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Looking For Crew

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Zoro,Sanji,and Brook are all captured by the navy. but when a strange pirate legend gets them out theyre forced into a colorful adventure.

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Looking for Crew
Chapter 1
The Dragon
3rd Person

The Thousand Sunny groaned as the waves crashed against her sides. The sky was dark and churning as the ship rocked from the force of the waves. Luffy rushed from side to side holding onto his hat to keep the wind from taking it when he finally stopped to the left of the stern.
“Wow you guys!! I think I see a dragon!!”
Nami snatched him from the railing, her eyes as dark as the sky
“Luffy that’s the most ridiculous thing I've heard!!”
Luffy rubbed his eyes against the falling rain.
“No, it really is a dragon!”
Sure enough there was a small dragon floating on the sea hidden within the rain. Nami’s eyes bugged out of her head
“It’s… a ship!!”
“Nami darling!!! Where are you?”
Sanji was coming out from below deck smiling ear to ear. Zoro was sitting by the mast with his mouth agape snoring almost as loud as the thunder. Robin and Chopper were peeking out from the door Sanji had just exited while Usopp and Franky were trying to keep damage to a minimum. Brook was no where in sight considering the strong winds were sure to blow hi off deck.
“Nami, dear, you shouldn't be out here! You could catch a cold!”
Nami frowned
“Stop fretting Cook. The rain is letting up anyway.”
And sure enough the rain stopped as if someone had flipped a switch; that was the grand line for ya, always changing. Luffy laughed as he spun on the wet deck
“Cool! It's like it never rained at all!”
Then his foot caught Zoro's outstretched legs and he fell, jostling the swordsmen awake.
“Luffy! What are you doing?”
Luffy rolled over laughing as he went
“I’m sorry! I slipped! Look over there Zoro, it's a dragon!”
Zoro rolled his eyes and closed them only to have Sanji start yelling about something.
“Eh what's that cook?”
Sanji was standing in front of him glaring out to sea.
“Wake up Moss-Head. We've got company”
Zoro shifted so he could follow the cook's stare and cursed. For there just a little ways off was a marine's ship but with an odd shape to hit.
“Maybe if we don't do anything they won't notice us”
Zoro got back into his napping position and Sanji nudged him with his foot.
“It’s too late. They're already heading this way. Get up and get ready to fight”
“You're not the captain”
Sanji growled
“You should still listen to me”
Zoro scoffed
“Yeah right! I don't have to listen to cruddy cooks”
“Why you!”
“You can't even cook a fish right”
“Take that back!”
“You can't even make a simple soup!”
Zoro was smiling pleased with the reaction he was getting
“Why you Moss Headed creep! You've had your last meal! See if I cook anything for you!”
“I don't need your pathetic excuse for food”
“You're no better! You haven't done anything on this ship! All you do is sleep. You can't even fight right!”
Zoro's face darkened
“Now it's not right to spread lies cook”
“It’s not a lie Moss Head. It's the whole truth. And while I'm at it, you're complete directionless bas...”
Zoro's fist kept Sanji from finishing and a fight broke out. Robin laughed while Chopper awed over the strength of them both. Nami was staring intently at her log pose while Luffy and Usopp inspected the approaching navy ship. Brook appeared on deck and he too went to the left side to get a gander at whatever everyone was looking at.
“Hey you guys.... The log pose is spinning in random directions all of a sudden”
Robin was the only one that heard Nami and came to investigate.
“What do you mean?”
Both girls were examining the glass orb trying to figure out why the needle was spinning like a small tornado.
“Hey guys. That navy ship is pointing its cannons at us”
Luffy sounded calm as he stated the obvious. The whole crew stopped what they were doing.
Zoro and Sanji ran to Luffy's side, squeezing Usopp out of the way. Chopper started running around screaming while Nami and Robin joined the boys. Brook ducked behind Franky who was busy fixing a chipped railing. Luffy scratched his head.
“I've never seen that ship before. Have you Zoro?”
The swordsman shook his head. The ship was small and shaped like a dragon. It looked more like a pirate ship then a navy vessel.
“Never. Have you Nami?”
She shook her head and Luffy pulled his hat back for it to hang by the string around his neck.
“You think they know we're the straw hat pirates?”
Both Zoro and Nami slammed their fists into his head
“Of course they know!”
Luffy rubbed his head
This time it was Sanji who slammed his foot into Luffy's skull.
“Maybe it's the giant picture of a Jolly Roger with a straw hat? That's just a thought though”
The ship was now 5 feet away and the whole crew was standing on deck, staring at Luffy and his gang. A deep resonating voice echoed across the space between the ships
“Monkey D. Luffy as well as the rest of the straw hat pirates are under arrest in the name of justice. Please surrender yourselves now”
Luffy looked at Zoro who shook his head.
“There's only like 20 or 30 guys onboard. I can take 'em all”
Without a word Zoro jumped the gap quickly followed by Sanji and then Brook.
“No one asked you guys to come”
Zoro pulled out his swords as marines ran in every direction; scrambling to get their weapons. Sanji kicked the nearest guy over the edge.
“Lord knows you can't handle all these guys alone”
Brook pulled on his cane handle reviling a blade
“And I just want to be useful!”
All three started their respective fights while Luffy and the rest watched it all unfold. But Luffy let out a yell as the navy ship began to drift away.
“Hey!! Hold up you guys!!”
Luffy tried to stretch over to the ship but suddenly chains sprung out of the side of the Thousand Sunny and pinned Luffy's arms to the boat. So instead of reaching the ship, by the force, Luffy was flung overboard; only held up by the chains around his wrists.
Nami and Franky pulled him up as the navy ship continued to drift away. Usopp was suddenly pointing
Across the way Sanji fell to the deck quickly followed by Zoro and Brook. Chains wrapping around them as they fell
The whole ordeal turned into a disaster. Robin tried to use her powers to grab at least one of them but out of no where the same chains that bound Luffy would grow from anything and stop her limbs from saving the warriors. Luffy, still chained to the side of the ship, started yelling. Desperate to get his friends back.
“Nami! Get after them”
But as she ran up deck for the helm she stopped in despair. Several chains held the wheel tightly in place. They all turned to watch helplessly as Zoro, Brook, and Sanji was carried away.

Matters got worse. Since they were unable to steer the ship the straw hats drifted aimlessly. Storm after storm blew them off course and away from their friends and any island nearby. Luffy tried the squeeze himself out of the chains but no matter how thin he made his wrists the chains would shrink to fit them. So instead of pulling out he decided to pull out the bored they were attached to.
So now Luffy sat on Lion’s head clutching a plank of wood, staring off into the sky. Both Franky and Usopp were yanking at the wheel, trying to get it loose before the next storm came. Everyone was silent; all wishing it was just a nightmare and their friends would appear so they could get back to their adventure. But neither of the three appeared and they continued to drift aimlessly.
Zoro opened his eyes to see Brook’s afro in his face. He tried to shove him away only to feel his hands chained behind his back. Sanji lay unconscious on the other side of the 5 by 5 cell while Brook was asleep on his lap.
“Oi! Brook, get up”
He kicked his legs up shaking Brook. The skeleton awoke and sat straight up only to hit is head on the low ceiling.
He leaned forward and looked around and finally looked at Zoro
“Where are we?”
“I have no idea…”
“I don’t remember anything. And I feel really useless”
Zoro reached out and kicked Sanji in the leg and the cook’s head shot up
His eyes were wide and confused as he looked around the small space.
“Where are we? I don’t remember anything… wait! The navy ship!”
Zoro frowned
“The navy ship?”
“Yes! The fight on the navy ship that Luffy said was a dragon.”
The memory leaked into Zoro’s head slowly as he stared with a confused look at the cook.
“Ah… so now where are we?”
Brook shifted his legs and looked around
“Judging by our surroundings I’d say we’re in the brig”
The cell was small and lit by a small window that showed a blazing sun.
“Now how to we get out?”
“Greetings pirates, so nice of you to drop in. I am General Dragon T. Shane.”
All three turned to see a man standing in front of the cell door. He was big and had large arms that looked worthy of wrestling a gator. He wore one of the coats that said justice on the back. Long red hair flowed down his back and covered his right eye. His left eye was a sea green under a dark red eyebrow. There was a scar that ran from his ear to the corner of his mouth and continued out the other side to the other ear. Almost like he had taken a knife into his own mouth and slid it from ear to ear. He was actual a young man but you could clearly see the ware and tare on his broad shoulders.
“Welcome aboard the Flying Dragon. You three are on your way to hell and I home you enjoy your stay”
He smiled and Sanji cursed rattling his chains
“There's no use in trying to break those chains black foot. They are created solely with my Devil Fruit Powers. I have the Chain-Chain Fruit, the ability to sprout chains from anything and keep them in place for as long as I like.”
He smiled smugly and Zoro frowned; completely dissatisfied with his current position. Brook started to shift uncomfortably as if looking for away out of the cell. Brook didn’t like the enclosed space and was starting to show it. His frantic movements made Shane laugh.
“Eheeheehea!! There's no escape! And you're friends aren't going to be here to save you! I've made sure of that. The only way they’ll ever reach you is by steering a ship without the use of the helm! Eheeheehea!!”
He turned away laughing and Zoro cursed.
“Where are we going!?”
The general turned back around and grinned
“Atori Prison”
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