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It Feels Beautiful When Someone Loves You

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First Fic! Oneshot Frerard! Gerard Loves Frank, Frank loves Gerard. What happend when they were alone in Gerard's room?

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Hey Guys! This is my first Fanfic so I hope you enjoy it ;)

We were in my house, In my room, In the basement.
The room was dark and cold without windows or sunlight. A mess in every part. Band posters in the wall, a bed cover of black sheets, a desk full of my draws. A big place for a guy of 16 years and his friends of the same age....
There were Ray and Mikey trying to find something interesting in the TV. Frank was sitting in the armchair in front the desk, exploring the pictures. I was sit in the bed, watching Frank, he grab a picture of a boy watching the horizon, the sunset, sat in the grass of a forest taking a guitar, posing his fingers on the frets. The eyes of the boy were cutlery bys his hair like Mohawk style in black and blond in the sides. The picture was dark. Frank looked interested, seeing every detail, every color. I love Frank, he's the guy of my dreams, the reason of my happiness, the reason I still alive, The reason I still living this fucking hell called life, the reason of my dark little heart's still beating, my everything. Sure, anyone know this.
-Gerard...- Frank said, still watching the picture.
Back to the reality. - Yes? - I smiled
-The guy of your picture, is like me -He watched at me with a smile.-Right?
I blushed dipper. I drawn this thinking in him... like... always....
-Oh...Ermmm...I-I Ummm....- Gerard, Say something! Don't look like an idiot! I can't speak! I'm lost in his gorgeous eyes.... I don't have words to... to.....
-Gerard, me and Ray go for movies, there's a lot of shit in the TV. -Thanks for save me Mikes! -Want chose one?- Mikey said waiting in the door.
-N-No Mikes... You choose.- I said standing up, nervous with my cheeks little pink.
-Okay- Mikey raised an eyebrow and go out with Ray muttering something about my red face. Great!
-Gee, you don't answer yet...- Frank sing, raising an eyebrow..
I look at him, he was smiling -Frankie.... Ummmm... Well, yes.- I sigh
-Really?- He smirk
-Yeah....- I look down at my shoes -D-do you l-like it?- I'm really shy, but, I can't help it in front of the guy I'm in love. I know that he's bisexual and I am too, so there isn't any problem but, Who loves me? Really, I don't love myself.
-I love it!- Frank said. Shine in his amazing hazel eyes.
Frank stand up, leaving the armchair and walked to me. He was in front of my, I still watching down. He takes my chin carefully, raising my head, making me watch again his pretty face. My heart almost explodes and my face can't be redder.
-Why so shy?- He asked. A lovely smile in his face. We was so close to each other. I can't speak. -Don't low your head, Gee- He's more close to me. Our noses touching now. -Okay?- He asked. I moved my hands slowly to the sides of his hips. He move his hands to my cheeks. We close our eyes...
-F-Frank... I-I...- And it happened. We kissed and I can't believe it! That was totally unexpected! Our lips touching and stroked shyly, move it in synchrony and slowly, making a cute moment. I feel his cold lipring against my lip and I smiled. Wet sounds in the room. Frank's tongue peeping shyly through his mouth and I do the same, our tongues stroked softly, almost dancing in our mouths. The sounds were louder and I heard a little moan of Frank.
-I-I love you F-Frank- I whisper in the kiss.
-Mmmmmm I love you too Gee- He smirk- I-I wanted to tell you before but I-I'm too weak.- He bowed his head.
-Frank, that is exactly what was happening to me.- I grabbed his chin gently and raising it -Don't low your head Frankie, Okay?- He nodded his head -Are all weak, but few are brave and accept it as you did- He look deeply into my eyes and smile, was a smile full of love.
We kissed again, with more passion if is possible. Now, I know that someone really loves me. We moved to the bed without breaking the kiss. He was on the top. He giggle moving his hands down to my shirt and he grab it, get rid of it, lips separated for a moment. He looked at my chest stroking it gently with his hands. Now he was straddling.
-So gorgeous- He whispered in my ear biting it.
-Ohhh- I moaned. He kissed me at my neck finding my sensitive spot, making me gasp.
-F-Frank- I gasped. I grabbed his shirt off, and move down, biting his neck.
-Gee- He moan. I back to his face, kissing his soft lips. Both moaning softly in pleasure.
-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?- Mikey scream. He was in the door. We separated quickly, looking to each other.
-M-Mikes, I can explain!- I said. Really, I can't explain it.
-EXPLAIN IT THEN!- Mikey looks nervous and worry.
-What happened here?.......Oh...- Ray comes. He watch two guys naked from the waist up... Great! But Mikey.... well, he watch almost everything... -Ermmmm well, this is awkward...-
-Mikey! Calm down please!- Frank said- I love Gerard... a-and he loves me- Frank blushed- There's nothing wrong!-
-And... And It's my room, I can doo everything what I want here!- I said trying to find a reasonable excuse.
-God Gerard! If you and Frank going to do "this", tell me for not come to your room!- He go out, leaving Ray with us.
-I should...Ummm....I think.... I should leave you two alone so...- Ray leave us, he's not surprised as much as Mikey. I stood up and closed the door.
-Gerard...-Frank said sitting in the bed.
-Yeah?- I looked at him smiling.
-I expected this for a long time...-He winked, making me smirk.
-Me too Frankie- I walked at him and we hugged.
-I love you Gee, really much...-He said
-I love you too Frankie, fucking much!- I said, he giggled.
-You know what?- I asked stroking his checks softly with my fingers and looking at him at the eyes. He give me a little and sweet kiss.
-What?- he raise an eyebrow
-It feels beautiful when someone loves you, and the other person feels the same...-
I said smiling
-Now I know it...-He sigh. We close the eyes, Frank's head resting in my shoulder.
-You are my everything Frankie- I sigh -Go to bed?
He nodded. Now we were on the mattress, still embraced, Frank resting in my chest.
-I'm happy now- He said kissing gently under my chin.
-Me too- I whisper placing a kiss on Frank's forehead.
And we fall to sleep.

What do you think? Sorry for the crap...

-Midnight's Noise Off ;)
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