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Will you be the savior of the broken? Part 1.

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Black Parade. Hard to explain so take a peak.

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So I pretty much just totally gave up on my other fics but I love this one I'm writing. If you like it, thanks, if not oh fucking well.
So yeah here you go.

"Sweetie, everything is going to be fine. I promise," her mom said as she hugged her tightly.

Anna and her mother had just left the funeral home and were on a quiet drive home. Anna didn't want to talk, she couldn't understand why her mother would. They were putting her husband, Anna's father, in his fucking grave. How can someone make small talk after that?

"Sure Mom, sure," she replied turning her head to look out the window once they began to drive. It was dead outside. Or maybe it just seemed that way because of what was going on.

It was expected to happen. For the past 3 years they had been dreading the day where they'd have to arrange a funeral for her father. There was no avoiding the fact that he was sick, that he was going to die before she could even graduate high school.

"Anna, listen to me," her mom said moving her hand over to her's even though she was trying to keep away as much as possible. It wasn't her fault but she just wasn't in the mood. "Things are going to... they aren't going to be the same, but we'll get back on our feet, your dad would've wanted that," she said as she held Anna's hand.

"You know what else Dad would've wanted? To be alive," she said as she pulled away her hand from her mom's and looked away from her. Anna was being cold to her, but didn't care.

She wanted her dad back, she wanted him to be with them. She wanted him, over her mom.


"Mother, Mother War?" Frank said slowly and nervously as he walked in from the ash filled city into Mother War's manor.

"Hello darling, what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Mother War asked as she turned in her chair to look at the dark little servant boy as her daughters Distraught and Despair called him.

"Um Mother War,"

"Please, you know you and the boys are allowed to call me Mama," Mother War replied removing her gas mask.

Very few would ever see her without it, and if you were a apart of the lucky few know that Mother War would protect you at all times. No one knew how beautiful Mother War really was because of her keeping her gas mask on while others were in her presence. Distraught and Despair were the first to see their mother without her mask, then was the boys, who, as Mother referred to them as, the band of the broken.

Mother War's beauty was like no other. Her face was pale and deep with what looked like sadness, but everyone knew that wasn't possible. Mother War was one of the only happy residents of The Broken City. Once removing her gas mask her what looked like white poof hair flattened out to beautiful silk black hair that fell near the floor and her eyes, a bright blue. It was the only color anyone could find in all of The Broken City besides the red that trailed the wolf packs as they carried away the forgotten souls. Frank and the rest of the band of the Broken were lucky enough to see those beautiful eyes as well as Distraught and Despair.

Once the masked was removed, in a way you felt more comfortable around her. Everyone knew she held a special something over the residents of The Broken City, but no one could figure out what, her own daughters couldn't. She held the respect of us all. Especially the band of the Broken.

"So darling Frank, what do I owe this visit to?" she asked as she motioned for him to move forward for he was still standing near the entrance of Mother War's manor.

Suddenly her two daughters appeared and danced around Frank slowly.

"Mama, why didn't you tell us Frankie was here?" Distraught asked as she wrapped her silk gray ribbon around Frank's legs making him more nervous than before.

"Yes, Mama, why? You know how we love little Frankie here," Despair said as she danced around him and lightly brushed his lips with her fingers.

Despair and Distraught were the dancers and callers of The Broken City. They seduced lost, confused souls to enter the city, to want to stay. But with them around it was all a game, they could never be serious. They were nothing like their mother. Expect for their beauty, their beauty was seductive and sexy, a reason to why they were the callers of the city. But to Frank and the band they were frightening, devious. They knew they couldn't be trusted.

"Daughters, please, leave. Frank and I must speak. Go check on the city, check the out skirts of it, please" Mother War said as she motioned them to leave.

Despair pouted and her curly black hair bounced up and as she stood flatly on her feet, something different for the ballet dancer. Her gray eyes were filled with sadness and anger but her sister pulled her away gracefully.

"Come on sister, we must do as Mama says," Distraught said pulling her sister out of the manor and into the ash ridden city.

"Now that they are gone, please, speak to me darling," Mother War said as Frank tried to shake off the feeling the sisters had left on him.

He had almost forgotten the reason as to why he'd come.

"It's Gerard, Mama. He believes she's coming still," Frank said looking down once he said the name.

When the boys had died that night in Jersey, when they were pulled into the city by Distraught and Despair because Mikey had been, sadly, naive and pulled in by the sisters, Mother War had seen them personally. She had seen something different in them. Especially in Gerard.

But Gerard had his flaws. After 4 years, or 5 no one really knew how time passed in the city, they had all become accustom to the fact that they'd be the band of the Broken for eternity. It wasn't too bad but to Gerard, it was. He still believed that his lost love was going to join the city, or as Mother War referred to it in private, The Black Parade.

"Poor boy, he needs to realize she's gone. She made it past us, and that was good. A soul like her's, pure and kind, she deserved to go to the land above us," Mother War replied hanging her head. She liked Gerard but knew he was still too hung up on this.

"I know Mama, Ray and I have tried explaining this to him as has Mikey, but he is determined to believe he'll be reunited with her. He's even thought of...."

"Thought of what Frank?" Mother War asked snapping her head back up.

"...of getting the drummer boys to search for her on earth," Frank replied rubbing the back of his neck clearly regretting what he'd just revealed.

"No, that's out of the question, no. That is impossible, I need to have a talk with him soon," she said covering her beautiful sky blue eyes.

Suddenly the manor door opened rapidly.

"Mother War! Mother War! We've received a new soul! And she is gorgeous!" Distraught said as her sister slowly followed behind with the beautiful girl that looked horribly similar to the lost love.

"Aren't you proud Mama?" Despair asked as she spun around the new soul.

"Frank, please, leave now. I must speak to our new resident," she told him as she placed her gas mask back on.

Frank nodded and headed for the door to walk to the small cabin Mother War had gotten for the band.

"And Frank," Mother War said as he opened the door. Frank turned back and looked at her, she was back to her professional self, "Don't tell Gerard who this resident looks like," she said and Frank just nodded understanding completely.

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