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I'm Sorry for Your Pain

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Akito thinks about the past and about the pain he's inflicted on Kyo. AkitoxKyo poem. Rated just to be safe.

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I'm Sorry For Your Pain

By: Sparklegirl Sassy

Summary: Akito thinks about the past and about the pain he's inflicted on Kyo. AkitoxKyo poem.

It started when we were young

It was the only thing that I could have done

Things seemed so much clearer then

We were all a real family and happiness never seemed to end

There good times between those that were so bad

And when I was with you, I never seemed sad

I found you crying when you were child

You seemed like you had never smiled

You lost your mother and there was nothing you could do

I understood because I lost my mother, too

Right away I knew you were the one

The one that would help guide us all towards the sun

Everything was fine for four years

All that time I had no tears

But then something snapped

There was anger, regret, and rage that I couldn't hold back

You were the first to approach and I took it out on you, my dear

Causing you harm was one of my greatest fears

When I came to my senses I saw what I did and cried

Why did I do this, why?

I crawled to your unconscious figure and held you in my arms

I never wanted to cause you any harm

I didn't want you to be scared

Even though now it seems like I don't care

Your memory had to be erased

This is something I didn't want to face

With one last kiss and one action all the memories faded to black

They were gone and they were never coming back

Kazuma came in and demanded what I'd done

I said, "Please, Kazuma, I don't want to hurt him again

Just go and take your son..."

The tears in my eyes show as I hand over my love

Right now I wish I could die right there

Just become an angel and float up above

After Kazuma left with you, I fell to the floor and cried

It had to be done so you wouldn't die

When you woke up you were told you had been in an accident

I listened from the door and hung my head

I really wished I was dead

The insanity got worse and I inflicted so much pain on you

There used to be love between us, I wish you still knew

You have no idea what I do

You don't know how some nights I sneak into your room

I lay beside you and gaze at your face

I think of how you are the picture of grace

I sometimes manage to sneak a kiss

And feel those warm lips that I've missed

I left you one memory of a happy time

A time when I could call you mine

And I whisper those words in your ear

Even though I know you don't hear

I say to you "No matter what, dear Kyo...

I'll always be here for you..."

One day I'll tell you the truth and what is real

And I'll tell you how I still feel

One day I'll tell you

"I love you, my dear Kyo..."

Maybe one day we'll be together again

I just want to say

I'm sorry for your pain

Don't ask. It will all be explained in a fanfic that I will most likely post pretty soon. Most people don't like AkitoxKyo, but they're one of my favorite couples.

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