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You're Amazing

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Mick has strong feelings for Joey. Will they cease? Will his feelings be returned by Joey? Could this be love?

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I walked into the room, quietly. As per-usual. For a big guy I was pretty silent. Joey always said my silence creeped him the fuck out. Even though he meant it jokingly, it still hurt. I love Joey. I want him. I need him worse than ever.

I slipped the door shut, and glanced at the couch that from my point of view was empty. I walked over to it, and saw the drummer sleeping. There was the man I loved, curled up in a ball, snoring softly as he slept. I bent my head to the side and watched for a second.

I sat down were the shorter mans legs were not occupying, and grabbed the remote. I turned on the television, flipped through the channels and glanced down at Joey. What an angel. I reclined a little, and my arm landed on his shin, I looked over to make sure I hadn't disturbed him during his nap.

He didn't move. He didn't flinch. He didn't jerk. He stayed still, and continued to snore softly.

I had been there for a good half an hour before he finally stirred.

"Mick? ...What're you doing?" He asked sleepily.

"Watching TV... It's the only one in this room." I said, kind of grateful and kind of upset Joey volunteered to share a room with me.

"Ah. What's good?" He asked and sat up.

"Nothing, really. I'm just listening to a bunch of bitchy housewives from Jersey... Well... bitch." I said with a shrug.

"Mm." He started. "I see."

-Time Lapse-

"Mick, when were you going to use the shower?" Joey asked with a pile of clothes and a towel in his arms.

"Later." I said keeping my nose in a newspaper.

"Well, I'm getting one now... So... Yeah." He said and walked into the bathroom.

I tried to clear my mind of the dirty thoughts that were slowly piling up. I imagined him pulling me into the shower with his lips curved into a slight smirk, then him letting me take him. As the noises and moans in my mind got more vivid, I could feel myself pitching a tent. I left the room in search of a private room to jerk off. I couldn't do that in the shower, because fucking Joey'd be in the next fucking room, and I don't want to be screaming his name when the only thing separating us is a door and some paper thin walls.

I knocked on James door.

"Ey, James..." I greeted him.

"Yeah?" He said and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Joey's using the bathroom right now... Can I use yours?" I asked.

"Yeah... Sure... I was just going over to talk to Corey about something. If you're not out by the time I come back, I'll just assume you fell in, and I'll make sure not to flush." He said and snickered.

"Um... about how long will you be?" I questioned, trying to act nonchalant.

"About an hour. should be plenty of time." He said, walked past me and patted my shoulder.

"Thanks..." I said and waved a little.

I walked into his bathroom, did my business, cleaned up, and walked out. I walked back to my room, and Joey was just walking out of the bathroom.

"Where the fuck'd you go?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows at me,

"Just to talk to James..." I said.

"'Bout what, dude?" He asked.

"Shit. Why? Who re you, my mother?" I asked, trying to avoid this topic.

"Sorry man... Just wondering..." He said and shrugged.

"Yeah, well... You can fucking stop." I said, slightly aggravated. Not because he was concerned, but because I had just got done masturbating and he was wondering what I was doing.

"Sorry..." He mumbled again.

I climbed into my bed and pulled the blankets over my head.

"Yeah. Thanks." I said, and tried to go to sleep.
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