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The prologue.

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"Please! You don't understand!" Vincent shrieked, backing away farther down the dark stone hall.

Gerard sneered at the young man cowering in the corner - they were around the same age and had roughly similar physiques.

"Don't understand, eh? Three men dead in the course of three weeks. The fourth is smart enough to flee, and after he has seemingly disappeared of the face this earth, what do you know - you are the new king. Is it really worth it?" Gerard tilted his head slightly to the side as he slowly paced closer to the other man. "Was it worth taking all those innocent lives just for the power?"

"You don't understand..." Vincent repeated shakily.

"What is it that I don't understand? Could you explain to me?" Gerard said in a mocking voice.

Just as Vincent opened his mouth to speak, there was a pounding of footsteps coming form the other end of the hall. Gerard whirled around and drew his hunting knife from its sheath, hoping whoever was running toward him didn't have a sword.

"He speaks the truth." a voice echoed against the high stone walls of the hallway. "There is more to it than you realize."

"Frank?" Gerard stared in confusion at the panting, sweaty boy now standing in front of him. "Where have you been?"

"You know where."

Gerard's mouth took the shape of an O. "What did he tell you?"

"The truth. And it happens to be a long story."

Gerard raised his eyebrow.

"A very long one."

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