shortly after my break-up with Tatiana, I asked her out. She told me she'd think about it. Secretly I thought this meant no but a few days later she showed up at my house to tell me that yes, she'd go out with me.
Me and Ray are better friends now too. Now that I'm not dating his little sister he's a lot more relaxed aswell.
So I guess alls well that ends well, huh?
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