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My Confidential Romance. [Oneshot - Frerard]

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Frerard finished before even The Black Parade. So what's going on?

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I lay in bed. It was late, we were at a hotel and we had more tour dates to play tomorrow. More interviews to do. I was in the hotel room myself, the boys were having a drink downstairs, and I don’t drink at all anymore, especially when I don’t have my wife around to stop me if shit gets too much.
I’d just started to drift off, when I heard the door open and shut quietly. I thought nothing of it, it was probably Mikey coming in, trying not to wake me. I shut my eyes and tried to sleep, when I felt someone get in bed next to me. It smelt like.. Frank. It couldn’t be. I mean, all of that stuff had stopped even before The Black Parade, after I’d gotten sober and Mikey had gone into therapy. But true as, it was Frank.
He pulled my hair away from my neck and kissed it.

“Frank. No, you can’t do this. Lindsey. Bandit. Jamia. Lily and Cherry?!”
“I want you, Gerard. Always have done.” Frank whispered back, trying to kiss me again.
“No, Frank, you’re drunk. You can’t do this.” I hated myself for thinking this, but I wanted him with every bone in my body.
“Just watch me, baby.”

Frank smiled his crooked half smile, before leaning down and shoving his tongue down my throat. The mix of Frank and the vodka I could taste was irresistible. However bad I knew it was, I worked my tongue against his. I rolled around in the bed and placed my hand on his neck.

“Here’s to old times, babe.” I whispered into a kiss, before taking his shirt off and removing my own.

Still kissing him, feeling his breathing get heavier. Hoping at some point he’d realise this is wrong and pull away. But.. Why didn’t it feel wrong? I have a beautiful wife at home that loves me and a beautiful baby girl. But this still felt right. In bed with my best friend.
Frank moved his hands down to unbutton and unzip my jeans. Being too tired to change, I’d gotten into bed in my jeans. I’d suddenly gained lots of energy, though. Frank left me to take off my own jeans while he unbuttoned and took off his. Dropping both out trousers on the floor, Frank took off my boxers and didn’t waste any time taking my package into his mouth. Feeling that again, I completely forgot about the fact I was back doing exactly what I shouldn’t. I heard myself moan, moan Frankie’s name. Becoming aware of my surroundings, I decided to try and shut up before Mikey and Ray copped on. I felt myself cum into Franks mouth, and then Frank lay down next to me on the bed.

“My turn, darling.” He winked at me.

I went down on him, taking his pants off and taking his hard member into my mouth. It felt wrong to begin with, but I soon got back into it. I heard my name being moaned. “Gee, Gee…” It only made me want to go harder and faster.
He came right in my mouth and I swallowed it. The taste was a familiar taste. Something I realised I’d been craving for a while. The kind of thing Lindsey couldn’t give me.

I smiled, rolled over onto my back and lay there.
“I regret nothing.” I sighed, before drifting softly to sleep.
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